Era of Disaster Chapter 217: The Ghost City’S Changes

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Chapter 217: The Ghost City’s Changes

Sarelli creased his eyebrows. “Team Leader Bai Yi, please don’t try to scare us intentionally.” Indeed, his team did feel somewhat indignant toward Bai Yi’s team. They broke through LV2 in the outside world, but somehow they were significantly weaker than Bai Yi’s team even though they were all LV2s. However, that did not imply that Bai Yi could fool around with them as he wished.

“No, I’m not trying to scare you guys. Everything that I said was true.”

“We really have to chop off his right hand or get that dissolving potion?”


“Then what’s an Aqua Regia Flower?”

“You know what aqua regia is, right? The juice of an Aqua Regia Flower is not too different from aqua regia itself; it grows in areas where there’s more sulfur, such as at the mouth of volcanoes and other similar places. The dissolving potion is administered through injection and can dissolve the fur inside the body, but of course, it’s also very damaging to the body itself,” Bai Yi explained.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time to accompany you to look for some Aqua Regia Flowers; however, I can tell you their location.”

“Then... thanks.” Sarelli was actually very pissed, but he still had to thank Bai Yi.

“You bunch of idiots better be on full alert! Don’t be so fucking free as to randomly touch those little things!” Sarelli cursed at the members of his team, his mood extremely terrible. Actually, Rodney had just wanted to show off a bit since it was just a small bug—Bai Yi’s team avoided it, but I can kill this bug just like swatting a fly, and then I can give Bai Yi’s team a look of disdain after that. However, who would have known that such a small bug would be so dangerous?

With the lesson learnt from Rodney, everybody started to become very careful. They encountered many different lifeforms along the way, but nobody was injured these times, and they carefully moved toward the heart of the city.

Rodney was the most dejected one here; the injury on his right hand wasn’t serious, it was just a little hole the size of a chopstick head. However, after hearing Bai Yi’s words just now, he couldn’t help but subconsciously pay attention to the feeling in his right hand. He started to really have the sense that his hand was becoming numb and stiff.

Bai Yi came to the edge of Wellington and said, “Strange!” looking at the scenery in front of them.

“What happened?”

“It receded, the range of the Ghost City,” Bai Yi said, looking at the few collapsed buildings by the side before he suddenly accelerated. He moved very quickly because he was very worried; Mavis’s soul was still in this place!

Bai Yi’s team had lived in Wellington before for a period of time, so they were still quite familiar with the city and very quickly arrived at its center. They could finally feel the atmosphere of the Ghost City at this place, dark and oppressive, completely different from the normal world. Bai Yi didn’t hesitate at all and ran directly ahead toward the Soul Release Tree at the centermost area. Along the way, they discovered that most of this place had already been covered with a layer of soil. Other than some ruined walls and skeletons exposed on the outside, they already couldn’t see the scene of corpses lying around everywhere that they had at the start.

Suddenly, Bai Yi came to a halt and made a silencing gesture. This time, everybody was very alert and they immediately went quiet. Very quickly, all of them discovered a half meter long mosquito flying around, one hundred meters ahead of them. Sarelli and his team didn’t know what this creature was, but Bai Yi’s team couldn’t be more familiar with it—it was a Giant Devil Mosquito! This place had been the territory of the vengeful spirits previously; the Giant Devil Mosquitoes shouldn’t have been able to enter this place.

“What a big mosquito!”

“Giant Devil Mosquitoes; the most dangerous group of lifeforms in Wellington now,” Bai Yi said, looking ahead carefully.

“You guys... fuck, don’t drag us down if you want to die!” Bai Yi turned around and wanted to say something, but suddenly realized that one of Sarelli’s teammates had gone to a corner and started to pee. Bai Yi looked at that guy’s actions and didn’t know how to scold him. They should have known bringing along a bunch of people who have never lived in the Devil Isles before would be damn troublesome; they would bring about their deaths sooner or later!


“Our urine and sweat contain pheromones, and these can spread very far in the air.” Bai Yi didn’t need to continue to explain because a group of more than 100 Giant Devil Mosquitoes had already started flying over from afar, and there seemed to be even more coming behind them.

“Mosquitoes seem to like sucking the blood of those who sweat the most.”

“Now you tell us, fuck!” Sarelli was also badly tormented by his own subordinates. After swearing, they immediately followed Bai Yi and ran far away. Bai Yi’s team could be considered to be veterans in the Devil Isles now; if even they were so afraid, then it was easy to infer just how terrifying those Giant Devil Mosquitoes were.

Honestly speaking, a single Giant Devil Mosquito wasn’t really powerful, but the crux of the matter was that the Giant Devil Mosquitoes were a colony-type lifeform! Once they came, they would come in a sky-covering swarm.

The group of them ran away miserably and finally managed to escape from the pursuit of the Giant Devil Mosquitoes after great effort. All of their expressions were apparently quite sour now, and Sarelli immediately gave the guy who had been peeing a kick. A bunch of useless trash; could they let him be less worried!? Rupert didn’t resist, but just had a very aggrieved expression on his face; since when was peeing something wrong?

Sarelli looked at Bai Yi. “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Will insect repellent work?” Rupert took out a can of repellent specially prepared by the United Nations. As the team backed by them, their equipment was still very well-prepared. However, in the Devil Isles, common sense from the outside world didn’t have much use.

Bai Yi looked at the can of insect repellent. “We can try!”

In the end, the result of the test was that the group of them were chased very miserably by the Giant Devil Mosquitoes again. The insect repellent had some effect, but it wasn’t consequential to the Giant Devil Mosquitoes. If they couldn’t make all the Giant Devil Mosquitoes scatter, then the only result would still be death. Actually, things hadn't been so complicated before; the Giant Devil Mosquitoes weren’t able to enter the central area then. However, for some unknown reason, the area of Ghost City Wellington had shrunk, and the central area seemed to be occupied by the Giant Devil Mosquitoes now, so it became much more troublesome to reach the Soul Release Tree.

“Maybe I have a way,” Nancy said.

“En?” Bai Yi looked at her.

“This!” Nancy took out a sealed box.

When Nancy took out this box, Bai Yi, Momo, Sharpei, Pupu, and Ulisses instantly and rapidly retreated far away. Even if Sarelli’s team were very stupid, their hairs all stood on end now. What did Nancy bring out that was so dangerous?

Dangerous, it was indeed very dangerous, because it was a Great Stink Bomb Fruit!

Bai YI nodded. “This will probably work, give it a go then.” After everyone had entered LV2, they had gone to harvest the remaining Great Stink Bomb Fruits. Because Lucretia knew about these, she had gone along with them once as well, but it was only once, and she had immediately fainted.

Nancy opened the air-tight box, exposing the perfectly preserved Great Stink Bomb Fruit to the air.

Sarelli’s team were extremely curious, but their faces changed greatly the moment the box opened. This powerful impact... the few of them instantly vomited all over the place. The group of them almost fainted there from the smell first, and only after a long while did they barely get used to this kind of stench and continue to make their way to the center of Wellington. At the start, they were still on guard, fearing that the Giant Devil Mosquitoes would appear again. However, unexpectedly, things went extremely smoothly, and there wasn’t even a single mosquito to be seen; they had all run away from the overwhelming smell long before.

At this time, they finally entered the heart of Wellington.

Momo followed closely behind Bai Yi, her eyes changing, and she started to seriously look for signs of souls. However, she didn’t manage to find even a single one. They started to speed up, rushing toward the Soul Release Tree at the very center.

The initial corpse hill had already been buried under the soil, and countless tufts of withered grass were randomly growing all about. At the top of the corpse hill, was a huge, withered tree. Bai Yi and the rest of them immediately felt their hearts tense; the Soul Release Tree had actually wilted! Not a single vengeful spirit or soul could be seen.

“Where’s the Soul Release Tree?” Sarelli asked.

However, nobody answered his question. Bai Yi and Momo slowly walked toward the top of the corpse hill, their breathing gradually becoming heavier. Where’s Mavis? Did she dissipate? Bai Yi didn’t know how to describe his own emotions now and only felt incredibly heavy. Bai Yi arrived in front of the Soul Release Tree, his right hand gently caressing it. At this time, the rest of them also understood that the wilted tree in front of them was the Soul Release Tree.

“Aunt Mavis!” Momo hugged the Soul Release Tree and started to cry sorrowfully.

Suddenly a voice came from nowhere. “Momo is already so big, yet you still like to cry so much.” Dozens of balls of light flew out from the withered Soul Release Tree, appearing magnificently beautiful. One of the balls of light was undoubtedly Mavis’s soul.

“Aunt Mavis!” Momo looked at Mavis in shock.

“You guys really came back at the right time, I had thought I wouldn’t be able to see you guys again.” Mavis looked at Bai Yi and smiled. At this time, Sarelli and a few others were stunned; souls, those were really souls! Even if the outside world had learned about the existence of the soul long ago, people who saw souls for the first time would always look like this.

“Just what happened in Wellington?” Bai Yi asked.

“It’s a long story; I’ll tell you later, but you guys should pick that fruit first,” Mavis said, pointing at the top of the tree. Everyone looked in the direction of Mavis’s right hand. However, the tree didn’t have any fruits on it at all?

“Inside the crack!”

Everyone immediately looked over, suddenly discovering a huge crack in the middle of the tree at a height of about seven or eight meters. Inside the crack grew a fruit that looked like a heart. This fruit was incomparably strange, and there was even some black mist vaguely surrounding the fruit itself. When they saw the fruit, all of them immediately felt their hearts stop for a beat, as if they’d received some invisible impact.

Although they didn’t know what this thing was, they instinctively knew that it was precious—extremely precious!

Sarelli instantly jumped toward the crack in the tree!

Era of Disaster Chapter 217: The Ghost City’S Changes

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