Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 33

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Illusionary Mist Garrison, Mother

"Jesse……" Christine saw Shao Qian walking away in the distant, and hurriedly cried out. However, Vincent who was standing in the near distance, shot her a warning glance. It wasn't easy for him to find a chance to get along with Jesse, how could he let this woman destroy it?

When Christine saw that dangerous man's glance, she was immediately frightened, cold sweat forming on her entire body. How could she forget that the man called Centvin, wasn't weak? It was to the extent where he was probably stronger than her entire mercenary group. If he were to protect Jesse, then there shouldn't be any problems.

"He left." Lucy had been continuously standing in the near distant, she simply didn't come over, instead watching as Shao Qian walked over to that blonde man's side and left with him.

"Yes." Christine absent-mindedly opened the leather bag that Shao Qian gave to her, and when she saw what was inside, she let out an alarmed cry. After that, as if a thief, she looked in all four directions, and after finding no one that was paying attention to her, hurriedly pulled the leather bag up, and pulling the puzzled Lucy beside her away.

"Christine? What's wrong with you?" Lucy felt sentimental due to Shao Qian leaving, even Christine who was acting mysterious wouldn't be able to rouse her interest.

After Christine locked the door, she opened the leather bag, "Look at what Jesse gave us."

Lucy peered into the leather bag, and upon catching sight of the nine black scrolls, she cried out in alarm, "How could this be?"

Alchemy scrolls were divided into four groups, white, black, silver, as well as gold. White was the most ordinary scroll, whilst gold was known as the G.o.d-level scroll. In a time where Alchemists were dwindling, black scrolls could only be found in auction houses, furthermore, they would reach prices as high as the heavens. She couldn't even dare think about it. However, the item that she couldn't dare think about previously, right now, in her hands she had nine of them……

"Hurry up and keep them." If these nine scrolls were to be seen by others, it couldn't be certain that they wouldn't want her life. Lucy along with Christine was at a loss as they glanced at each other helplessly, according to their current abilities, they simply wouldn't be able to protect this nine scrolls, it seemed like they wouldn't be able to live up to Jesse's kind intention.

"Jesse, what are we going to the Illusionary Mist Forest for?" Jesse already haven't talked to him properly for a few days, this made Vincent feel somewhat aggrieved. Obviously, he had already revealed the contract, why does Jesse not like paying attention to him?

"I'm a human-magic beast hybrid, originally my parents lived in the Illusionary Mist Forest. I want to go to the Illusionary Mist Forest to find the true reason for my father's death." Shao Qian doesn't mind telling Vincent the reason, although he isn't clear on how he had pa.s.sed through and arrived here, but so long as this man is Song Dao's reincarnation, then he would be completely at ease.

When Vincent heard Shao Qian's explanation, he laughed foolishly. [1] Jesse, baby, must definitely like him a lot, if not, then would he be able to tell him such an important thing?

However, the matter that Jesse had just spoke about, the matter of his parents being killed, definitely had to be checked properly. Only a holy rank-magic beast that could transform into human form could leave the Illusionary Mist Forest. A holy-rank magic beast is definitely stronger than a holy-rank martial artist, this kind of formidable being, how in the world was it killed?

"Today, we'll stay here and rest, we'll set off at once tomorrow morning." Shao Qian closed the room's door and windows before he changed into his beast form, he didn't know whether it was due to his relations.h.i.+p to magic beasts in this world, but he always felt that his beast form was more comfortable and relaxing.

When Vincent saw Shao Qian had turned into his magic beast form, he stared straight ahead. He watched as the graceful black panther jumped nimbly onto the bed, before stretching its forepaws. Although it looks slim, there is a lot of explosive power in its waist……

Vincent's adam apple rolled up and down twice, he wore a fascinated smile as he took a few steps towards the side of the bed. His tongue licked at his somewhat dry lips, "Jes, Jesse."

"What?" Shao Qian rested his chin on his two forepaws and closed his eyes to rest, his tail comfortably swaying in the air.

Vincent's eyes travelled from Shao Qian's waist to his swaying tail. His pair of eyes moving as they following the tail's swaying motion, his hand, as if he had pulled a tendon, twitched by his side. No one knew what he was thinking of, when two streams of blood streamed down his nose……

Animals were relatively sensitive to the smell of blood. When Shao Qian smelled blood, he hurriedly turned his head to look, and upon seeing the blood coming out from Vincent's nose, who was also smiling foolishly at him, the corners of his mouth twitched, "You…… scram and go clean up."

Vincent immediately used his sleeve to wipe his nosebleed. Looking at the bloodstain on the snow white cuff, his brows creased before he used a Purification scroll to clean himself. Like this, it could be said that he completed the task.

Shao Qian, seeing that Vincent's nosebleed stopped, also turned his head and ignored him, only, the tail that was originally swaying around willfully, was now tucked into the blanket, conveniently, he also used his tail to cover his b.u.t.tocks with the blanket. He really couldn't bear Vincent gazing at him with burning eyes. Right now, he was in beast form, but towards this beats form, he was actually s.e.xually aroused, is his preferences too serious?

Whether Vincent saw Jesse's beast or human form,

there would always be a great appeal, to the extent where the beast form felt more enticing to him, after all…… the beast form didn't have any clothes, right? If he wanted to see something, wouldn't he be able to see it?

Shao Qian was unaware that he had already been violated by Vincent's line of sight once. It was also fortunate that he didn't know, if not then he would definitely give Shao Qian two big slap on his face. This is really worthy of celebration, congratulations.

The next day, in the early morning, the two men left the hotel. This made Christine's mercenary group, who had discussed for the whole night and in the end, decided to return the scrolls back, jump at thin air.

The speed of Shao Qian along with Vincent couldn't be said to be slow. This two men, after half an hour, had already swiftly arrived at the Illusionary Mist Garrison. Under the system's guidance, they found where Jesse and his parents had originally lived at, and unexpectedly, there was actually someone still residing in there.

Shao Qian was at a loss, if there was someone residing there, then wouldn't he be unable to investigate anything?

Just as Shao Qian was debating whether or not to knock on the door, it was opened from the inside. A woman wearing a white dress walked out, and upon seeing the two men standing in the doorway, she was stunned, "You……"

"h.e.l.lo, madam." Shao Qian was still at a loss on how to inquire appropriately. It seemed that the Illusionary Mist Garrison had a strange rule, it was that an unowned houses would be distributed by the mayor. So, he was wondering whether this lady was a.s.signed officially to live here?

"Are…… Are you Jesse?" That woman was somewhat agitated as she suddenly moved forward a few steps, however, she wasn't able to get close to Shao Qian before she was stopped by Vincent.

"You [2] are?" Shao Qian hadn't come to the Illusionary Mist Garrison for ten years, normally, this place shouldn't have anyone that knew him.

"Jesse, my child. I'm your mummy!" When the woman heard Shao Qian's reply, she immediately became emotional, she immediately dodged pa.s.s the obstructing Vincent and pulled Shao Qian into a hug, "My pitiful child, mummy finally waited until you came back."

Seeing the woman hugging Shao Qian, Vincent's face became gloomy. Just now, he had clearly felt the woman's formidable strength in a mere instant. Dodging pa.s.s him wasn't by chance, the steps that looked simple were in fact terrifyingly fast.

If it is the genuine Jesse, then perhaps he would have been deceived by the woman's tears, but Shao Qian wasn't the genuine Jesse. It was true that he didn't avoid, but that didn't mean that he was completely unprepared.

Furthermore, when the woman had dodged Vincent, he had already felt that this woman wasn't so simple, moreover……

The holy-rank magic beast father had died, yet why could the ordinary mother survive?

"Sorry, mummy is too happy." When the woman saw that Shao Qian didn't have any reaction, she released him before trying to explain in a hurry, "I…… I was only too happy. Mummy, mummy always thought that you and your father……. as long as you're alright, then it's okay."

"Can you tell me, what happened at that time?" Shao Qian wore a gentle smile as he wiped away the woman's tears, "At that time, when I woke up, I realised that I was in a forest. As I couldn't find the exit, I could only live inside the forest. It was until I met Centvin, then did he bring me out."

The woman swept her eyes obscurely past Vincent, before revealing a pained expression as she patted Shao Qian, "Good child, let's go into the house and talk. You must be tired, mummy will make something for you to eat first."

Shao Qian, hearing these words, rubbed his stomach, "Then, I'll trouble you."

"You don't need to be so polite to mummy." The woman smiled thinly before ushering the two men through the gate, and naturally locking it.

Entering the courtyard, the first thing the two men did was to look around the place. Inside the courtyard, there were not little flower and plants, there were even a cl.u.s.ter of rare Moon Blossoms. This flower only bloomed on the night of a full moon, furthermore, no matter if the climate is cold or hot, it would always bloom. Also, each time, it would only bloom for a few seconds.

This kind of flower is very expensive, and n.o.bility wouldn't necessarily have even a stalk. It was unexpected that this small courtyard could actually plant a cl.u.s.ter of over ten stalks.

"Before, your father like to sit there and look at the Moon Blossoms." The woman recalled as she looked at the cl.u.s.ter of Moon Blossoms, "Only, these many years, there was only me to look at them."

Shao Qian looked at the stone bench next to the Moon Blossoms and raised a brow. This Moon Blossom appeared once in the plot, however, it wasn't anything good. Moon Blossom, this name is very beautiful, when it blooms, it is also very pretty. But, it is actually a poisonous flower, or more specifically, a flower that is poisonous to magic beasts.

He didn't believe that his father, as a holy-rank magic beast, didn't know that the Moon Blossom was dangerous to him.

"These few years, when I thought about you and your father, I would also sit here." The woman wiped her moist eyes and smiled with difficulty, "Look at me saying these kind of things. You guys take a sit first, I'll go pour some water."

[1] 傻笑 – Cough… Soooo— I just realised that this 'laugh foolishly', 'smile foolishly' etc. could also be translated as 'giggle', 'smirk', 'simper'…

Ahem… So, ML could have been smirking all this while and I didn't know, instead, I thought he was laughing like an idiot (that he is)…


傻 – Foolish, stupid, etc.

笑 – Laugh, smile, etc.

I'll continue translating it as 'foolish smile', because there is currently 33 chapters (woahhh, that's a lot now that I think of it) and I have probably used it quite a number of times already and it suits him. (Because no matter how much we may try to deny it, ML is an idiot when it comes to Qian-er.)

Have you guys noticed I tend to rant…?

[2] Here, Shao Qian is using 您 (a polite way of saying you) instead of 你 (less informal) throughout the whole chapter when he's speaking to his mom.

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Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 33

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