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Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls – Part 3

After safely meeting with each other, Soma and Camilla exchanged information and promptly left the village.

They judged that there was nothing else to be gained in this place, but that judgment itself was late.

Actually, Camilla couldn't get any information, but the information acquired by Soma alone was good enough.

Besides, above all, they greatly felt uncomfortable when thinking the reason why this place was a village, and not a town.

"Cheh, what a disgusting story." (Camilla)

"…Well, it is probably reasonable in a sense." (Soma)

The village was, as so to speak, a kind of sacrifice.

It wouldn't be possible to deal with invasion. In other words, the village would be destroyed if there was an invasion.

For the sake of letting others know, the village was set over there, and people were living over there as well.

The reason for doing such a thing was because the place where the Demons lived was widely separated from each other.

Anyhow, the place where dominated by the Demons had an area that double the size of the country where Soma and others lived, but the population was only one tenth of Soma's country.

In addition, this country had many places that faced many other Mankind countries, so it couldn't keep everything in perfect order.

For that reason, there were places that had not even skirmishes these days.

There was no mistake that it was a reasonable discretion.

Perhaps, there were also other reasons.

The atmosphere floating around the village was that kind of things.

Although the reasons were different from each other, there was no difference since people were staying there on their own accord.

That was how Soma and Camilla felt.

However, no matter what circ.u.mstances that was, Soma also didn't like it.

Which was why Soma didn't disagree with Camilla's decision to immediately leave.

Anyhow, there was no need to worry about it for now.

As they arranged their thoughts, they would confirm what they would do from now on based on the information gained by Soma.

"It will take on day if we are walking. On the contrary, one hour would be enough if we take into account that we are not used to this, but… will it be a problem with how much time it takes to find the ruin?" (Camilla)

"Yes. Nevertheless, we will not take more than two hours." (Soma)

Strictly speaking, they would immediately understand what kind of that ruin was.

The main problem was the way to go there.

n.o.body would go to an altar where an evil G.o.d was wors.h.i.+ped. Consequently, it wouldn't be easy to go there because of what kind of place it was.

So, it would take one hour plus to do various things.

There shouldn't be any problem until they arrived at that place.

If there was a problem…

"Whether we can smoothly rescue Aina and Lina." (Soma)

"It's going to be… Well, I also don't think anything bad until that time. Actually, I am more concerned because the opponent's strength is unknown. There is no mistake that the opponent is a Demon who had at least High Rank skills, but… I can't guess more than that. …I don't think that Demon Heavenly Generals are involved, but should we consider the worst possibility?" (Camilla)

"Demon Heavenly Generals… is it?" (Soma)

Soma was familiar with that term.

He heard that they were the strongest of the Demons side, and they were equivalent to the Seven Heavens of the King of the Mankind side.

However, if speaking in term of quality, the highest position of the Demons was the Demon King. It was something that never changed.

Nevertheless, the Demons were not annihilated because the Mankind didn't plan to do so… However, the fact still remained that the Mankind treated them as a dangerous existence.

While thinking of such things, the scenery around Soma and Camilla had changed.

From a plain field into a forest again.

Moreover, the forest had a darker green than the Demon Forest, and somehow it felt creepy.

But, Soma and Camilla weren't hesitated until this time around, so they just went ahead without worrying about it.

The magical landmarks were still visible.

Then, there was no problem.

While confirming the landmarks, they talked about the thoughts earlier.

"Hmmm… did you mean that if we meet such a guy, we will die?" (Soma)

"Yeah. It is never an exaggerated story, it is just a fact. The only ones who survived from them were probably someone from Seven Heavens, Heroes or Saints. Other than Seven Heavens, the Heroes and Saints were basically defeated." (Camilla)

"Does that mean Seven Heavens are the only ones who can deal with the Demon Heavenly Generals? There was a time that they got defeated once, right?" (Soma)

"To be exact, there is no difference that a person became Seven Heavens, but… well, I wonder if is there really a big difference. Besides, it's not that the Seven Heavens are strong. That person became one of Seven Heavens because the predecessor was killed by one of the Demon Heavenly Generals." (Camilla)

That was the reason why it was said that the quality was equivalent.

At the same time, although they were the strongest among Mankind, they were not completely isolated from others.

Although it might be the same on the side of the Demons as well…

"By the way, there is something amiss from the earlier discussion, but what will happen if Sensei fights the Demon Heavenly Generals?" (Soma)

"What? Yeah… if it's in the past, I guess that I could win. Now that I know the fact, I will not say that no matter what… or rather, when I think about it in general, I will definitely lose. I probably can't hold more than one minute, I think? And if I do it badly, I probably can't last even seconds." (Camilla)

"Hmm… is that so?" (Soma)

"Oi oi, you know well about my abilities right? After all, High Rank skills are just High Rank skills. Against Special Rank skills… oops." (Camilla)

While talking, Camilla casually swung her arms.

There was an ax held in that hand, and at that moment, there was something jumped out before them, but… it was slow.

It was probably a monster, and immediately after that, its body was transformed into two lumps of meats.

And then, Camilla put the ax on her back without turning around even once. She just ran through without slightly slowing down her running speed.

Of course, Soma was also the same…

"Hmmm… as expected, I think that Sensei can go against the Demon Heavenly Generals…" (Soma)

"I am happy when you have a high opinion on me, but you are overestimating me. Well, if there is no Special Rank around, I probably would think that I could win. This has nothing to do with anything, but I used to aim for Seven Heavens in the past." (Camilla)

"Did you gave up because there were Special Rankers in your surroundings?" (Soma)

"Yes, that was it." (Camilla)

"Hmm… was that person also aimed for Seven Heavens?" (Soma)

"Rather than aiming, that person is now one of the Seven Heaven. He is the Sword King." (Camilla) (TLN: I'm not sure if the person mentioned here was the same person who replaced predecessor of Seven Heavens)

"Hou… what kind of person is he?" (Soma) (TLN: There is no gender mentioned, so I will write as 'He' for the time being.)

"What kind of person… it is difficult to say it with words, but… oh, yes. He resembles you at least… oops." (Camilla)

Apparently, the old woman was right.

The shadows were obviously monster shadows, and there were three of them.

One jumped before Camilla, while the remaining two went to Soma.

Nevertheless, the result was the same as earlier.

They didn't give a single look to those who became a total of six lump meats, and they just ran without slowing down.

However, what was different from the previous encounter was Camilla leaked a bitter smile.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" (Soma)

"No, well… let say I am still aiming for Seven Heavens, I think that I might have to give up now." (Camilla)

"…? Did something happen just now that made you say so?" (Soma)

"…Haaa. Seriously? I am talking about you. Look. Didn't you and I defeat the monsters almost at the same time? There was one on me and two on you. Moreover, I was using a proper ax while you had an ordinary wooden stick. Wouldn't it be ridiculous if I don't to see the difference in abilities?" (Camilla)

"Hmmm… well, I sort of having that feeling, but…" (Soma)

Well, it was exactly like what Camilla said.

There were considerable differences between Soma's and Camilla's abilities.

However, that didn't mean that Camilla was weak.

For example… if Camilla and Lina had a match, Soma thought that it wouldn't be strange if Camilla won.

Of course, Lina was rapidly growing, so the result would be different if it was purely a match only with the abilities of ax and swords, but… it didn't matter which one was stronger.

Soma could a.s.sert that because he already reached the top of the sword.

Well, in the first place, there was something about the compatibility in regard to combat.

Soma couldn't say this because he didn't know the standards of Seven Heavens, but at least he didn't think that Camilla was inferior to the point she would be instantaneously defeated by the Seven Heavens or Demon Heavenly Generals.

Well, there might be some preference because she was his Sensei, but he wouldn't deny it.

Nevertheless, he accepted Camilla words only as compliment.

Perhaps, Camilla's heart had broken apart when she realized the gap of talent.

She probably had no other feeling, even a single fragment, to overcome the situation, but…

"Hmmm… the Demon Heavenly Generals… we can do it if we are going all out, right?" (Soma)

"Oi oi, I feel like it is possible for you, but… wouldn't it be difficult to save Lina and Aina in that case? I am not sure if I want to fight them, but it's just too much, you know." (Camilla)

There was no such a thing, but… well, whatever the circ.u.mstances might be, there was a need to rethink whether it was justified to rely on others.

It would be good if Camilla regained the confidence by fighting the Demon Heavenly Generals, but it would be unforgiving to do that when considering the situation that involved Aina and Lina.

Soma thought of it because he knew her on a routine basis, but… well, such an opportunity would come again later.

Anyhow, what he really thought now was to rescue Aina and Lina.

As Soma rearranged his thought, he continued talking while occasionally defeating monsters, and they progressed into the depth of the forest.


FYI, I’ve added many words that not in the raw. The explanation was a bit lacking IMO. Anyway, if it is too much or wrong, please let me know.

Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 30

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