Eternal Martial Sovereign Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 - Measure For Measure

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

"That's right." The Fang family's old patriarch's gaze swept around as he said in a low voice, "Young master Qiu brought a Mysterious Congealing Pill from the Heaven Origin Sect, which helped this elderly one to step into the Essence Core realm. Haha, this medicinal pill was given by Hao'Er's soon-to-be master, so that he can leave without any worries and cultivate diligently. It's truly Hao'Er's blessing to have such a master!"

The Fang family's old patriarch spoke with a big smile, but the meaning behind his words was clear: he was expressing the fact that although Fang Hao had lost, he was not to be looked down upon.

Serious expressions appeared on the faces of cultivators from various families, who then smiled towards the Fang family's old patriarch.

"Congratulations, brother Fang!"

"Now that brother Fang has stepped into the Essence Core realm, he has become even more formidable and can now be an overlord!"

"I will follow brother Fang unreservedly from now on."

"Our Violet Cloud County once again has an Essence Core realm expert!"

The elders of various families all rose to congratulate the Fang family's old patriarch.

Even within the entire Moonwind Kingdom, an Essence Core realm expert was a rare expert. Who would dare to disrespect them?

"Sirs, today I want to seek justice for my grandson, so please give this elderly one face and do not step in." The Fang family's old patriarch looked around as he spoke calmly. However, the chilling intent he gave off caused those who felt it to subtly tremble. It was evident that anyone who dared to disobey his request would be struck by a lightning-like retaliation.

The peak experts of the various families present were merely at the True Essence realm, and some of them were only at the early stage of the True Essence realm. How could they dare to go against this old patriarch?

Even Duke Yan tightly frowned.

"Duke Yan, I trust that you don't have any objections, right?" The gaze of the Fang family's patriarch turned to Duke Yan.

"This…" Duke Yan tightly frowned, but did not answer. Finally, he could only sigh. He turned his back to the stage, revealing an expression of frustration. Even if he acted, he would be unable to reverse the situation, and would only gain the ire of the Fang family's old patriarch.

With the Heaven Origin Sect supporting their family, that old freak would dare to do anything!

"Father!" Yan Shi Fei spoke with a panicked expression.

"Since the situation has turned out like this, there is nothing father can do," Duke Yan said as he sighed.

The Fang family's old patriarch said with a savage smile, "Haha, since that's the case, Xun'Er, you can act."

"Yes!" Fang Xun also smirked as he sped towards the stage.

A True Essence realm cultivator's Essence Qi was incredibly dense, and after turning it into True Essence, it would allow one to glide in the air for short periods of time.

In just a breaths time, Fang Xun had travelled over 100 metres.

"Hold it!" Xiao Hai's expression darkened as he prepared to attack.

Xiao Hong also released his True Essence realm power.

"Scram!" The Fang family's old patriarch glared as he spoke, "Hmph, you'll all die today!" As he spoke, the old patriarch's hands moved as a seal condensed, shooting towards Xiao Hai and Xiao Hong.

This was the Heavy Mountain Seal. With an Essence Core realm cultivator using it, its might was unparalleled, causing the air above the platform to shake. The cultivators of the various families retreated, not daring to stay under the seal. The airs the seal gave off made it seem as if it could suppress anything.

"This old freak actually stepped into the Essence Core realm!" Not too far away on the stage, Xiao Yun's expression fell as a serious look appeared within his eyes. This was far beyond his expectations, and the situation was now extremely unfavourable for his Xiao family.

That gigantic magic seal gave off an air that made even Xiao Yun feel fear - Essence Core realm cultivators were simply too powerful.

"Haha, Xiao Yun, so what if you've regained your talent and defeated me? Not only you, but the entire Xiao family is going to perish today." On the stage, Fang Hao crawled up and bent over backwards, savagely laughing when he saw his grandpa attacking.

Hearing Fang Hao's words, Xiao Yun's eyes became blood-red.

In the distance as the Heavy Mountain Seal descended, it sent Xiao Hai and Xiao Hong sprawling before even touching them. Just its aura alone was enough to cause the qi and blood within their body to roll. They felt as if a real mountain was descending on them, and such an attack was not something mere True Essence realm cultivators could defend against.

It wasn't difficult to imagine that if the Heavy Mountain Seal landed on their bodies, their bodies would be crushed, killing them instantly.

"The Xiao family's finished!" The elders of the various families couldn't help but sigh when they saw the two brothers stumbling back as they retreated.

The 100,000 or so spectators could also only watch on in silence.

The changes in situation had happened too suddenly.

"If you want to destroy my family, I'll kill you first." Xiao Yun felt as if his eyes were going to burst, and his sight turned red. He looked like a death god as he coldly stared at Fang Hao. Since the Fang family had forced them to such a state, he wouldn't hold back either.

Xiao Yun stepped out towards Fang Hao as an air of ruthlessness emanated out from him.

Fang Hao couldn't help but shiver. The youth in front of him seemed like a completely different person compared to before. He now seemed like a furious tiger which had a bloody gaze and a wild air. The aura from Xiao Yun's body made him feel especially fearful.

"You…" A look of shock appeared on Fang Hao's face as he hurriedly retreated.

Xiao Yun's gaze became serious as his powerful spirit energy shot out, causing Fang Hao's mind to tremble and for him to be fixed to the spot.

Xiao Yun's current spirit energy was not something that Fang Hao, who was at the middle stage of the Innate realm, could defend against.

Fang Hao had a blank look on his face and stood without moving. By now, Xiao Yun had stepped out and shot a palm towards him.

"Stay your hand!" Not too far away, Fang Xun saw that Xiao Yun was about to attack Fang Hao and hurriedly yelled out.

"You stay your hand, otherwise this young lord will slaughter your bastard son." Xiao Yun's eyes gleamed coldly as he grasped Fang Hao's collar with his hand. Under the effects from his powerful spirit energy, Fang Hao was completely muddleheaded, and didn't have any opportunity to resist.

Fang Xun frowned and hurriedly stopped moving.

"Xiao Yun dared to act against Fang Hao?"

"What courage!" Many onlookers watched on in shock.

"Brat, don't you dare!" Killing intent radiated out from the Fang family's old patriarch, but he did not continue to act for fear of his grandson being slain. As such, he forcefully stopped his Heavy Mountain Seal bearing down on the Xiao family's brothers, the backlash of which caused his body to slightly tremble.

Only then were the Xiao family's brothers able to stabilise their bodies, and their backs were drenched with cold sweat.

If Xiao Yun had not gained control over Fang Hao, they would have died in a matter of moments.

"Release Hao'Er, or your Xiao family's people will accompany him," the Fang family's old patriarch said in a low voice as his eyes flashed with an icy coldness. His voice boomed like thunder and gave off a mighty aura. Despite this, he didn't dare to attack - after all, if Fang Hao died, their Fang family would be greatly weakened.

"Yun'Er, kill his bastard son. Goddamit, you dared to bully my Xiao family while this old man wasn't there? Old ghost Fang Kun, have you grown tired of living?" At this moment, a robust voice shook the air above them. A figure flashed in the distance as an elderly man walked in the air and landed on the platform.

The elderly man landed in front of Xiao Hai and the others. His eyes were burning as he looked around, giving off the airs of a king.

"Father!" The Xiao family's brothers became delirious with joy. This elderly man was naturally the Xiao family's old patriarch.

The Xiao family's old patriarch looked around, and his robes fluttered despite the lack of wind. He looked extremely domineering, and the instant he appeared, the aura around the platform became incredibly strange. There seemed to be a subtle feeling of suppression emanating out towards all directions.

"Could it be that he also stepped into the Essence Core realm?" When they saw this elderly man, the elders of the various families all stared in surprise.

True Essence realm cultivators could only glide for 100 metres or so, and only Essence Core realm cultivators could walk through the air, as if they were taking a stroll.

Just then, this elderly man had arrived by walking in the air!

Xiao Hong looked incredibly shocked and excited as he asked, "Father, you've broken through to the Essence Core realm?" In just an instant, countless gazes fell on the elderly man's figure.

"Mm." The Xiao family's old patriarch nodded, and his eyes became cold as he looked at the Fang family's old patriarch.

"How could you step into the Essence Core realm?" The Fang family's old patriarch's eyes twitched as he revealed an expression of deep shock. He had only broken through to the Essence Core realm because the Heaven Origin Sect had gifted him with a Mysterious Congealing Pill, so how had the Xiao family's old patriarch broken through?

Not only him, all of the cultivators from the other families looked incredibly confused. Below the platform, all of the normal cultivators were incredibly excited.

Essence Core realm cultivators were extremely rare within the Violet Cloud County, and now 2 had appeared in succession. This caused them to feel incredibly excited, and felt as if they were in a dream. At the same time, they were filled with anticipation - now that the Xiao family had such an expert as well, what would the Fang family do?

"What's so surprising about this old man stepping into the Essence Core realm?" The Xiao family's old patriarch furiously glared as he spoke, "But you, you old ghost, tried to harm my Xiao family right after you stepped into the Essence Core realm. Luckily this old man also stepped into the same realm, so I'll play with you." The elderly man spoke in an extremely domineering way, which made everyone feel as if their blood was boiling.

This was a true man!

Everyone in the Xiao family felt incredibly excited.

Fang Kun deeply frowned when he heard how overbearing the Xiao family's old patriarch's words were. Now that this old monster had stepped into the Essence Core realm, the situation was looking bad for them.

"Hmph, you think I would fear you?" The Fang family's old patriarch coldly replied, "Brother Zhou, help me destroy this Xiao family's cultivators, and when Hao'Er enters the Heaven Origin Sect, I'll ask him to request a Mysterious Congealing Pill for you so that you too can step into the Essence Core realm."

"Of course, anyone who wants their family members to step into the True Essence realm can also help this elderly one destroy the Xiao family." The Fang family's old patriarch's gaze was sinister and vicious as he gave an alluring bait to the elders of the other families.

He was able to deal with Xiao Yuan Shan, but if he wanted to destroy the Xiao family, he would require the assistance of others. After all, Xiao Hai and Xiao Hong had both stepped into the True Essence realm; only Fang Xun was in the True Essence realm in the Fang family.

Hearing these words from the Fang family's old patriarch, everyone else began to stir.

"Fang Hao is someone my uncle wishes to take as a disciple, and has a limitless future." Qiu Yu Chen, who had remained silent this entire time, suddenly spoke.

Qiu Yu Chen spoke quite calmly, but his intention was clear - he confirmed the Fang family's old patriarch's words, allowing others to act without any worries.

"Kill the Xiao family's people!" The Zhou family's old patriarch spoke with a bloody gaze. The Zhou family had long since planned to help the Fang family, and hearing this promise, they no longer had anything holding them back.

Some of the elders from other families also began to move.

"Despicable!" The expression of the people from the Xiao family became serious.

It seemed that the cultivators from the other families were preparing to make a move as well! If that happened, the Xiao family would truly be doomed.

"Haha, enter the Heaven Origin Sect?"

On the stage in the distance, a cold look appeared in Xiao Yun's eyes as he spoke, "Do you truly think Fang Hao still has an opportunity to enter the Heaven Origin Sect? This young lord will kill him right now. Without Fang Hao, what will you all be relying on? You'd better all think about it before acting against my Xiao family."

After saying this, Xiao Yun's hands moved, forming claws as he prepared to crush Fang Hao's throat. This was his only option - if the various families' True Essence realm cultivators joined together, how would the Xiao family defend against them?

Eternal Martial Sovereign Chapter 59

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