Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 19

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“What’s your point, Princess? I heard that Emperor awarded you a sword. Maybe it’s the time to use it now.”

The air seemed to be frozen.

Lin WanYue had never experienced such a situation, and she could only keep silent.

Li Mu looked at Li Zhong and Li Xian with a bad expression.

Seeing that Li Xian stood there quietly, somehow, Lin WanYue felt a bit upset and wanted to do something.

“General. I have something to say.”

“Oh? What would you say?”

Lin WanYue knelt on the ground, feeling her heart beating fast. “I ever heard a saying: according to the situation, general could refuse the imperial order!”

“Good!” Li Mu shouted, feeling more comfortable, and turned to Li Zhong. “Even an uneducated soldier know it. What would you say?”

“You!” Li Zhong realized the ridicule in Li Mu’s words and got angry. However, he could retort nothing but only glare at Lin WanYue.

“Hum, let alone I am Princess’ uncle. Would you like Princess to kill me by herself?”

“Princess, I didn’t mean any harm.” Li Zhong turned to Li Xian and explained carefully.

Li Xian just gave him a warm smile. “I know. s.h.i.+Zi was just a bit impatient.”

Seeing that Li Xian was so understanding, Li Zhong's heart throbbed.

“General, if there is nothing else, Could I go off now!”

“Well, go off!” Li Mu waved Lin WanYue away with a smile and the eye of appreciation and affection.

“Yes!” Lin WanYue got up slowly and stepped back bowing her head.

Walking out far away from the big account, Lin WanYue sighed heavily and raised her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead.

At the moment, Lin WanYue felt a bit regretful. She did not know why she did those things just now.

Lin WanYue walked slowly toward her own tent. Lin WanYue Lay face down on her bed, and Li Xian's figure flashed through her mind. She just could not bear Li Xian’s helplessness. “She must be very upset when others force her to use the sword to coerce her uncle.” Lin WanYue buried her head into the pillow, and the regret in her heart slowly faded away.

At night, Li Xian was sitting in front of a table where there were two cloths written some words. There was a man with a black mask kneeling in front of her.

Li Xian picked up one of the cloths over the candle and saw the words on the cloth: emperor wanted to designate LiangFei as empress.

After a while, the cloth burnt up. “Give an order to the palace. I’d like LiangFei lie in bed for a period of time. At least waiting until the time when I go back.”


“In addition, let Astronomy Office prepare well. If I cannot go back in time, let them tell emperor that the horoscope of LiangFei is too thin to sit in the position.”


“Be careful, don’t let LiangFei die.”


“Order the other eleven Flag-Bearers of Shadows be on standby.”


“Go off.”

The Shadow disappeared silently.

Li Xian looked at the other cloth about Lin WanYue. Then she burnt it up and smiled.

Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 19

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