Everyone Thinks That I Like Him Chapter 10

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Translator: Mosstree

Chapter 10

It was needless to say what tragic encounter Zhou Wendao received. For a whole night, the daughter-in-law seemed to shrink in bed, feet facing the wall to reflect on his errors. Xu Yangjun patted Ye Zhou’s shoulder and said, “Brother, I understand you. If someone said before my G.o.ddess that I wanted the nude pictures of the G.o.ddess, I guess I also wouldn’t have the face to appear in front of the G.o.ddess.”

Ye Zhou pried open Xu Yangjun’s hand, thinking in his heart: If Shang Jin really was my male G.o.d, I’d also admit it! The key is that he isn’t!

Speaking of this, Ye Zhou took a few steps and climbed into bed. He opened the photo of Tang Dongdong that was carefully stored on his cell phone.

The boy in the photo, with his round face, squinting eyes laughing bashfully, and suns.h.i.+ne spilling on him, seemed as if he was covered in a layer of golden light.

Ye Zhou felt that his irritable mood was soothed, and couldn’t help but continue to browse through the alb.u.m. As a result, after flipping through dozens of photos, the photo of Shang Jin’s sleeping countenance that Zhou Wendao had sent two days before appeared s.h.i.+ning bright on his phone screen.

He obviously didn’t save it!!

Ye Zhou angrily prepared to delete it, but couldn’t help stopping before hitting confirm.

A few strands of loose bangs fell on the sleeping Shang Jin’s forehead. After the eyes which rarely showed any emotions were closed, the sense of alienation that Shang Jin gave people disappeared, and the whole person was much softer.

However, once these eyes opened, there was always the indifference of being uninvolved, as if everything around him couldn’t shake this person’s heart.

Ye Zhou was unwilling to concede and snorted. Sure enough, it was still very annoying. Delete!

Originally, he’d thought that after this matter, he certainly wouldn’t have the face to go out of the dorm the next day. After all, the dorm rooms of this cla.s.s were next door. Yesterday, Zhou Wendao had spoken outside the door. Although his voice wasn’t too loud, but even if there was a bit of intention, they would know, not to mention that the surrounding cla.s.smates had always had their gossip radar open about Ye Zhou and Shang Jin. With the slightest wind moving the gra.s.s, they would certainly be thoroughly peeped at from a hidden place.

Regardless of what happened on the previous day, the sun would still rise the next day, and the day must go on as usual.

Not surprisingly, the next day, everyone looked at him with eyes revealing a whiff of something too wonderful for words.

According to the past experience, if he came out to explain this time, it’d just be a cover up in the eyes of others. His peripheral vision unwittingly went to the other party involved, Shang Jin, who was unconcernedly reading a book. The gaze wasn’t without ridicule when it fell on him, but the involved party didn’t respond, and the surrounding people around them quickly lost interest.

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but praise him in his heart. When would he be able to have Shang Jin’s ‘leave behind the world to stand alone’ kind of aura…

Wait a minute??


Ye Zhou clenched his fists and was angry at the day when he actually admired the enemy!

Rather than giving in to Shang Jin, he might as well be the talk of everyone and let them gossip to their heart’s content.

With this idea, Ye Zhou magically blocked out the morning’s shameful feeling of wanting to dig a hole to bury himself in and earnestly read his book, silently competing with Shang Jin.

Zhou Wendao looked at the veins on Ye Zhou’s fists and faintly felt a little backache. Ye Zhou’s anger didn’t look like it would disappear yet…

However, what made Zhou Wendao worried never occurred. That night, Ye Zhou was just like a person with nothing wrong, going wild and crazy together with them.

“Zhou, go out and play tomorrow?” Zhou Wendao politely invited, “How about climbing the mountains in the clear and refres.h.i.+ng autumn weather?”

Ye Zhou looked over the book borrowed from the library and without thinking, said, “No, you guys go.”

“Really not going?” Xu Yangjun checked his backpack again, stuffing some snacks into the bag. “You should work out your body. You see, Chen Shao is going with me tomorrow!”

Chen Shao was the most silent person out of the four people in the dorm. Although he was often with them, but he was not as extroverted as the other three and his sense of presence was somewhat weak. At this moment, he was wiping the sneakers that he was going to wear tomorrow.

“Next time. This week’s study plan still needs a little to be completed. Also…” Ye Zhou sat on the bed with one foot stepping on the ladder and said, “When you were freshmen, didn’t you all say you were going to find a partner when you enter college? Now has the hope been shattered and you several people plan to embrace the group to finish your entire college career?”

This was Zhou Wendao’s vulnerable spot. The moment he’d entered the university, he’d vigorously declared his love manifesto in the dorm room. The result was that his confessions had repeatedly failed and he was tormented so much that he quickly joined the FFF Inquisition1.

Zhou Wendao said in sophistry, “What do you know! Nowadays, men who exercise are popular and fas.h.i.+onable! Who knows, peach blossoms2 may float out when we go out tomorrow. Besides, aren’t you also a single dog? If you have the ability, then catch Shang Jin before Christmas!”

“Still needs Christmas to catch him??” Ye Zhou instinctively retorted. In the end, as soon as he finished speaking, he wished he could slap himself! Pei! Who wanted to catch Shang Jin! Let Shang Jin go beat it!

When Ye Zhou got up the next day, there was no one in the dorm.

He got up and simply ate some bread. When he was preparing to take his books to the library, there was suddenly a knock on the dorm room door.

“Shang Jin??” Ye Zhou quickly stuck out his head and looked left and right. After seeing that no one was in the corridor, he immediately dragged Shang Jin in and locked the door, asking, “Why did you come?”

Shang Jin woodenly looked at Ye Zhou’s series of actions which were comparable to a thief. He leaned back against the door and said, “Your kind of tone is just like a husband who has a secret lover behind his wife’s back. We’re not carrying on a secret love affair, right?”

Ye Zhou immediately released Shang Jin and patted his sleeves. He pretended to be calm and said, “My morals don’t allow me to carry on a secret love affair, this kind of shady business. What are you doing here?”

“Before on the Eleventh, what did you promise me?”

Ye Zhou stared blankly, searched for something in his mind and finally remembered that he had promised to help the other to tidy up his dorm room, but… “I’m going to the library now. What about later?”

Shang Jin nodded his head very agreeably, only before leaving, he gave a him a friendly reminder, “Actually, I’m also doing it for you. Our dorm doesn’t have anyone now, but it’s not clear about later.”

“Then what are we waiting for! Let’s go!!”

At 405, Ye Zhou locked the door guiltily like a thief. Shang Jin held his notebook and looked at the movement in a speechless manner. “Don’t you think having the door locked is more suspicious?”

“It’s okay. I move fast,” Ye Zhou didn’t lift his head and replied. He swiftly wedged bookmarks into the spread out books on the Shang Jin’s table and closed them. The books with the library logo were placed on one side and Shang Jin’s own books were on the other side. The messy stationery were placed in the pen holder, and the cords and data cables that were twined together were separated. The messy desk and bookshelf immediately became neat and clear.

Shang Jin put the computer on the just-tidied desk and pulled a candy from the small box on the table and placed it in Ye Zhou’s hand, saying, “A thank-you gift.”

Ye Zhou squeezed the hard candy in his palm. Looking at the cute strawberry pattern on the candy wrapper, he was secretly delighted to have caught the other’s handle.

Unexpectedly, Shang Jin, who seemed solemn and conscientious, actually liked to eat strawberry candy.

Ye Zhou really wanted to spread this matter on the forum and tear off the other’s aloof male G.o.d’s appearance.

“Did you buy this?”

Shang Jin opened a game, muttering “s.h.i.+tty campus network” as he watched the progress bar. During the waiting period, Shang Jin turned his face and seeing the other’s ‘wanting to laugh but enduring laboriously’ expression, said, “Yes, so? Do you want to pull something?”

“Nothing.” Ye Zhou pursed his lips and said, “Really nothing.”


1. FFF Group/Inquisition: From Baka to Test anime, a group who punishes those who get attention from girls or have girlfriends. 2. Peach blossoms: love affair, i.e. love is in the air Like this:Like Loading...

Everyone Thinks That I Like Him Chapter 10

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