Eternal Taoist King Chapter 109

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In the water, after Song Ning felt the natural gas, an excitement sat in his heart. After about an hour, he found the spiritual energy in his Dantian had increased a lot.

But the speed was still too slow. It would take his ten hours to restored 10%. But it was the fastest way to improve cultivation now.

He began to absorb the natural gas without restrain. Thus, his cultivating speed raised a lot. The ordinary warriors absorbed the natural gas through pores, while Song Ning was so different…

Lu Sheng smelled a strange, so he opened his eyes and was shock to find that Song Ning was sitting in the center of a vortex composed of natural gas! How fast Song Ning was cultivating!

Lu Sheng stared at Song Ning in surprise. After a long time, he grinned and began to cultivate hard. But his cultivating speed was quite slow, compared of that of Song Ning.

Song Ning did not expect to his would improve so fast. He found it had nothing to do with his own breath but his Dantian.

After two hours, his Dantian stopped sucking the gas and he was surprised to find that during this time, the spiritual energy in his Dantian had been added by 30%, reaching more than 40%, which was a big cheer for him. So, he continued to cultivate, intending to fill up his Dantian with spiritual energy in the remaining seven hours.

Lu Sheng was shocked again to discover that the vortex disappeared.

The time pa.s.sed quickly. In the end, there were already 45% of the spiritual energy in Song Ning's Dantian.

"Brother Song's indeed powerful! I'll regard you as my boss and be willing to do everything for you!" Lu Sheng flattered with a bow.

Song Ning stunned for a while and replied, "I don't want the third person to know this!"

"Well, of course! I understand that you are now a.s.signed to be an ordinary disciple by the Master and you don't want too many people know it."

Song Ning figured out why Lu Sheng respected him very much. Although he was not that kind of cheeky person, he still sighed 'Well-done'!

"Good. By the way, I have something puzzled." Song Ning responded.

Lu Sheng hurriedly replied with respect, "What?"

"Are a thousand spiritual stones expensive?" Song Ning asked.

Song Ning went to the Taihe Mountain at the age of three and never left in the following thirteen years. Then he went to the Tianhe City which was destroyed later. Now he arrived at the Tianyuan School. So, he knew little about the spiritual stones.

Song Ning asked this question, because he really wanted to know the stones' value. However, Lu Sheng did not think so. In his eyes, Song Ning asked due to contempt.

"Don't be angry, brother. It is not a big deal. Your happiness deserves!" Lu Sheng explained.

Eternal Taoist King Chapter 109

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