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Chapter 538 - New Home

Luo Yuan then removed the s.p.a.ce-time bubble and flew slowly into the galaxy.

Without considering the rogue planets, the galaxy was undoubtedly much smaller than the solar system. Four planets, whether big or small, slowly revolved around the galaxy along the trajectory path.

Based on the distance between the stars, Luo Yuan then named them as Planet No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4.

Planet No.1 and Planet No.4 were the terrestrial planets whereas Planet No.2 and Planet No.3 were the gas planets.

The gas planet, Planet No.3 was the biggest among all with a diameter comparable to that of Saturn. It had an Earth-Moon system which was formed by five of the planets. With Luo Yuan's vision, he could clearly see that strong wind was blowing in the atmosphere, lightning stroke and thunder roared in the entire world.

Planet No.1 was the smallest planet. It was more than 4,000 kilometers in diameter which was only one round bigger than the Moon or one-third of the Earth. Since it had a weak light and the temperature in s.p.a.ce was extremely low, despite the planetary orbit being close to the star, there was still a thick layer of ice around it. It had a smooth surface and the topography of the planet could be hardly seen.

Luo Yuan's target was Planet No.4 which was the farthest away from him. Earth was already the biggest terrestrial planet in the solar system. However, the planet that Luo Yuan discovered was 1.5 times bigger than Earth. It was indeed a giant terrestrial planet.

One could determine from its gravitational field that it was a planet with a large ma.s.s.

It was a positive signal to Luo Yuan as this had indicated that it was basically a terrestrial planet. Furthermore, it was filled with a large number of heavy elements. It was a perfect planet for the exploitation of resources to humans.

In fact, the availability of heavy elements was limited yet rare in the universe.

It was because the nuclear fusion in stars would usually begin with hydrogen or helium and end with iron. Without great internal pressure in the star, only carbon or oxygen would be formed. In order to form iron, the ma.s.s of the star had to be at least eight times the ma.s.s of Sun. Zinc was the element with the highest order that could probably be formed by nuclear fusion.

The heavy elements in the universe mostly came from the explosion of a supernova. When a giant star collapsed, suffering from great pain before it died, it would release a terribly high temperature which was hundreds of millions degree Celsius. Elements which were higher in order than iron and zinc were created with the energy emitted before it disintegrated. For gold, platinum and the radioactive heavy elements, they were formed from the collision between neutron stars as well as devouring substances from a black hole.

Luo Yuan guessed that celestial bodies like the neutron stars existed in the star fields and the solar system before. Their disappearance had caused the star field to be filled with heavy elements.

After a short while, he had arrived somewhere near the planet. He resembled a meteorite, landing rapidly on the surface of the planet.

Despite the giant planet having immense gravitational force, it had a thin atmospheric layer as most of the gases were frozen under a temperature that was close to absolute zero. However, compared to the s.p.a.ce outside that was almost vacuumed, it had a rather high atmospheric concentration.

As guided by the planet's gravitational force, Luo Yuan's speed became faster and faster. His body started burning due to the friction between his body and the slight amount of gas that existed in the atmosphere. It started from a beam of red light that was hardly noticeable to a red ball and eventually, it turned into a dazzling bright light.

He stirred up a strong wind on the planet which was originally quiet, and the air was vaporized by the layer of the ice surface. There were smoke and mist, spreading everywhere.

As he was about to arrive at the surface of the planet, his speed had reached one-fourth that of the speed of light. Due to the strong kinetic energy, before the collision happened, a pit began to form on the ice layer with the circ.u.mference of hundreds of kilometers, creating a big bowl shape.


A dazzling light could be seen on the surface of the planet as if it was a nuclear explosion.

At the center of the explosion, the ice layer that was a few kilometers thick was instantly decomposed into microparticles. Even the ice layer that was more than 100 kilometers away from the area of the explosion started to vaporize as the light that was a hundred times brighter than the surface of the Sun shone on it. Subsequently, the impact waves diverged in all directions.

If one was standing high in the sky, they could clearly see that a large pit was formed with a circ.u.mference of hundreds of kilometers after the impact. It would be half of the size of the Jiang Nan province that existed on Earth.

The force generated by the impact was incomparable to the force generated by the blow he struck during the training previously.

Luo Yuan was more than 100 tons in ma.s.s. In addition to the s.p.a.ce sphere that was about 200 tons in ma.s.s, the total weight was about 300 tons. As the impact occurred at the speed of one-fourth of the speed of light, the energy generated was on par with that of the antimatter bombs in Reconstruction Area.

Luo Yuan was quietly floating in the pit, maintaining a neutral expression. Undergoing such an impact, it was unbelievable that he was not injured at all. Pa.s.sing through an ice layer that was less compressed than 50,000 in compressibility ratio felt just like pa.s.sing through air to him.

Right this moment, he had penetrated through the ice layer, arriving at the rock layer. His surrounding was still filled with dazzling light. No matters could survive under such a high temperature. Therefore, they were all decomposed into atoms.

"Gravity: 3.5G, Magnetic Field: 0.001T; It is 20 times of that of Earth… Fe: 51.5%, C: 13%, H: 8%, O: 3%."

He quickly a.n.a.lyzed the surrounding. The planet was quite rich in the iron element. Iron had occupied 50% of the entire region at the very least. If it was placed on Earth, without a doubt, it would be an iron-rich mining area. Furthermore, it was rich in water resources and trace elements as well. They were sufficient to be used as fusion fuels.

As he waved his hand, the water vapor surrounding him separated. The next moment, he flew into the sky.

After hundreds of seconds, he returned to s.p.a.ce.

He took out the s.p.a.ce sphere and opened up a s.p.a.ce channel. In just a short while, a sesame-sized mini s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p slowly flew out of the s.p.a.ce channel.

During the flight, it was expanding at a speed that was visible to the naked eyes. One second ago, it was as small as sesame. However, the next second, it was the size of a roundtable. 10 seconds later, it became an extremely big object…

Half a year later.

The quiet Barnard's Star had soon become noisy.

On the surface of Planet No.4, using the pit caused by the impact as the center, a large mining and metallurgical area had been paved and extended to an area of more than 100 kilometers. More than 10,000 robotic arms were filled with energy, constantly digging the ground to extract the minerals.

On the trajectory path of the planet, they were hustling and bustling at the metallic s.p.a.ce City that occupied an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers.

Many of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps were busy extracting minerals, traveling back and forth between the s.p.a.ce City and the planet where various elements were transported. Soon after, these elements were smelted and manufactured into a variety of mechanical equipment.

Due to the limited availability of resources, their productivity had been suppressed. It was terrifying, seeing the growth of productivity.

As a large number of technologies were stored in the virtual reality, they had now come up with results. In one and a half year, more than 10,000 factories had been constructed. They were still constantly building and expanding the factories.

Two gantries of one of the biggest factories that occupied an area of more than 1,000 square kilometers towered over the trajectory path. A new s.p.a.cecraft construction project had officially launched.

Epoch of Twilight Chapter 538 - New Home

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