Eternal Taoist King Chapter 76

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"Humph! You want the privilege in Tianyuan school with the price of only a few bottles of pills and some spiritual stones?" Song Ning slammed his sleeves and turned back.

The old warrior immediately added, "Sir, don't be angry. This is just a part of the gifts. When my nephew is permitted by the school, the rest will be offered."

"Done? Then go away! Don't stand here! I don't have much time to chat with you." Song Ning did not show good face to him.

The more arrogant Song Ning was, the surer the old warrior was that Song Ning is the second chief disciple of the Tianyuan school, so he dared not b.u.t.t Song Ning. Now, Song Ning let them go, they immediately nodded and bowed, "Then we will leave first and do not disturb your cultivation."

In impatience, he watched them leave, closed the door, sat down on the bed and took a long breath after they completely disappeared. He knew he should not pretend, but he felt so good under this fake ident.i.ty.

He hurried to open the pill bottle and was amazed by what he saw. Although not valuable, the pills are practical and the most functional one is a bottle of Spirit Gathered Dan. It is the primary second-cla.s.s pill, which is most effective when using in the spirit gathered period. Song Ning, who did not care about the market price, knew that it priced at least two hundred spiritual stones.

He was delighted and was going to take the pill to cultivate, but heard a sigh of noise outside the window.

"The Family Mu holds an election of followers today. Whoever gets the favor of Miss Mu Xuezhao can enroll in the Tianyuan school as a follower, such a great luck."

"Though it is not a decent job, everyone wants to get it."

Song Ning went to the window and looked at these people. They were basically young people under the age of twenty and some of them were handsome. But there were also few half-naked, showing muscles and few dressed in common, looked pretty weak.

Not for a while, a team of decades of people was arranged, which showed their eagerness of being a follower of the Family Mu.

Song Ning was attracted and sat on the window looking out.

The crowd began to stir up and people were talking about it.

After a while, the door of the Family Mu slammed open. Mu Xingshan came out, followed Mu Xuezhao. A few servants stood behind them two.

Mu Xingshan extended his hands to signal the crowd to stop talking and cleared his throat, "Everyone knows that my little daughter Mu Xuezhao is going to the Tianyuan school and there is a rule in the school that we can bring a follower alongside. But we can't find a suitable one in our family, so we decided to select one person out of the city."

Suddenly, everyone began to applaud.

Mu Xingshan reached out his hand again, "Please be silent! The Tianyuan school has some requests for the followers and I'm now telling you. Those who don't meet the requests please leave on your own and don't waste time!"

Mu Xuezhao's eyes were somewhat dissociated. It should have been a happy day, but she was not happy. She had been looking around as if looking for something.

Mu Xingshan still continued speaking, "First, over 15 years old and under 18 years old. Second, to be handsome. Third, to be chose by Xiaozhao. Now whoever meets the first two items stay please or leave please."

Eternal Taoist King Chapter 76

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