Exclusive Possession: Mr. Mu's Favorite Chapter 8

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Ning Xiaofei pulled Mu Tianye to have a sit and unceremoniously planted herself next to him on Ji Jing’s chair. Her b.u.t.tocks just touched the chair and she immediately turned to the waiter in command, “Quickly help my husband add a set of cutlery!”

Calling “husband” on the left and “husband” on the right, she called it smoothly and intimately.

Did you finally learn how to be good?!

Mu Tianye’s glanced at the little girl beside him.

Her lips, which were still slightly swollen, were now rose-colored, and when she spoke, her lips were parted, so vivid were they, like petals quivering in the breeze, that one might be tempted to kiss them.

Compared to yesterday’s drunken display, this time, this girl is simply as docile as a kitten.

After the waiter added utensils, Ning Xiaofei immediately took out the chopsticks for him personally. She did not send them to his hands, though. Instead, she held the chopsticks and took a shrimp from the plate in front of her.

“Honey, are you hungry, I’ll peel a shrimp for you.”

This little while, she can rely on Mu Tianye, turning over as a serf and sing. Naturally, she must serve this great Buddha.

Ning Xiaofei tried hard to please the dog, afraid that this man would turn his face at the dinner table then she couldn’t exploit the tiger’s might anymore. Quickly she peeled off the sh.e.l.ls, and carefully selected the shrimp meat. She then put them on his plate and sweetly said: “Come, husband, eat the shrimp!”

Mu Tianye did not move.

He came today entirely because Grandpa had called and told him to come to the old Ji’s party. Otherwise, he would not have wasted his time.

When he first walked in, he had decided to sit for five minutes and walk away. With a little time left in the afternoon, his time would not be wasted on such a boring dinner.

He had already had his lunch and was not very interested in these greasy looking food.

Ning Xiaofei’s enthusiasm did not get his response, for fear that the few opposite would see the flaw, she immediately reached out and pinched a shrimp then sent it to his mouth. In a coquettish tone, she said: “Hateful, in front of so many people, do want me to feed you, ah?”

Her mouth was full of charm, but in her heart, Ning Xiaofei was actually clenching her teeth.

a.s.shole, Mu Tianye, if he dares not to eat, she’ll stuff it into his nose!

Worried that he would not eat, with her fingers, Ning Xiaofei gently plucked his lips. The girl’s slender fingers moved, rubbed and gone into his lips and his heart picked up some unusual ripples.

Mu Tianye glanced at her and knew that she was just borrowing his prestige, but still, he separated his lips slightly. Ning Xiaofei secretly gave a sigh of relief. Instead of letting up, she immediately shoved the shrimp into his mouth, retracted back her fingers, and saw that there was still a bit of shrimp left on her fingertips. Ning Xiaofei instinctively put her fingers to her mouth and extended the tip of her tongue and wrapped it around the shrimp.

She had not eaten anything since last night, and she did not know whether this master was hungry or not. Earlier, she was just a little hungry but by now, she was starving. She only wished she could eat quickly so she chewed at once.

Noticing her movements, Mu Tianye naturally thought of how she looked like in bed last night.

Ning Xiaofei’s arm was still holding his, his arm was on her chest, and her softness could still be felt through the clothes.

This girl looked thin, in fact, the figure was quite tolerable, especially the pair of plump bunnies. They were far more than he imagined.

Compared to the pompous faces of the Ji people, this little girl was more interesting.

Noting that Ning Xiaofei had peeled the second shrimp, Mu Tianye immediately opened his mouth.


Exclusive Possession: Mr. Mu's Favorite Chapter 8

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