Epoch of Twilight Chapter 540 - Meng Junhua's Fear

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Chapter 540 - Meng Junhua's Fear

Lonely footsteps were echoing throughout the corridor.

The mansion was big and s.p.a.cious. Ever since he was released by the guards, Meng Junhua had not met a single person. It was very quiet as if it was an empty house. Meng Junhua was fearful of it.

Despite being a member of a higher science inst.i.tution, the person who was in charge of the strategic laboratory still indirectly controlled several sophisticated factories under them. At the top of the food chain, he could now enjoy the perks as all the top management were treated equally. However, although he had superior IQ to his peers, his palms still sweat when he meets this person whom he revered.

This person was like a G.o.d to him. He was so powerful that even science could not explain his existence.

He was a supreme being that had achieved a limit beyond human imagination.

Encountering such an existence... Regardless of how high one’s status was, regardless of how much power they wielded, they still all were as small as ants.

Meng Junhua noticed that the material beneath his feet was extraordinarily glossy. It gave off a dazzling white color as if it was a mirror.

He was familiar with this kind of material. It was a layer of coating that had been highly compressed. The outside of the Gla.s.sian s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was all covered with this kind of material. Although it was only a few millimeters thick, it managed to reduce the air resistance of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p by 30%. The defensive power of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p had increased by 1,000 times. Some of the meteorites with relatively low ma.s.s would hit its surface at half the speed of light. However, it would be unable to damage the layer of coating.

The theory behind the layer of coating proved the hopeless gap between Gla.s.sian and human technology. However, he could see that everything here was coated with it. It was not only the ground, even the surface of the buildings was coated with a layer of the material. Meng Junhua was shocked, his heart ached upon seeing that.

If these materials were used to manufacture engines for a warp drive, it could even solve the problems in material science.

However, facing Luo Yuan, n.o.body dared to request such thing.

In fact, Meng Junhua could not understand, as the compressibility ratio of the layer of coating was beyond comparison. When Luo Yuan was in the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p he could not unleash all his abilities, as the compressibility ratio of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was only 4,000. However, the compressibility ratio of the layer of coating had now reached 60,000.

He had been traveling by using his s.p.a.ce-time bubble flight mode for several consecutive months. His Will had become stronger. As compared to the past, he could compress the atoms further.

He waited for more than 10 minutes. Luo Yuan had built a stable Klein bottle channel with opposite orientation and it had been optimized for more than 10 times.

Luo Yuan had to put in a lot of effort in order to carry out the operation so frequently in such a short period of time.

A Klein bottle was an actual four-dimensional s.p.a.ce. It tended to be more like a part four-dimensional s.p.a.ce. Although it did not have a complicated procedure, it was somehow extremely dangerous.

He had to be extremely careful and monitor the entire process. If he was careless, a dimensional tear could probably happen, causing the four-dimensional s.p.a.ce to become a three-dimensional s.p.a.ce.

It was comparable to dropping a bomb in s.p.a.ce. Entering a dimension in an instant would cause a stir in the s.p.a.ce, leading to severe damage.

Encountering something like that, even an advanced material that was being compressed to 60,000 compressibility ratio was similar to an ordinary material. Even if he could survive through this, the entire s.p.a.ce City would have been completely destroyed.

Of course, since Luo Yuan possessed the prediction ability, the probability for this disaster to occur was close to zero.

Right this moment, a channel with a weird shape that was made up of two Klein bottles was rotating in his hand nonstop. He was preparing to connect the miniaturized universe. Soon after, he put aside his work and looked towards the door.

Meng Junhua had just arrived at the door and he subconsciously glanced at the living hall. It was a figure that was shrouded in a halo. The terrifying energy wave exuded by the figure made him feel as if he was at the center of a storm.

The whole living hall was incredibly big. It had an area of more than 100,000 square meters and a height of about 60 meters. Luo Yuan's figure looked like a giant to him.

Meng Junhua took a glimpse and he was taken aback. He felt his scalp tingling as he was frightened, he then immediately lowered his head.

He requested to meet Luo Yuan simply because he was fearless. However, he had never expected that he would look so scary. As he was looking at him from afar, his body turned completely limp and almost fell down.

"Why are you looking for me?"

It was not comfortable for an ordinary creature to listen to Luo Yuan's voice. It was deep and as powerful as ringing metal. In addition to that, he was spiritually frightened and afraid of his voice as well, he felt like it sounded mechanical. It seemed like the entire area was trembling as well.

"I…" Meng Junhua's face turned pale and he was weak. He could not say anything as he was too nervous. It was a naturally occurring phenomenon when a low-level lifeform encountered a superior lifeform. Despite already restraining his power, Luo Yuan could not completely restrain the intimidating aura released by him. Besides, he had never met Luo Yuan before. That factor, coupled with all sorts of psychological factors made Luo Yuan even scarier to him.

"Don't panic." Luo Yuan noticed what was wrong with him and immediately restrained his power. He then said, "I have heard of you before, you're Meng Junhua. I have read about the theory of quantum energy transmission proposed by you."

Despite living a secluded life, it did not mean he did not bother with human development at all. He paid close attention the latest human technological development and so he could learn from it.

Knowing that Luo Yuan had heard of him and read his paper before, he was excited. His face turned red and spoke incoherently, "Mayor… Have you really read my paper before?"

Luo Yuan did not mind, although the way he spoke was putting his life at risk. The tone of his voice did not fluctuate much as he said, "The quantum phenomenon is actually the phenomena of a microcosm in the four-dimensional universe. Although you don't possess four-dimensional vision, you're capable of constructing an energy transmission model in the four-dimensional world. You have resolved many of my doubts."

Meng Junhua had instantly forgotten that he was nervous when their topic involved his field of research, he had a strong thirst for knowledge and immediately asked, "How does it feel like? Entering the fourth-dimension?"

Luo Yuan remained silent for a while. He then shook his head, "It can be hardly described by words. Even if I tell you how it feels, as a three-dimensional being, it is impossible for you to understand it. It feels like an enclosed s.p.a.ce which is distorted, where three-dimensional creatures can only see part of the four-dimensional world."

"The Blind Men and the Elephant! [1]" As a person who had consumed the wisdom elixir, Meng Junhua was exceptionally intelligent and he could soon understand what Luo Yuan meant.

"Yes, it is like The Blind Men and the Elephant!" Luo Yuan nodded his head.

"So… Are you a four-dimensional being?"

"I'm still some distance away from it!" Luo Yuan thought for a while before answering him.

"Then what do you know about s.p.a.ce? How do you travel using a warp drive?" Meng Junhua seized the opportunity to ask as it was rare. He then continued asking.

"Why do you have so many questions!?" Luo Yuan said. Just as Meng Junhua began feeling nervous again, he continued, "I'll pa.s.s you the answers that you'd like to know. Perhaps it'll help you!"

Before Meng Junhua could understand what he meant, the next moment, he felt like someone was gazing upon him. He felt a cold breeze on his head as if his head had lost its protection and his brain was revealed.

Soon, he felt dizzy and countless memories gushed into his brain like tidewater.

The memory of an ordinary person could all be seen by Luo Yuan at once glance. It was unprotected and had an unlimited computational ability. Luo Yuan could simply modify the potential signals through the cerebral cortex so that one's memory could be read, deleted, amended or added.

Furthermore, compared to the terrifying amount of information that existed in the four-dimensional world, handling the information in a human brain was as easy as ABC to him. Despite, Luo Yuan had no intention to read his memories, Meng Junhua's memory clearly flashed through his mind and he could remember it more clearly than Meng Junhua.

After a centisecond, Luo Yuan then stopped, "I have agreed with your request to build a s.p.a.ce laboratory in the miniaturized universe. I'll open up the pathway of the miniaturized universe tomorrow. Do you have any other things to ask me?"

Meng Junhua was muddle-headed as he felt like his brain was stuck. He had no idea what he had said in the living hall.

He then walked out of the mansion as if he was drunk. He stood there for a while and a cold wind swept across his face, waking him up, "How did he know what I'm thinking about before I even mention it?"

A vast amount of implanted memory lingered in his mind. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind and his back was drenched in sweat.

Epoch of Twilight Chapter 540 - Meng Junhua's Fear

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