Female Phoenix Of The Dark Apocalypse Chapter 6

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“If you want to live, you must have the capital to survive the Devil's Trial Project. Just by your weak physical characteristics, our journey to the Weapon Shop would not go so smoothly. The two of you are here to strengthen your body.” San Xiao led everyone to a slightly empty place.

According to the plot, this should be the United States. The sewers were built very well and the place chosen by San Xiao was very unique, it was like a separate room with only one outlet.

"How can I strengthen my body?" Xiao Yuxin asked.

San Xiao took out a blood crystal, “Blood Crystals has the capability to strengthen one’s body. Just swallow them down."

Swallow this crystal?

Xiao Yuxin and Meimei looked each other.

"What if we don't have any blood crystal?" A young man asked weakly.


San Xiao looked at them, "Were it not for the completion of this d.a.m.n task, I wouldn't have give a s.h.i.+t about you, count your good luck! You can give me 50 Credits for one blood crystal, or give me two blood crystals in the future. If you agree, then we have a deal. ”

Their numbers are dwindling. In the attack just now, several people fled and ran back to the room. San Xiao did not pay attention to those cowardly losers. Counting the remaining poeple and Xiao Yuxin and Meimei, there were seven of them left, and five people of them do not possess any blood crystal. In order to raise the possibility of their survival, they can only grit their teeth and agree.

"In fact, you won’t lose at this deal. In the next battle, you will find it easier to get blood crystals. Let's get started!" San Xiao waved his hands, he turned around and stood at the exit, keeping a watch out.

Are we really going to eat this?

Xiao Yuxin took out the F1 Grade Blood Crystal which appeared in the palm of her hand. Indeed, blood was surging inside the crystal. She threw the blood crystal into her mouth and bit her teeth.

Just as the blood crystal came into contact with her tongue, Xiao Yuxin felt the blood crystal transform into a slightly blood-smelling liquid that went down the throat. This liquid brought a bit of coldness when it flowed down through her throat, but in a flash, a strong burning sensation came from her belly, as if her body was ignited into a raging fire. This flaming sensation burned every inch of her skin, nerves, and bones. Large drops of sweat began to ooze from the pores of her skin. Her whole body was like burning coals that she wanted to scream loudly.

"Remember! The stronger the bitterness, the bigger the benefits. Don't shout as much as possible, it will distract your spirit and weaken the strengthening effect." The voice of San Xiao faintly came.

"Can't make a sound at all?” Xiao Yuxin felt that this kind of pain can be ranked upon the the legendary tortures of the Qing Dynasty. Suddenly, she took the initiative and forcefully suppress the feeling of burning pain as she activated the Changchun Secret Arts.

A cool stream of Qi flowed along her meridians. Wherever the burning heat pa.s.sed, it became like a dry desert land. Yet wherever the Changchun Qi pa.s.sed, it became like a clear spring, nouris.h.i.+ng every inch of the dry land. Her skin exuded a pleasant scent, and the burning sensation gradually subsided.

Xiao Yuxin opened her eyes and felt that everything in front of her eyes seemed to be different. Her hearing became very sharp. She could even feel that every detail in her body was full of power.

“Is this the feeling strength?”

Xiao Yuxin didn’t rush to examine her physical state after eating a single blood crystal. She did not hesitate and threw the F3 Grade Blood Crystal into her mouth. When the blood crystal liquidized and went down her throat, the familiar burning sensation immediately rampage. Xiao Yuxin felt that she was being f.u.c.ked hard. The energy of an F3 Grade Blood Crystal was obviously stronger than that of an F1 Grade, and the burning sensation was more realistic and intense. At that moment, Xiao Yuxin felt that she would almost collapsed.

The Changchun Secret Arts immediately activated and the cool soothing Qi flowed through her body, fighting against this magnified burning sensation of a whole new level. Xiao Yuxin felt her body was like a battlefield, the burning sensation and the clear soothing Qi do not neutralize each other. She seemed to hear crying when her cells were broken, and hear the joy of happiness when cells regenerate. This painful process seemed to last for centuries, but gradually, the burning sensation receded and the soothing Changchun Qi gained the upper hand.


Xiao Yuxin took a long breath and forcibly exhaled. However, she felt that it was not carbon dioxide that escaped from her mouth but fire.

"It is finally over!"

Xiao Yuxin’s mind moved, and her personal profile immediately appeared in front of her eyes:

Badge Number: 173
Occupation: G.o.d’s Chosen
Name: Xiao Yuxin
Life Race: Human (Dark Elf Blood)
Life Attributes: 

Strength 25 (10) Agility 25 (10) Const.i.tution 18 (10) Spirit 30 (10) Defense 25 (10) Charisma 12 (10) Credits: 52
Experience: 80/100
Level: 0
Comprehensive a.s.sessment: Rank F6
Skill List:
Dark Enchantment Level 1 Basic Body Level 1  Basic Knife Method Level 1 Basic Archery Level 1 Changchun Secret Arts (Sixth Floor) Xuanyuan Acupuncture Method (30% Proficiency). Her strength, agility, defense, and mental strength have been greatly improved, and the remaining life attributes have also been improved. Her comprehensive evaluation level was F6, which should be upgraded by physical strengthening, but her skill levels did not change.

She turned to look at other people, they should have completed their strengthening. She vaguely remembered that during the strengthening process, she seemed to hear someone shouting wildly. However, she did not hear Meimei’s voice at all. She looked at Meimei and saw that she was looking at her own palms in a daze.

"Meimei, are you okay?" Xiao Yuxin asked with concern.

"It's nothing."

Meimei shook her head: "Sister Xin, I feel that there is a lot of strength in my body. It’s really amazing!"

"That's good, train well and we can return home!" Xiao Yuxin squeezed her palms gently, and the two smiled.

"Okay, we have to move. There is no time!"

San Xiao impatiently urged. The sound of hysterical hissing and scratching roared in the distance of the underground sewers. Their loud noises in here had caught the attention of those monsters.

The group plunged forward deeper into the sewer among the dim light. The nerve wracking hysterical noises in front was getting nearer and nearer. When San Xiao was pondering whether to take a detour or plunged headfirst, all of a sudden, the horrific flapping of numerous wings burst behind them. All their facial expressions instantly changed. Behind them were also terrifying monsters eager to rip them apart!.

San Xiao stopped and stared at everyone's eye, "You should have known by now that we have been trapped between two evils. Sister Xin and Meimei please protect our backs. I will lead everyone and charge the evil on the road ahead of us. Everyone focus on protecting your own life, follow me forward and hope that we reach the end still alive." A black pistol appeared in his hand, while a dagger, about a foot long, flew to Xiao Yuxin.


Xiao Yuxin cought it and weighed the dagger in her hand. It was much better than a kitchen knife. she casually threw the dagger to a youth, and she and Meimei moved to the back of the group, ready to strike at the blink of an eye.

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Female Phoenix Of The Dark Apocalypse Chapter 6

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