Eternal Taoist King Chapter 84

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The girl looked at Song Ning with a cold eye and scorned, "You finally caught up. If you didn't, the stone will be broken by us in a while. "

Mu Xuezhao did not expect Song Ning to speak. The girl looked extraordinary and if he offended her...

However, Mu Xuezhao did not have time to stop Song Ning and he directly sat on the ground, "Well, I will wait another two hours to see if you can break this huge stone."

The girl was irritated. But all of a sudden, a 'giggle' laughter came. they turned toward ot and found a girl and a man. Basing on their cultivations, the girl should be the follower for the man.

The man's age was similar to that of Song Ning and so were their cultivations, the third level of qi gathered period. But his follower's cultivation was at the first level and it was she who laughed.

"Yuer, you are naughty again. How can you laugh at Zimo Ting, the miss of the Family Zimo?" He hid his smile and said.

"Brother Liu Yi, you are laughing too! And her words are very interesting. Why can't I laugh?" Yuer squinted, looked at Song Ning and nodding greeted.

Zimo Ting's face turned white, "Liu Yi, Liu Yuer, you two are really awkward. I did not mention you and you dare to laugh at me?"

Song Ning and Mu Xuezhao did not expect these people knew each other. But they seemed to be enemies, so they had themselves ready to watch a show. Mu Xuezhao was even more exaggerated-she sit on the stone and took out the dried fruit from the baggage, even handed one to Song Ning.

Song Ning thought Liu Yi and Liu Yuer must be angry, but the Liu Yuer was not and against Liu Yi with a sweet face, "Brother Liu Yi, she talked about us again! It's time we got married!"

"Yuer...don't make nonsense! She is obviously satirizing us! And... how can a brother and sister get married..." Liu Yi felt a headache for his younger sister.

Zimo Ting became disgusted, "You are disgusting! Break the stone please and shut up if you can't!"

Liu Yi shook his head and Liu Yuer smirked after making a face, "I was just kidding, Brother Liu Yi. I have been used to her words already. Since there is nothing else in her mind, just let her satisfied."

How could Zimo Ting bear such disgrace? She pointed at the two of the Family Liu and ordered Xiaoye, "Beat them!"

Xiaoye hesitated for a while, but still rushed over.

Mu Xuezhao was still eating her dried fruits; Liu Yuer opened her hand and walked aside to be the audience; Liu Yi turned his hand and a folding fan flew out of the storage ring. He grabbed it, swayed his wrist to unfold it and fanned to form spiritual gas into a wind toward Xiaoye.

Eternal Taoist King Chapter 84

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