First Marriage Then Love Chapter 10

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Although she did not know whether Su Yi Cheng knew where to pick her up, but after work, Anran went to the entrance of the company or specially looked at it. Of course, she did not see a strange car, moreover she did not see him. She turned to go to the company parking area to drive away. While she took a couple of steps, finally she sighed and took out the phone to call him.

The phone was connected quickly, even Anran had not open her mouth yet. She heard his voice said “Stand in the doorway, I immediately go there.”

“you, you know where I work?” Anran could not help but suspected him.

Su Yi Cheng did not speak, just smiled. It was so silent for minutes. She still listened  him and suddenly he said ” I went to the gate, but I did not see you. Were you have come out of it? ”

“uh” Anran stunned, then she turned and ran to the gate of the company. She saw his car down. He was holding a cell phone and looking at her with a smile.

Anran hung up the phone. She walked toward him, stared straight at him. She looked for a long time before blurted  “How do you know I work here?”

Su Yi Cheng smiled. He reached out to poke her forehead said “You are my wife. I certainly want to know where your workplace is.”

“But I did not tell you ah,” this was the key. She did not tell him, even in their conversation before, she did not mention it at all! Then, in the end, how did he know?

“I naturally have my way.” Su Yi Cheng shrugged his shoulders. Actually, in his current position, it was not difficult to check a person. Su Yi Cheng would tell her name to be reported to secretary Zheng, then he would search her information through the city’s human resources department archives, so it was not a problem for him wanting to know where did she work.

Su Yi Cheng reached for her hand bag and said “Come on. Where did you set the dinner tonight? I directly drive you there, now. I want to see at the dishes.”

His action was very natural. Sometimes Anran stunned for a moment. After she regained her consciousness, she quickly snatched the bag from his hands, and her face slightly reddish blushed. She said “uh, that, that I am. I have to drive over.”

He saw her being shy and looked uncomfortable, Su Yi Cheng’s smile was a bit wider. He said “It’s okay. You don’t go to work tomorrow. It’s weekend and if something happens, you can drive my car. I can send you to work on Monday. ”

“uh ……” Anran was stupefied. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, then Monday, he meant a day later? they had to live together? It would be too fast! She did not talk to him yet about cohabitation, about their lifestyle issues. After all, this marriage was  special. “Well, I, I think, we should talk.”

Heard this, mouth slightly with a smile, Su Yi Cheng looked at her and asked “What do you want to talk about? ”

“We’ll talk about how to get along well between us. “Anran said.

Su Yi Cheng smiled, looked at his watch, then asked “Where are you set the dinner tonight? and what time is it? ‘

” At ‘Youranju’, at half past six. “Anran subconsciously answered.

Su Yi Cheng pointed to the watch. “It’s five forty-five now. From here to Youranju, it’s probably more than 20 minutes’ drive away, and now regarded as rush hour, traffic jams are not guarantee. So, do you think we still have time to spare? Then we talk along the way, how?  ”

“uh. “Anran surprised a moment. She looked at the phone, and just as he said, she did not have much time. She looked up and asked him when was they had time to talk. She saw that he had opened the door. He smiled at her. “Get in the car.”

His smile was pro and deceptive. It made people comfortable, kind of inspiring feeling.

He saw that she had not been fixed yet. Su Yi Cheng’s brow slightly frown. ” How?”

“Do you have to go with me?” Anran asked. She did not want her parent to know right now. She was going to test the water in these two days, then over a period of time, she arranged them to meet.

” Is there a problem?” Su Yi Cheng frown.

Anran closed her mouth. Actually, she wanted to let him go. This was a family gathering after all. He appeared as an outsider and it was unappropriate, but the words stucked in her mouth. Anran thought of marriage certificate and already got that piece of paper, so the ‘outsiders’ word was no longer appropriate. At such occasions, to his current status, he indeed had to attend.

“Ah?” Su Yi Cheng inquiry looked at her.

Anran suddenly remembered. When he was at blind date, she heard that he said going home tonight. She said “You.. I’ll call you at noon. Tonight you should go home, so you don’t have time in the evening, right? ”

Heard it, Su Yi Cheng smiled and said “I can distinguish the pros and cons. I can’t go home today. Today is mother’s birthday. I certainly have to go over. Beside, to delay the train, perhaps it’s really too late. ” He half pushed Anran directly on the car. He closed the door, passed the front on the other side of the car and got in the car.

He glanced at Anran, she seemed somewhat out of shape. Even seat belts was not fastened. Su Yi Cheng laughed, shook his head. He bowed, passed her, and fastened her seat belt.

Anran, at the same time he leaned, recovered. She slightly tweaking pushed him to go. She said “I.. I.. I can do it myself.”

“Do not move.” Su Yi Cheng deep voice sounded in Anran’s ears.

They stick closed to each other. Su Yi Cheng could smell her natural body fragrance. It did not contain any perfume. He also could see her little face slightly glowing blush. He knew it was because of shyness, but shy in her appearance at that moment appeared to be particularly lovely, particularly attractive.

Anran could not dare to move. She sat and watched him with bated breath. He hastened to tie better.

Her cautious to not move looked funny. Su Yi Cheng  seemed to like her more. He had always maintained that a good self-control, but at the moment, his control completely collapsed. He leaned forward, lips covered her. Her lips were very soft, with a sweet taste and when he kissed, it seemed he did not know whether she ate sugar before, but he liked the taste.

The kiss did not last very long. When Su Yi Cheng released her, Anran had silly expression since she thoroughly kissed. Her eyes widened and her wooden expression froze.

She looked silly and stunned. Su Yi Cheng could not help laughing and shook his head, turned directly starting the car to leave.

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 10

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