Eternal Taoist King Chapter 108

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My, my treat?!

Lu Sheng swallowed. A thousand spiritual stones! He only got a thousand and two hundred as the expense of three years when he left home. But now a thousand was about to go?

Song Ning had a thousand spiritual stones, but he would not spend them all at once! He found that Lu Sheng was a little reluctant and uttered, "Brother Lu, you want me to pay the spiritual stones?"

Lu Sheng could only suppress his distress. He grasped Song Ning's meaning. The one thousand spiritual stones must be on his treat.

"Of course it's on me." He pretended to be natural and paid the stones.

Those female disciples who had leered to Song Ning were now turning their eyes. They considered Song Ning shameless. But they wondered why Lu Sheng would pay for him.

The charging disciple did not care who paid the stones and gave them a key with a smile, "Enjoy yourself!"

Lu Sheng took the key in heartbreak.

Song Ning made a gesture of pleading, "Brother Lu, please."

Although upset about the stones, Lu Sheng got a bit of comfort at Song Ning calling him 'brother'.

There are totally five floors in the Spiritual Spring. The higher, the denser, the faster of cultivation but the more expensive. 

They two came to the third station on the top floor. Lu Sheng opened the door and when he was about to enter, he suddenly thought of Song Ning behind him, so he stopped and let Song Ning to enter first.

There were many people outside and Song Ning had to pretend to be an ordinary disciple. But now with only they two, he should be polite, or Song Ning would be angry.

Song Ning did not refuse and stepped into the third station.

As soon as they walked into the third station, the sufficient natural gas greeted them. Song Ning felt himself energetic. Lu Sheng, however, almost fell down under the impact of the gas.

Lu Sheng saw Song Ning was not influenced at all and he became more admirable to Song Ning.

"Brother Song, which level have you reached?" Lu Sheng asked.

Song Ning just took off his clothes and was about to jump into the water. Suddenly he browned and turned to Lu Sheng, "Does it matter to you?"

Lu Sheng hurriedly explained, "No, I am just curious. Don't be angry!"

Song Ning neglected Lu Sheng, went directly into the water and closed his eyes in silence.

The more indifferent Song Ning was, the more scrupled Lu Sheng to Song Ning. Lu Sheng took advantage of the chance to cultivate too. His spiritual stones could not be wasted!

Eternal Taoist King Chapter 108

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