Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 31

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Meeting Vincent

The steward, who was halfway to his destination, wondered whether it would be appropriate to slightly lower the commision? After all, throughout the whole journey, nothing happened, why did he still have to feed those mercenaries?

"Christine, is that a person walking in front of us?" Lucy pointed at a figure in the near distance to Christine, "This road isn't always this peaceful, how could dare walk by himself?"

Christine looked towards where Lucy's finger was pointing at, and open seeing a figure that was clad in a black robe, her brows creased. She stared at the figure and spoke to Lucy, "Tell our men to sharpen their vigilance."

"Okay." Lucy carefully nodded her head. That person was wearing a black robe that covered him from head to toe, at a glance, he didn't look to be a good person.

Shao Qian had continuously been alongside Christine and Lucy. Upon turning his head towards the direction they spoke about, he didn't know why, but upon seeing that figure, he actually felt that it was looked somewhat familiar.

Christine's mercenary group was constantly alert, and finally, when the caravan was quickly about to near that person, he suddenly stopped. The person stopping made the merchants and mercenaries nervous.

The more Shao Qian looked, the more he felt that this person clad in a black robe looked familiar. But, wasn't it obvious that he couldn't see the person clearly due to the robe shrouding him? Why would he keep feeling that he looks very familiar?

The person dressed in a black robe turned, the head that wore a wicker hat moving a few times, perhaps he was measuring the strength of their caravan? Once they understood this, the merchants along with the mercenaries became even more wary.

The wicker hat didn't cover his entire face, and when Shao Qian saw the man's lower jaw along with his lip shape, he felt that they were really familiar. But he absolutely couldn't remember where exactly he had seen this man. This really is a kind of fraudulent feeling.

The moment that man's eyes swept over Shao Qian's position, he paused, and immediately after that, Christine who had constantly been staring at the black-robed man, suddenly realised that the person had actually disappeared.

Christine's pair of eyes immediately widened, a disbelieving expression on her face. Was that person actually a person or a spirit? Or is he a high leveled martial artist?

"Jesse." A sound not unlike someone sighing, could be heard from beside Christine's ear, and when she turned, she was clearly able to see the black robed man hugging the youth. Her pupils abruptly shrinked. When…… When on earth did he arrive next to her?

"Let go……" Shao Qian pushed a few times, and upon not being able to break free, he couldn't endure, "Who are you?"

"How could you forget me?" Hearing his treasured boy asking this kind of question, the black-robed man was very annoyed, his body's imposing manner was also released. Lucy and Christine who were all along standing beside Shao Qian only felt an oppressing feeling in their chests, before a stream of blood leaked out from the corner of their mouths.

They had by no means even exchanged blows, but they were injured by the person. Could this person be a Wu Zun? [1] No, someone so young couldn't possibly be a Wu Zun.

That's not wrong, looking at the smooth chin that was exposed, they understood that the black-robed man's age wasn't big, but his strength was really terrifying.

"……" Shao Qian knitted his brows as he started to think, before he probed, "Centvin?"

"Good boy." Vincent, seeing that Shao Qian recognised him, happily patted his back, retracting the imposing manner that he had released.

Lucy and Christine, seeing that the two knew each other, furthermore after the man revealed a smile when Jesse called out his name, they couldn't help but ridicule. Who didn't tie this ferocious beast up and let him out?

Shao Qian slandered in his heart. Good [2], your sister! Not matter how much he thought of it, he couldn't understand, why did Vincent come this this side of the Illusionary Mist Forest at this time? At this time, wasn't he supposed to recover the Vatican? Even getting heavily injured due to the Pope? Could it be he suffered the severe injury, and need something from the Illusionary Mist Forest to treat it?

"What did you come here for?" Shao Qian still felt that directly asking him was better. If he said that he intended to harm the high rank magic beasts in the Illusionary Mist Forest, then don't blame him from taking action.

"To find you." Vincent pulled off the wicker hat on his head, "At that time when you chased me out, I was very sad."

'You're actually thinking of leaving again, I'm very sad.' Hearing Vincent's words, Shao Qian indescribably thought of Song Dao, that rascal. Seeing Vincent's wronged expression, made him feel as if Song Dao was standing in front of him even more.

He was definitely possessed by a evil spirit, if not then why did he think of Song Dao once again?

"Jesse, who are you thinking off?" Vincent looked at Jesse in his embrace, his face revealing a look of yearning and whispered. Who are you thinking of? Say it, kill him. The only one you can long for is only me.

"Nothing." Shao Qian shook his head and pushed himself away from Vincent's embrace, "I need to go to the Illusionary Mist Garrison."

"I'll bring you." Vincent offered to undertake the difficult task, "Walking on the road is too tiring, it'll be somewhat faster if I bring you."

"No. I want to go with Christine and the rest." Christine and the others weren't too bad. Shao Qian intended to take a trip to the auction house once they arrived at Red Tile City, and give some presents to Christine and the others.

Vincent furled his lips, somewhat annoyed. Who is Christine? Why did Jesse want to go with her?

"Can we go or not?" Lasey, not getting a response for half a day, rebuked angrily, "I hired you guys to protect the caravan, not to let you guys chit-chat."

Vincent's eyelids twitched minutely, his right hand concealed beneath the black robe raising slightly, just as he was intending to make this person, who had the audacity to raise a hue and cry, disappear, his hand was caught by someone. He looked down and saw Jesse slightly shaking his head at him.

Lifting his left hand, he rubbed Jesse's head, feeling remorse that he couldn't touch the furry beast ears, he s.h.i.+fted his hand to Jesse's earlobe and kneaded it, discovering that although the feeling wasn't as comfortable as the beast ears, but the feeling was also just as good. In short, so long as it's Jesse, no matter where he rubs, his hand would always feel that good.

Mm, of course, if he was able to rub the tail, that would be even better.

Currently, Vincent who looked very earnest, had in fact, already placed Shao Qian in a s.e.xual fantasy of his. Towards this, I want to ask, you're this perverse, does the other know?

Lucy along with Christine, ever since Vincent arrived, couldn't get close to the adorable Jesse, the two of them glanced at each other at the back, even if that blonde man grew to look very nice, it couldn't change the fact that he had seized Little Jesse away.

"Who are you?" Lasey looked at the man by Shao Qian's side and angrily rebuked, "Our caravan isn't something that anyone can just enter."

They already had an ordinary person, Jesse, and that was his bottom line, don't even think about asking him to add another person in half-way. Do they think he's here for charity? Whatever person could just enter his caravan?

"He's my friend. He doesn't need money." Shao Qian blinked at Lasey and smiled, "And he has some ability.

Just now, Lasey didn't see how Vincent had got to Shao Qian's side in a mere few moments, after all, when Christine had told her mercenary group to be vigilant, he had went to hide in the back. He waited for the wariness to disappear before he fraudulently came out, that's all. So, when he saw that amongst their ranks, there was yet another stranger, he got extremely angry.

"Tell to leave." Lasey pointed at Vincent's nose and cursed furiously, "d.a.m.n it! These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that aren't magicians or martial artists, why do they always fix their sight on me? Is it because I'm easier to be persuaded?

Shao Qian was at a loss as he looked at Lasey, "But……"

"No 'buts', just scram for me now." Lasey angrily rebuked, "You can stay behind, I already agreed to pay you. But that person, definitely not."

"Jesse, baby, he doesn't welcome me." Vincent, with a face full of grievances, looked at Shao Qian, "You have the heart to watch me be wronged?"

I am very willing, thank you. Shao Qian pressed his hand against his  somewhat pain forehead, before he had no choice but to speak to Lasey, "Vincent doesn't require the caravan to provide him with a place to stay or food to eat, furthermore, you don't need to give me my gold coin, is that fine?

When Vincent heard Shao Qian's words, he considered it seriously, before he grudgingly nodded his head, "That's fine then, we'll follow your idea."

Christine who had been listening at the side, intended to argue with Lasey, but when she saw Shao Qian shake his head at her, she gave up on that idea. He glanced at Lasey before letting out a cold 'hmph!' and leaving.

[1] 武尊 – It directly translates to Honourable Martial Artist. (A high martial rank I think?) It sounds nicer in PinYin. :3

[2] Good from 'Good boy.'

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Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 31

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