Evil-like Duke Household 036

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[ how beautiful ... ]

In front of me, Jake-sama who's expression is frozen while still gazing at my face, looks like he unconsciously muttered so...
I can't process what Jake-sama have just said to me.
Beautiful ? Did Jake-sama really say that ... I'm beautiful ?

I've never heard someone say something like that to me.
There's no way... someone like me, is ... beautiful.
That's right, surely it's just Jake-sama paying consideration to me ... yeah, It's just lip service.

Surely, if I can make my mind, though, it will be easier for me .
But my sorcery, didn't let me, though.
The feeling that's flowing on Jake-sama's mind. What he actually felt, I ended up understanding it.
The feeling that's similiar to what my parent felt toward me ... that's love - favour.

Jake-sama, he has a good will towards me, and unconsiously said that I am beautiful .

That's right, I already arrived at the anwer.
Since it's too sudden, and the first time I experienced something like this, I can't understand what should I do about it.
My face felt hot.
I am able to understand without looking at the mirror, that my cheeks are red.
If , if ... if he thought , about me like that , I ... I will ...

As if unable to watch Jake sama who looked at me in daze, and me who hanging my head with red face, my father and Governor-dono left both of us in the guest room of the duke house, and said that it's now the time for the young uns. And so, they left the two of us in the room .
To the Jake-sama that started to look embarrased because he realized the two parents left the room while smirking, somehow it make me feel more embara.s.sed than before.

After some time pa.s.sed between us, there're no conversation happening. Both of us isn't able to utter any word. But, then, Jake-sama with determined look on his face, tried to destroy the silence.

[ To, today ... the weather is nice, right?]

[ ah , eh ... umm, yes ... ]

... end of our conversation.
Jake-sama's feeling of nervousness is being transmitted to me.
It also makes me feel nervous. My heartbeat sounds so loud that is makes me unable to concentrate.

[ uh , I'm sorry ... it's , that , um ... I've almost never had a proper convesation with a girl before. I really can't figure out what to talk about... ]

[ ah ... Its, okay. No, problem ... um ]

Though I couldn't understand what is "no problem" with this condition and ended up answering him, but I can see that there's some change in Jake-sama's emotions because of that answer.
... this is...worry, and sadness ?

[ umm ... As I thought, are you afraid of me ? Because of the rumours... or perhaps because of... my face ?]

[ ... eh ?]

I unconciously asked back. Then I rememmbered.
The fact that Jake-sama lives in the same circ.u.mstance as me. And that his surroundings didn't really see him in a good light.
Without even needing to read his emotions, I can see that there's a hint of sadness when looking at his eyes from up close.
Unconsiously, without much thought, my mouth started to weave words.

[ no, you're ... wrong ! I'm not , scared. Just ... shy . ... Because of my sorcery , umm , Jake-sama's emotion ... is transmitted ... ]

[ eh ? Sorcery ... ah , psychological sensor ... eh ! ? ]

After I said that, I thought , ah , now I've done it .
Jake-sama who now knows that his emotion have been leaked toward me, the feeling of embara.s.sment that's stronger than before is transmited to me.
Covering his face, then he hanged his head in shame .

[ eh ... ! ah, umm , it's ... I'm ... Im sorry ... ueh , ehh ... ]

I appologized with a feeling of wanting to run away from this place.
Continously facing this unfamiliar feeling one by one, I didn't know what should I say and became confused.

[ ... no, it's alright ...  Is that so , so all of it, are transmitted , then I guess it's alright ]

[ eh ? ]

Jake-sama raised his head. Though Jake-sama's feelings that's unstable and are in dissorder are still filled with many emotions that are jumbled together, I felt that they're more organized than before.
Just like how his emotions that're in disorder before are now filled with determination .

[ You know, perhaps this is the first time that I fell in love with someone. I think , that I've fallen in love with you the moment I saw you  ... that's why , will you become my fiancee ... no, will you become my wife ?]

Without realizing it, I raises my face and looked at Jake-sama so our faces met. Without needed to read into his emotion, seeing his trembling hand that held out toward me, his face that has become red, and from his eyes that's sees right towards me... I can feel good will and determination .

Though it's not something like in those love confessions that came out in folktales or dramas, but looking at this Jake-sama, my eyes, no ... my heart are stolen by it.

His good will that's pointed towards me are earnest. There're no lies felt from his words. His eyes are locked onto me and not anything else.
... If it's him, surely, I can spend my life forever with.
As I belief so, the only action that I took, is ...

[ Yes. If Jake-sama are fine with me... I , want to life together with you , too ... ]

I squeezed out my courage and took his hand.

Evil-like Duke Household 036

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