Epoch of Twilight Chapter 560

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Half a month later, the Spatial Wavelength Radar was functioning as initially designed. Its first mission was to proceed with a full-scale, extensive investigation towards the Glassian civilization through firing hundreds of thousands of spatial waves at them. One day later, Humans had finally received their first valuable information regarding the Glassian civilization.

Finally, acquiring more extensive knowledge of the extraterrestrial civilization.

Although an extremely, primitive imagery was formed from the Spatial Wavelength Radar and that there’s nothing comprehensible from the image, but it enabled the indirect deduction of the object’s weight and its precise location.

Through investigations on the Glassians optical images and comparative analysis, eliminating all sorts of celestial bodies, it was possible to estimate that the Glassian had been expanding their civilization within the current star systems for the past 30 years. The Glassians had extended their . civilization to a distance of 31 light years from the Barnard Star System. If the investigations continued for an extensive amount of time, then Mankind could easily grasp their enemies’ specific defense range and the general movements of their military.

It could be said that in the wake of Spatial Wavelength Radar, Mankind had thoroughly studied the Glassian and slowly gain an upper hand.

The investigation of the Glassians system through the Spatial Wavelength Radar had gone on for almost year and Mankind had gradually discovered surprising news that was accompanied by a puzzling reality. The Glassian had never entered war status, the whole civilization remained at a low consumption status.

Throughout the whole year, the man-made objects that were situated in space didn’t have any major development. It had to be known that as an interplanetary civilization that had almost the same technological advancement rate as the Humans; when they entered war status, their entire star system was being mined for resources in a destructive manner. Their production capability could be said to be a booming expansion, but the changes within one year were staggering as there was no such sign seen from the Glassian.

Although their man-made objects had technically spread to all corners of the star system, they acted as if nothing had happened when faced with such threat from Mankind. This reaction caused mass-confusion for the human data analysts.

Are the Glassian too relaxed after the peace treaty was signed or are they too confident in their ability?

Such behavior was totally unimaginable for the Humans who were still in the middle of preparing for warfare. A unified race, without any imminent threats, possessed a mind containing the knowledge from civilization that lasted over 500 years formed from a long period of peace.

To those Glassian who were at ease for too long. They were no longer familiar with war and also had lost their sensitivity against aggression and overall, a basic sense of danger.

But from the Humans’ side, it was undoubtedly good news.

The preparation for war had been more than sufficient, Mankind had readjusted the expedition date. The date was delayed for an extra two years.


After the war, on 21st of November of the year 13, the hyper-mall near the residential area of the Space City had become crowded following the mall’s center screen showing a fleet start shooting flames out, sailing slowly.

The sound of the crowd’s cheers roared just like a tsunami. All the attendees were excited and kept on cheering. A fanatical atmosphere was up in the air as if the whole Space City were collapsing. It was as if the humans were not going to war, but rather having another carnival.

32 vessels of the enormous battleships slowly departed and began accelerating.

This Reactionless Drive vessel was formed with a sharp triangle structure and an extremely smooth surface that reflected the rays from the Red Dwarf, demonstrating the strength of the technology. It was like a sharp sword, slicing through the darkness of the space and in the blink of an eye, they were gone from man’s eyesight.

Through the ten long days of conventional engine sailing, this ship fleet had reached the edge of the Space City and activated their Curvature Engine.

Accompanying the anti-matter reaction furnace full power output, a powerful force was formed at the front end of the ship. The space at the front end began to compress and to compare the now expanding space at the rear end of the ship, the curvature bubble had formed around the ship!

After the slow acceleration, the fleet started to slowly gain momentum and after three hours, it reached their maximum speed.

Right now, the battle fleets’ speed had just exceeded six times lightspeed and the all the ships’ bodies were glowing like a star. Resembling 32 dazzling lights, bringing human’s destructive force and war swiftly towards the Glassian.

Even when the expedition’s battle fleet had sailed off, around 10 or so of the military fleet factory continued their productions day and night. After almost one or two months, another new ship would leave Space City’s bay and began its sailing. At the same time, the factories would still expand their operations without halt.

At the second year, another twelve vessels of battleships would start sailing towards the Glassian planet.

And when the third year came by, it was the year where a total of 20 vessels of ships departed towards the Glassian planet.

When the fifth year came by, it had reached a total of 98 vessels.

After every year, there was a new fleet beginning their expedition and their total numbers were increasing each time with each new vessel built better than the previous iteration.

And at this moment, the first batch of expedition fleet, the lead fleet after five years of sailing, had finally closed into the Glassian system.

Curvature flight had a huge sound of astir, like a torch in the dark, the Glassian naturally wouldn’t be able to investigate. But two years ago, the Glassian had detected that there was an incoming object causing abnormal spatial wavelength movement. They determined it as a definite threat to the Glassian species, finally causing this huge civilization to be active again.

Before the warships reached the Glassian system, Humans had already expected the Glassian to arrange assaults from the edge of the star systems.

Rushing to build a space stronghold and even some sparse fighter vessels, firing round after round of high energy rays as if it was raining, bizarrely lighting up space like a Christmas tree. However, just like the humans facing the Glassian Reactionless Drive Airship for the first time, the Glassian were helpless having finally faced Mankind’s version of Reactionless Drive Vessels.

The fleet was traveling at 2 million kilometers per second, heavily testing the Glassians weaponry and detection system. Following the passing by of mankind’s vessel was the strange space distortion; the majority of the Glassian fort exploded with bright lights following afterward forming universal fireworks.

Unfortunately, those were the outermost forts built by the Glassian in these past two years, when the expedition fleet came in rushing through their weak defenses and entered the Glassian Star System. The intercept firepower had suddenly gathered u as these star domains had been thoroughly decorated by the Glassian as if they were Railcom.

If the outer defense line was likened to calm winds and light rains then the inner system defense could be said to be a storm with heavy downpours.

Never underestimate a civilization that had continued expanding for over hundreds of years. This is a civilization that had been living on three separate planets, having over a hundred billion in population and their location in the Stellar system, Daison Planet, had covered over a third of the Stellar system.

The energy harvested by the Glassians annually would be equivalent to what the humans had harvested for over a hundred years.

Which would also mean that the energy that they’re using was potentially a million times over that of the Humans.

When the war had broken out, even though it been only two years, the explosive power it overall contained was terrifying to all.

Within the whole stellar system, at intervals of almost every few thousand kilometers, there would be a defensive fort there, sealing off the whole stellar system.

The gathered ray at one point lit up with the entire Star System and Mankind’s fighter vessels had finally begun to show damage. A high energy ray that was shot out of nowhere hit one of the vessels from the expedition fleet under the curvature state and the vessel took the direct high energy beam hit. There’s no question that the ship itself was weak. Although to humans the photon beam was not powerful, nevertheless it still managed to open up a big hole within the vessel causing it’s anti-matter reaction furnace to crack, lighting up the whole ship and at one moment within the darkness of space, it had shown up as a bright sun.

Epoch of Twilight Chapter 560

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