Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 32

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Towards the male lead of this world, in the end, Shao Qian was still worried. This words of this person can only be three-tenth believed, the person that could wear a smile as he buried that old fox, the Pope, how could he be even a bit virtuous? He still had to be constantly wary of the male lead, to avoid being betrayed and dying in some unknown way.

Furthermore, how actually did Vincent manage to come to this place. He shouldn't know about this road, could it have really been coincidence?

"I went to where you live to find you." Vincent looked at Shao Qian's action of pressing his lips together, and laughed, explaining, "Only, there was no one at where you stay, and when I was crossing the forest, I lost my way, I had just happened to come across this road."

At the time when Vincent had went to find Shao Qian, he almost didn't make it out from the forest. The forest's high rank magic beast wouldn’t let him leave the forest that easily. After all, this human knew of the forest's secret, letting him leave, it would unknown whether he would do anything that could harm the cub.

Although now, he didn't fear these magic beasts, but hurting them would upset Jesse, and perhaps may even give rise to him getting fed up. So, in the end, Vincent established a oath in front of the forest's Treants, if he was disloyal to Jesse, then let him fall into the demons' dark abyss. Only after the contract, then did the Illusionary Mist Forest’s magic beasts let him leave grudgingly.

As for him arriving on this road, it was by complete accident. At that time, in order to avoid injuring the magic beasts as much as possible, he had kept dodging, and in the midst of being chased, he couldn't possibly tell which direction from which. Only when he came out of the forest, did he see this road in the near-distant. At that moment, the map finally had somewhat of a use, once he affirmed that it led to the Red Tile City, he headed towards it.

He had originally intended to go to Red Tile City to find for Jesse's whereabouts, he didn't expect that on the way there, he would meet a person whose colour of his hair and pupils were changed. This made Vincent beyond happy, this was definitely the Light G.o.d's guidance that made him appear on Jesse's path.

"Vincent, we live in two different worlds." Even after Shao Qian thought for a bit, he still felt that he might as well have a chat with this person, "I don't know why you were there at that time, I also saved you only as a pa.s.sing. So……"

"Jesse, you still want to chase me away?" Baby, right now I'm not that rubbish that only pa.s.sively accepts, I have the ability to hold you down. So, please don't say words that will make me unhappy.

"No, I just feel like you have other more urgent matters to do." Shao Qian felt that Vincent's tone wasn't good, and fell silent for a while, "After I take care of my matters, I'll return."

"I'm accompany you." Once Vincent said that, he immediately spoke once again, "Jesse, we haven't seen each other for ten years, I really missed you."

At all times, I missed you, every time he felt as if he couldn't go on any longer, he would always think of Jesse who was still waiting in the Illusionary Mist Forest for him, only after he becomes strong and gains influence, would he able let Jesse live a worry-free life.

Shao Qian turned and looked at Vincent's somewhat wronged expression, but the expectation in his eyes couldn't be concealed. Furthermore, with that kind of eyes filled with expectation, he really looked similar to Song Dao, but he had obviously tried it out, wasn't it that this person didn't have his strand of soul?

"Jesse?" When Vincent saw Shao Qian staring at him without any response, his heart became anxious. Gently and cautiously, he took Shao Qian's hand into his and rubbed it gently, "If you don't say anything, I'll take it that you agreed."

"Forget it. If you want to follow then follow." Shao Qian helplessly shook his head, when it's night, he'll try it again secretly, what if he's Song Dao?

They travelled until it was in the evening before finding for a relatively flat place to set up camp, sprinkling powder that drives away beasts around the surroundings and appointing people as the night watch.

Shao Qian is a ordinary person, so he naturally wasn't a.s.signed to the night watch, furthermore, Lasey also didn't allow Vincent to get too close to the merchants. So, Shao Qian along with Vincent, went a bit further away from the merchants.

The two men lay inside a succinct tent, Shao Qian secretly an Alchemy potion inside the tent, and not even a moment pa.s.sed before Vincent fell asleep. Shao Qian stealthily used his soul power and explored Vincent's inner body, he wandered around in a full circle yet couldn't find anything. He was somewhat disappointed as he shook his head, looks like he's not Song Dao after all.

Just as he was about to redraw his soul power out of Vincent's inner body when something unexpected happened. Vincent's originally docile light magic suddenly rebelled, taking Shao Qian's soul power that was retracting and imprisoning it within his own body, even steadily extractinng Shao Qian's soul power to replenish his own.

Shao Qian only felt his soul was spinning, as if he was about to faint. He wanted the sever the connection he had with Vincent's soul power, but he didn't think that his soul power wouldn't listen to him.

The weakness in his soul became more and more serious, and after a moment, Shao Qian couldn't hold himself up and fell into Vincent's embrace. Vincent, who was supposed to be in a state of deep sleep, was right now hugging Shao Qian tightly. Placing the person carefully onto the sleeping bag, looking at the half-lidded eyes, that was due to helplessness from his slowly diminis.h.i.+ng power, pale pink lips unconsciously parting slightly and faintly revealing the small tongue inside.

Vincent couldn't control himself as he lowered his head and covered the slightly parted lips, lightly pecking it but feeling at no means satisfied, he wanted even more, he wanted Jesse to be crazy for him. But, right now wasn't the time, right now wasn't acceptable, he still had to wait again.

When Shao Qian was hugged by Vincent, he understood that he had been had. At the moment, he was furiously cursing in his heart, he was perfectly aware that Vincent had a suspicious nature, yet he still dared to do this, his IQ had already dropped down to negative levels.

Although, he doesn't know what method was being used to draw out his soul power, but he knows that if this continued, he wouldn't be able to endure for much longer. He really never expected, at that time he wasn't devoured by the system, but he would die now in this small world.

"Good child, don't be scared." Vincent looked at the person below him, his face betraying his despair, and immediately kissed his forehead appeasingly, "You'll recover soon.""

Saying that, he punctured his finger, placing the bleeding finger onto Shao Qian's forehead, and after that covered it up with his strength and moved it, in the mere time for a breath to be taken, a strange totem was drawn.

"I, Vincent of Wright, establish a forced contract with the magic beast, Jesse. In life or death, we'll coexist. Saying that, the totem Vincent was drawing was also finished. Along with his words slowly permeating into Shao Qian's forehead.

When Vincent finished this action, Shao Qian felt a power of some sort invading his soul through his body, the meager amount of soul power he had left in his body was incapable of stopping this invasion. He could only pa.s.sively accept it, not able to even resist by one bit.

After that, in his haze he seemed to be able to hear 'Contract Established', this two words, before all his soul power that had been removed returned to his body, even bringing a bit more back?

Shao Qian hurriedly examined the extra bit of soul power. Dumbfounded, he discovered that this was the bit of soul power that he had originally given to Song Dao.

Vincent is Song Dao. This realisation made him somewhat glad, but previously, his scheming against him wasn't this clever. His courage became inflated, he actually already learnt to scheme against him.

"Jesse, baby." Vincent threw himself onto Shao Qian, rubbing against him, his right hand rubbing the beast ears that had appeared due to his weak state from the drawing of his soul power, laughing foolishly in satisfaction. Really good, he's able to rub Jesse's beast ears again.

"Scram for me." Animal ears is very sensitive, the ears that had been pinched for a period of time became limp and numb, the feeling as if being hit by a small amount of electricity. This made Shao Qian's face become red immediately, before he lifted a leg and kicked Vincent to one side.

Vincent laid in one side, tilting his head as he looked at Shao Qian's entirely red face, "Jesse, I like you."

"Mm. I know." This sentence, I don't know how many times you said it when you were still Song Dao. Furthermore, every time your face would turn red as you couldn't explain it clearly.

"Do you like me?" Vincent crawled over and sat by Shao Qian's side, his face full of expectation as he looked at him, "I…… I only didn't want to leave you just now, so, so I established this contract. Don't, don't be angry."

"Okay, okay, okay. I like you." He had been with Song Dao for so long, he had already known from early on, what would make this person happy. But, he had actually forgotten, Vincent, although he was Song Dao, but he wasn't completely Vincent. Saying this may have made Song Dao happy, but Vincent wouldn't necessarily be.

Vincent, hearing Shao Qian's seemingly perfunctory tone, felt abandoned. As expected, he still hated him, after all, there was no one that would be willing to be forced into a contract by someone, right? But, he doesn't want Jesse to leave him……

He felt as if he was lost in something, same like being in a cycle of death?

Following that, the two didn't talk to each other again. After two days of travelling, the caravan finally reached the Red Tile City, Shao Qian along with Vincent wouldn't get any wage, so they don't intend to follow Christine and the others.

The day they reached the Red Tile City, Shao Qian looked for Christine and gave her a leather bag, "This us my gift to the mercenary group, everyone has a portion. In times of emergency, it will be able to save your lives.

"Jesse?" Christine was confused as she received Shao Qian's present, "What's with this so suddenly?"


Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 32

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