Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 13

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Lin Yu and Lin WanYue were well known throughout the barracks overnight. Almost all the soldiers were discussing who these two were.

Why could they be in favor with the general?

Lin Yu was promoted to pioneer commander, getting a fief of one hundred families.

Lin WanYue was promoted to commander of the flying-feather battalion.

However, Lin Yu had been estranged from Lin WanYue from that day. In that evening, Lin Yu raised questions, but Lin WanYue only said: “trust me, this is the best result for me.”

Lin Yu was obviously unacceptable to such an answer. Lin Yu knew Lin WanYue’s ability, but when an opportunity came, Lin WanYue just pushed it to him. He really could not understand.

In the night, Lin Yu argued with Lin WanYue for the first time. It was so dark that Lin Yu could not see the expression of Lin WanYue.

However, Lin WanYue's silence upset Lin Yu. At last they parted in discord. When Lin Yu stared at the receding figure of Lin WanYue, for the first time he felt that he did not know his brother at all.

The only benefit of promotion to Lin WanYue was that she had a private small tent.

As for Lin Yu, Lin WanYue felt guilty. She was very clear that Lin Yu understood Lin Yu's incomprehension and anger against her. Maybe Lin Yu was not only disappointed at her now.

Lin WanYue thought:” I just want to take revenge. I could die on the battlefield, but I can’t die on the road to fame and fortune!”

However, Lin WanYue could not explain. Perhaps it was the best result that her friends.h.i.+p with Lin Yu came to an end. If her body’s secret was revealed one day, she did not want to see others involved.

Before long the “Fall Harvest War” began.

there were the battles of large and small scales almost every day, and the Huns even suddenly launched several night attacks.

The entire military camp was tense, and what Li Mu felt worried happened eventually. The Huns had taken unified tactics, leading to the failure of the army of Li Mu.

Tiandu City

In the palace, the emperor of the country of Li, Li Zhao, was sitting on the throne. His gloomy face seemed to drip water.

“It is a critical moment in the border, General Li Mu has lost again and again, do you have any good strategy?”

“Your Majesty, I have an idea.”

Seeing the person who was Shangshu Left Puye(a type of office, similar to prime minister), Long DanQing, Li Zhao nodded.

“I think that General Li Mu has been guarding the border for many years. Although he lost temporarily, Your Majesty should send an official to comfort him.”

Li Zhao nodded in silence.

Yong w.a.n.g, Li Chuan, who stood out from the rank, said: “father emperor, I would like to lead the army against the Huns, showing the power of our country.”

Wei Wei(a type of office), Chu YanZong immediately expressed his opposition: “Your majesty, although Yong w.a.n.g is brave, it’s not proper to change the general in wartime, and General Li Mu has guarded the border for many years, so no one is more familiar with the situation than him.”

“Father emperor, I have an idea!” Chu w.a.n.g, Li Xuan, said.

“Well, let’s listen to Chu w.a.n.g.”

“Yes, I thought that Left Puye was right, but it seemed weird that General Li Mu suddenly lost again and again. It might be good that sending a Yu s.h.i.+ to the border. If the war was as fierce as Li Mu said, then Yu s.h.i.+ could comfort the army; otherwise, Yu s.h.i.+ would carry out his duties.”

After listening to Li Xuan's words, Li Zhao thought about it for a long time and finally nodded: “you are right. Who is willing to go to the border?”

“Father emperor, I recommend PingYang Hou: Firstly, PingYang Hou, who has lots of feats, is the most suitable person. Secondly, it shows your respect to General Li Mu because the rank of PingYang Hou is equal to Li Mu’s.”

“Hmm… Ai Qing. Chu w.a.n.g recommends you. Would you like to do it?”

PingYang Hou smiled and said: “I’m really willing to go, but I’m already old, so I recommend my son to do it.”

“Hmm… ZhongEr is indeed old enough, so let him go…”

On the second day, Li Zhong, as a Yu s.h.i.+, took the imperial edict rus.h.i.+ng to the northern border. However, there was another person with him in the carriage.

“Princess, I prepare the plums, would you taste?”

Li Xian quietly sat in the carriage and refused.

In the evening of the day when Li Zhong got the appointment as a Yu s.h.i.+, Li Xian met with Li Zhao.

“Father emperor, I’d like to go with Li Zhong.”

“The war is going in the border. You are my most beloved princess, so stay in the palace.”

“Father emperor, General Li Mu is my uncle. No matter who is sending to go to the border, it may arouse his suspicion. Only I could comfort him.”

Li Zhao thought for a while and said, “Okay, since XianEr is so considerate, I allow you to go there.”

“Thank you, father emperor!” Li Xian curtsied.

Li Zhao continued to say: “I will award you a sword of justice, and you can use it conveniently at a critical point.”

They are driving towards the border. Li Xian leaned against the back cus.h.i.+on closing her eyes, looking unbearable due to the trip.

Although Li Xian had been used to emperor’s ruthlessness, she did not expect that her father gave her a sword of justice for using conveniently.

What did “conveniently” mean?

“How could I use the sword to kill my uncle once I found anything wrong?”

Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 13

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