Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 21

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Ex Strongest Concerns About The Girl’s Condition

This place was somehow old fas.h.i.+oned place.

In other words, it was degenerated.

This wasn't about how degenerate the place was.

The place was gloomy to begin with. There was a prepared and slightly dirty round wooden table where ten people with covered face gathered at.

In other words, n.o.body tried to liven up this place, and the atmosphere here also seemed to be like this because of the people gathered in this place.

However, if this gloomy mood mentioned, they probably would be joyful.

Talking with their mouth, there was no different in their eagerness.

Moreover, n.o.body said anything, so their eagerness remained the same.

Well, that much was good enough.

"Now, this is going to be quick, but I can deliver good news to everyone this time. For some reason, I found something more interesting than this." (??)

The words uttered in this place were greeted with commotion of surprise.

However, the voices gradually turned into joy.

Well, that would be so. (Can omit)

To them, this was exactly the first step toward their desires.

There was no reason not to be pleased, and there was no need for not making noises.

But, it didn't happen to all of them as some were calmed.

After verifying the information heard, one of them opened mouth.

"…Is that certain?" (??)

"I directly met her yesterday. There is no mistake to begin with." (??) (TLN: The word her is not there)

"Ooh…" (??)

As expected, the people gathered making voices of admiration to the story behind it.

They were even suppressing their trembling bodies and gulped once.

"That is… in other words…" (??)

"Yes, in other words…  The time to remain obscure is finally ending before long." (??)

In the end, there were no voices coming up from anyone due to that predictable proclamation.

These people were deeply moved because of that.

They were trembling with joy from the bottom of their hears as the time they had until now was not wasted.

"Now, the world will soon be corrected. And when the time comes, that person will definitely lead us. Don't lose your focus until that time comes." (??)

"…Of course. Yes, let's focus on this matter more. For the sake of welcoming Him." (??)

"Yes. Everything is for the sake of the Demon King." (??)

"For the sake of the Demon King!" (??)

In that gloomy place, the words were repeated all at once as they were clearly smiling.

"Nii-sama. I'm going!" (Lina)

"Hmm, alright." (Soma)

— Ruler of Swords – Divine Protection of Dragon G.o.d – Ability of Discernment – Abandonment: Elude.

Soma moved his arm and lightly eluded the blow that was unleashed together with the fighting spirit voice.

He was doing it lightly because he had expected that she would do the technique in the first place.

Lina's body also moved without going against the eluding movement, and from there, a series of attacks was unleashed.

Soma was able to elude until the fourth blow, but he had to accept the fifth blow because it was impossible to elude anymore.

"Ah, I did it! I finally made Nii-sama accept my attack!" (Lina)

"Hmmm, that was brilliant, but… why did you stop there?" (Soma)

"–Aah" (Lina)

And the moment Lina realized it, her head was. .h.i.t hard.

At the end of the day, the ending was as usual.

"Auu… I was thinking to attack until Nii-sama defended against my a.s.sault. That's why I was careless." (Lina)

Lina's shoulders were drooped when she said so, but there was no mistake that it was brilliant move.

This was a month after their 'reconciliation'.

As Lina came here once a week, this was the fourth time he had a match with her.

Therefore, there was no surprise that she could match swords with Soma.

Speaking of Soma's swordsmans.h.i.+p, although it was inferior, it didn't fall behind compared to his time of the heyday.

"Well, if you had that aim, is that considered to be a pa.s.sing point for you? I guess you will need more time before you can hit my body." (Soma)

"Muu–… But, I will definitely do it later!" (Lina)

"Hmm… Alright, show it to me. I am looking forward to it." (Soma)

Those words were not compliment.

He was actually looking forward to it, and he was thinking to the point whether it would be fun if he took her as a disciple.

It was something inconceivable thought in the past life.

That was solely because he didn't intend to walk the way of the sword in this present life

This was a bad way of saying it, but that could be considered of killing times.

Regarding the way of the sword, it was meant to be swinging sword only for the sake of himself.

At least that was the way it was for Soma, and he had no time to wield the sword for others.

However, apart from that, it wasn't that Soma was doing only for himself.

To put it simply, as long as Soma taught someone, he would be spending the time for himself.

By doing so in this life, he would do it altogether when it was about magic.

Even if he got some sort of crucial information, it could be thought to anyone and he also could make himself used magic.

Well, if he verbally explained it, it might sound different.

"Well then, are we going to finish it until this point for today?" (Soma)

"Yes… you mean am I already done? No, I can still go on!" (Lina)

"No, I mean, if we don't ends this soon, someone will be sulking." (Soma)

"Aah… I see." (Lina)

Together with the nodding Lina, Soma directed his eyes to a slightly distant place where Aina was standing.

While Aina was looking at them, her eyes were thinking of somewhere else.

She seemed to be available but she seemed to be thinking of something–

"I'm sorry, Aina. You have waited for me." (Soma)

"I am sorry to keep you waiting." (Lina)

"–Aah. Th-there is no such a thing. I was looking forward to your match. It was pretty interesting." (Aina)

"Really?" (Soma)

"Why would I lie? If that's the main reason, I would come late or not at all." (Aina)

"I see… you are certainly right." (Lina)

While saying that, Aina was exchanging looks with Lina.

Well, Lina was slightly tilting her neck because she didn't understand well.

As usual, she probably needed to say that.

No matter what Aina had said, there was something wrong with her condition.

It felt like she didn't have the feeling when she said that, and it was obvious especially when she stayed alone there until now.

It was a feeling that she never had it before and it began to be noticed since a month ago, but Lina didn't obviously have in mind at that time.

However, if they thought about it, Aina never stayed alone, not until a month ago.

Well, strictly speaking, Soma was concentrating on something else, so there was a possibility that he didn't notice it at all.

The only feeling Soma noticed was her being spiritless.

He understood that Aina had a lot of things going on.

However, it would be wrong if he presumed things.

Therefore, there was only one thing Soma could do.

"Hmm… anyway, it's true that you have spare time, right?" (Soma)

"Well… I won't deny it." (Aina)

"Alright then. Although this is a suggestion, how about using the time as efficient as possible?" (Soma)

"What do you mean by 'efficient'?" (Aina)

"Well… how about thinking a sign when someone was kidnapped?" (Soma)

"Haa…? What are talking about?" (Aina)

"There is nothing else to it. It is just like what I asked you." (Soma)

That was right, he had no other intentions.

In other words, if someone was kidnapped, it would be easy for him to understand if she decided a sign beforehand.

"No, what I mean is there is no need to do that because such a situation will not happen in the first place, correct?" (Aina)

"There are times when it happens, and it is important to prepare for that time, you know?" (Soma)

In fact, such a situation would certainly not happen.

Soma didn't mean that such a time would really come.

This was basically a nonsense talk.

He was only playing around.

He asked because he wanted to distract her even for a bit.

"The main thing is, even if you aware than I am being kidnapped, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to save me?" (Soma)

"…? That's for sure." (Soma)

It would probably not going to happen, but if it happened, he would definitely rescue her.

That was the reason he declared it, but for some reason, Aina showed a surprised expression.

"…Ha? Eh, you, what are you talking about…? This is your usual joke, right?" (Aina)

"That's how I really feel. If Aina is kidnapped, no matter by who or in what kind of situation, I will rescue you. I definitely will." (Soma)

"…Aah, yes, I got it. I'm sorry." (Aina)

"…? I don't think you did anything bad there. I was just–" (Soma)

"Aah–, you–, I got it already! This talk ends now!" (Aina)

"Hmm…?" (Soma)

It felt like Aina didn't understand at all, but if she said that she understood it, the talk should be ended.

However, while Soma thought so, the talk diverted into an unexpected direction.

"Nii-sama, Nii-sama. Then, what about me? If I am in that situation, you will definitely help me, right!?" (Lina)

"What if Lina is kidnapped, huh? Hmm, that will be a difficult story." (Soma)

"Eh…? Why!? Aren't you going to rescue me!?" (Lina)

"Perhaps I should say that the fundamental prerequisite of yours is different from Aina. Lina is training because you want to protect yourself from such people, right?" (Soma)

"Haa…!? That is certainly true! In that case, in order to be rescued by Nii-sama, it's necessary to stop training…!?" (Lina)

"I have a feeling that this talk has been misunderstood in various ways…" (Aina)

As Aina said so, she let out a sigh while smiling a bit.

For that, Soma let out a small exhale.

Although this was a part of returning favor, Soma had received various a.s.sistance from Aina in order to be able to use magic, but he had a feeling that she had return more than it supposed to be.

Even though that part didn't mean in this way… it was fortunate when she changed her mind.

Of course, it wasn't a fundamental solution for the problem.

However, in the first place, he didn't know whether such a situation would happen, and what would be the cause.

As Soma think what would he do when that happened, he shrugged his shoulder while looking at the figure who was talking with Lina.

Deleted couple of repet.i.tive sentences. I had problem translating the first part of the chapter because how vague it was written, or maybe I’m still not good at this. I added few words as usual but if I made unnecessary adjustments, please let me know.

Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 21

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