Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 21

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In fact, Zhang Sanbao was able to draw two-stone-bow open. He just wanted to show his archery skills to Lin WanYue.

Taking a deep breath, he took a arrow to attach to the bow, all the muscles in the forearm bulging, and the bow was pulled open slowly.

Zhang Sanbao felt that this bow was harder to draw open than any two-stone-bow that he had ever used before. Although he finally drew it full open, he did it harder and slower than Lin WanYue, and this speed was impractical in combat.

Under the gaze of everyone, Zhang Sanbao released the bowstring, but the arrow missed the target.

Everyone but Lin WanYue was stunned looking at the target.

Lin WanYue patted Zhang Sanbao’s arm, then took back the bow and said, “good, what is your name?”

Zhang Sanbao gasped with a flushed face, “sir, don't ask. I’ve lost my family’s face.”

Lin WanYue smiled and comforted him: “It’s not your fault. Something is wrong with this bow. You’ve done it well to draw this bow open.”

Zhang Sanbao relaxed a little, “sir, I am Zhang Sanbao. This bow is harder to draw open than a standard two-stone-bow. You are really awesome to be able to draw it 100 times continuously. I was honored to serve under you.”

Lin WanYue nodded with a smile and said to all the soldiers, “Okay, guys, tomorrow I will make a new training program for you. I believe you will be as good as me at archery soon.”

The crowd cheered and returned to their position to continue practicing.

Lin WanYue walked around to watch the soldiers training. In fact, she had reached her limit. As a female, she had to do more than others.

Then an uninvited person came.

Li Zhong in gorgeous clothes, followed by a group of guards, strode to them.

The soldiers stopped training and saluted Li Zhong.

Li Zhong went straight to Lin WanYue, “I want to do some exercises. Give me a bow.”

A soldier beside Lin WanYue immediately offered his bow, but Li Zhong did not pick it up and just looked at Lin WanYue.

“Why not hand the bow to s.h.i.+zi?” the guard behind Li Zhong said impatiently.

Lin WanYue took the bow from the soldier to hand to Li Zhong.

Li Zhong snorted and smugly took the bow, “you are just a battalion commander and I am Pingyanghou s.h.i.+zi, so you should prostrate yourself.”

Lin WanYue knelt on one knee and then got up.

Then, she took off the bow on her back and handed to Li Zhong, “s.h.i.+zi, you must be heroic like your father. General Li Mu awarded this bow to me. How about using this bow!”

Li Zhong felt good to be complimented and took the bow from Lin WanYue’s hands. He looked at the black bow and nodded, “well, it is really a good bow.”

Zhang Sanbao shouted, “guys, Pingyanghou s.h.i.+zi is gonna show his skills. Come up!” Then more people came around Li Zhong.

Li Zhong proudly raised his chin, then took the bow to the position, and set a standard aristocratic archery posture.

Li Zhong felt proud inside, but the soldiers were waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

Then Li Zhong released the bowstring, and no surprise, the arrow missed the target.

“Ha ha ha…”

The soldiers burst into laughter.

Li Zhong looked at the target wide-eyed, blus.h.i.+ng. He grabbed an arrow and shot it again. It missed again.

“Impossible!” Li Zhong roared angrily. He had shot a dozen of arrows, but no arrow was on the target.

Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 21

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