Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 25

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Li Xian and Li Zhong went over under the camp wall, surrounded by a lot of guards. This was the first time that Li Xian watch a battle. Even if Li Xian could only feel a small scene of the war, she still got shocked.

 Li Xian heard the steady drum, which was almost the same frequency as her heartbeat. The earth under the feet shook slightly, and the angry shouts and painful screams in the distance faintly came into Li Xian's ears.

Li Zhong also had never seen such a scene, and just hearing the sounds had made him a little afraid.

He was Pingyang Hou s.h.i.+zi. In the future, he would inherit the t.i.tle from his father on the premise of being alive. There was no need to take risks.

When figuring it out, Li Zhong looked at the falling camp gate, swallowed hard, and said to Li Xian, “princess, I’m gonna get up to the wall.” He then ordered the guards, “you stay here to protect princess.”

Then Li Zhong hurriedly climbed the ladder to the top of the camp wall.

Li Xian scornfully glanced at the back of Li Zhong and turned to said to the guards, “You go to the battlefield! One more person, a little more strength!”

“But… princess, s.h.i.+zi ordered us to protect you,” said the guard leader.

“If you go fight against the enemy now, that is the best way to protect me.”

Li Xian's voice was very light but had an unquestionable power.

“Yes, princess,” The guard leader answered.

“Follow me! Let’s go fight!”

The guard leader rushed to the battlefield with his two teams of guards before the camp gate fell.

The endless screams came from the battlefield, and thousands of soldiers lost their lives.

The sweat was running down Lin WanYue's forehead soaking the back of her coat, and the coa.r.s.e cloth stung her skin.

Every time Lin WanYue shot an arrow, her arms were slightly shaking. However, she ignored the pain of the arms and just kept shooting.

As the sun slowly rose up, a beam of sunlight cast into Li Xian’s eyes. Just when She lifted one hand to block the sunlight, she suddenly saw a thin, upright figure on the camp wall.

This person seemed familiar to Li Xian. So she got to the top of the camp wall to the side of General Li Mu, and then she saw clearly that it was Lin WanYue. 

Although many arrows flied past Lin WanYue, she still stood still, shooting the bow continuously. Li Xian noticed that Lin WanYue was tired with shaking arms. However, Lin WanYue still kept accurate shooting. Li Xian was shocked.

Suddenly, Lin WanYue put down the bow aside and turned her head. Her eyes met Li Xian’s across many people.

When Lin WanYue saw Li Xian, she felt a little surprised, and then came over to Li Mu and Li Xian.

When Lin WanYue came to Li Mu and knelt on one knee of hers, she said: “General, the Huns has been out of range of shooting. Please allow me to go to the battlefield with my soldiers.”

“I agree. Go do it!”

“Yes, sir!”

Under Li Xian's gaze, Lin WanYue did not hesitate to slide down the camp wall with a rope.

The other soldiers also quickly slid down and held their position. Lin WanYue shouted at them: “Spread out and follow me! Let’s go kill the Huns!”

Then Lin WanYue turned around and took the lead in das.h.i.+ng to the battlefield.

Li Xian stood on the camp wall and watched Lin WanYue running fast toward the front line until out of her sight.

From time to time, Li Mu put out new orders.

The battle lasted for more than two hours, and ended up in defeating the Huns.


Far away, the victorious cheers came and Li Mu smiled.

The camp gate was slowly opened again, welcoming the returning soldiers.

Li Xian got down the camp wall, stood far away, and looked at the soldiers coming back.

The medics were already in place. The pungent smell of blood filled the air, but Li Xian didn’t go away, swallowing her discomfort.

Li Zhong also couldn’t stand the smell. The mixed smell of blood and sweat sickened him. He covered his nose with one hand frowning and said to Li Xian, “Princess, let me send you back!”

Li Wei turned to look at Li Zhong, and then said blankly: “s.h.i.+ Zi, you go back first. I still have something to talk with my uncle.”


“Don’t worry! I can go back alone.”

“Okay, I will go first.” Li Zhong said and then left.

Li Xian stood aside, watching the soldiers coming back one group after another. The wounded soldiers began to increase significantly.

From the very beginning, people were helped with the hands to come in. Finally, most of them were brought in on stretchers.

As many soldiers came back, Li Xian didn’t seen Lin WanYue all along.

Female General And Eldest Princess Chapter 25

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