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He~y ! My name is Raul Zenith !
Thought my current position is a governor's a.s.sistant, in the past, there was time when I took a teacher's cane at the magic school you know ~ .
I'll be happy if you call me as Raul-sensei since it'll make us feel closer.
... Eh ? What do I mean with a teacher's cane?
... ... It means that I've teached at the magic school before.

Umm, well, alright. Let's pull ourselves together and quickly learn about magic !

First, magic power and magical apt.i.tude.

Just like what everyone knows, a sorcerer is someone who can use their magical power to evoke magic or sorcery.
This thing called magical power is something that every member of the human race has flowing inside their body. It is a small part of the body.
It's recognized as magic as one uses it from their skin to create fire or perhaps ice. And if it's used in a specific place inside their body. For example, when they focus their magical power in their hand, then that will be called as strengthening magic.
If one were able to do this, then that's mark of their first step toward sorcery.

Well then, Sensei, some time ago, just said that [ every human have magic power flowing within them ] right?
But why is there humans who can't become a sorcerer? Doesn't that pique your interest?
The answer is simple. The problem lays within the [ amount of their magical power ]
If the amount of their magical power is insufficent, even if they chant their spell, the magical power will only dispate in the air. Even if they focus the magical power in one part of their body, it wouldn't strengthen anything.

Then that means that a human with less amount of magical power will never be able to become a sorcerer, you say?
Don't worry! One can increase the amount of the magical energy within them with practice!
That's why, just because you're born with small amount of magical power, it doesn't mean that you need to give up upon the road of sorcery !
Though it's still not proven yet, but changing your diet also has the possibility to increase your magical power... There's also such theory you know !
All of you, good kids, who wants to become a sorcerer! You musn't be picky, alright !
Ah ... yeah, please do your best to eat onion, 'kay ?

... But, there's still the [ amount difference ] of the magical power when humans are born.
This is the thing that's called as [ magic apt.i.tude ] .
The point is, a human who's born with a high amount of magical power inside their body is the one that's called as [ a person with high apt.i.tude for magic ].

Though it's a cruel fact, no matter how hard one works, there's still the difference in what people with high magical apt.i.tude could do to the peopl with low magical apt.i.tude.
This fact is not just limited to sorcery, and is also applied to everything else in life. So, there's no other way other than pursuing your own way of sorcery.

Second, sorcery and magic.

Well then, previously I said that a [ sorcerer is someone who uses their magical power to evoke magic or sorcery ], right?
Then at this moment, let me explain the difference between [ magic ] and [ sorcery ] !

Ah, here's a few pointers.
There's several meanings for [sorcery ]:
- [sorcery ] as the usage of magical power
- a phenomenon or event that has a relation with magical power is also [ sorcery ]
- something that has to be moved with magical power is also one kind of [ sorcery ]
Roughly, it's these three, I guess.
There's also other small things other than these... but let's discuss that some other time.
This time, let's talk about [ sorcery ] as the usage magical power.

Both [ magic ] and [ sorcery ] needs magical power for one to use them. Then, if I had to say the difference between these two, they have their own [ technique ] and [ ability ] in terms of invocation.
The thing called [ magic ] is when you are using your magical power, you first calculate your aria in your head then it'll become [ magic ].
In short, it's a technique that everyone could use. As long as they practice to increase their magical power and learn the aria correctly, everyone will be able to use [ magic ]. But it's different for [ sorcery ].

Unless they have talent for it, one can't use [ sorcery ].
Perhaps it's not wrong to recognize it as a special kind of magic.
... This time, let me explain the meaning of the [ ability ] that has relation with [ sorcery ].
The ability that one need for using [ sorcery ] is the [ ability to be able to use sorcery without fully understanding the principle - process - theory ].
For example, Jake-kun's [ shadow sorcery ]. In reality, there's no such magic that's able to manipulate shadows like that.
But even so, Jake-kun is able to use his magical power to manipulate shadows.
The reason for this is that Jake-kun has the [ talent ] for the [ magical trait of shadow sorcery ].
Haha, that's true.
Even though the word for [ magical trait (madou tekusei) ] and [magical apt.i.tude (madou tokusei) ] indeed is similiar, but they're totally different things. Beware not to mix these two together.
There's a lot of cases where a person [ has the magical trait but doesn't have the magical apt.i.tude] or the opposite where the person [ has the magical apt.i.tude but doesn't have any magical trait ].

Hmm ?  Since there's [fire magic ], is that any different from [ flame sorcery ], you say ?
You realized something good ! Good question ! !

This is another difference between [ magic ] and [ sorcery ].
Even if they're from the same attribute, the aria that's chanted via [ magic ] can only show something that's under some kind theory that humans could understand. But for [ sorcery ], they could do something that's beyond human understanding !
Though [ magic ] indeed has an unlimited possibility that lies within it, it still couldn't be compared to a [ sorcery ].
With [ fire magic ], the user could construct a spell to track it's enemy... but that's the limit.
But [ flame sorcery ] is different, when you get to the level of the most famous flame sorcery user, also known as the [ Sorcery King of Flame Prison ], you can even make a scythe from fire that's as sharp as the real thing !

Hmm ? Then isn't it impossible for a person who have no magical trait to be called as a [ sorcerer ], you say?
Again, what an amazing question ! What's with you today ! ? Are you in a really good mood today ! ?

The difference between [ magic ] and [ sorcery ] is the [ technique ] and the [ ability ] .
Previously, I said that one needs for using sorcery is [ the ability to use sorcery without fully understanding the principle - process - theory ] , right?
In other words, some phenomenon that has any relation with [ sorcery ] that we can't really explain ... then the one who has the said ability is said to have the [ one who have magical traits] .
Since they have the [ magic trait (madou tokusei ) ] they're a [ sorcerer (Madous.h.i.+ ) ].
That's right, there's a certain magical trait that every sorcerer ... no , every human, possess.

That's the [ magical power recovery trait ].
This one is quite different from the [ sorcery ] that we've already talked about previously.
This one is the [ sorcery of phenomenon that has a relation with magical power ].

Using magical power then emitting it outside the body will make the magical power inside the body eventually be consumed.
But even if our magical power were exhausted for a certain time, it's not like we will also exhausted for our whole lives!
Eating a meal, sleeping, and by the pa.s.sage of time, the magical power will eventually reappear inside the body!
But, the reason why the magical power re-appeared inside our body cannot be explained at all ! We don't understand the theory behind it at all ! We are just barely able to guess the condition needed for this phenomenon to occur, that's all !

And so, the one who has their magical power restored, for some reason, after they've used up their magical power by using magic can also be called as [ sorcery ] , don't you agree ! !

If we were able to explain this phenomeneon, it will be a great discovery for the world.
Yep, to the level that they will put it to the teaching books.
Well, if that really happens, a lot of sorcerers will have to change their t.i.tles though...

++ Trivia : Spell's aria

Well then, many of people that aspire to become a sorcerer are the ones who were struck awe by the sorcerers inside a story or a play who chants their spells.
Actually, there're no sorcery that's [chanting their aria], right ?
Though alchemy and magic items are an exception, one has to chant their spell inside their head in general sorcery.
However, it's impossible to remember the spell suddenly.
That's where the aria showed it's function. By itself, aria doesn't have any special power.
Aria is like some tool that helps the user to construct their spell. Well, it's something like a word-rhyming game of the historical year number.
If I had to give another example ... ah, that's right!

A sorcerer that uses their magic while chanting their aria were called as [ Hissan (calulating on paper )].
The ones who uses their magic without needing to chant their aria were called as [ Anzan ( Mental arithmetic ) ]

Can you understand if I put it like this ?
[ 2x2x2 = ]
When you answer this question, it's faster if you just count it in your mind rather than write it first on paper, right?
.. Eh ? You must be lying... How are you able to graduate from Knight School with that ... ?
If you wear your armour, you could do it ? Is that so...

Well, so because of that, aria is not really used unless someone is doing their first spell.
Though there's someone who thought that aria is cool so even though they could do chantless, they still shout the aria. Or perhaps someone who's skilled enough to give out confusion to the enemy by chanting the aria that's actually different from the spell they're constructing. 

[ Well then, how about it Erzchan? Do you understand sorcery now ?]

[ Yes, I understand ! It means that no matter what sorcerer there is, they're still no match for my armour, yeah ! ! ]

[ .... Yep ... haha ... Let's leave it as that. ]

Evil-like Duke Household 030

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