First Marriage Then Love Chapter 12

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I want to apologize first for my sloppiness. I read Lin’s story and I finished it yesterday, then I realized that I made big mistakes. I thought ‘ching’ was the way Lin called her boyfriend, but I was wrong. Lin’s boyfriend was called Cheng Xiang.  I corrected all my previous posts which ‘ching’ was mentioned. I wonder, there are still another mistake I made.. (^_^;)

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Su Yi Cheng naturally saw him throughout the surface with a faint smile. He greeted him, “Tong Juzhang, a coincidence.”

“Su …… Su Tezhu*! “Tong Juzhang bit surprised at him. *)Tezhu : special asistant

“Tong Juzhang family has come together for dinner ah” Su Yi Cheng said, looked at the environment package, “This room is really good. It is no wonder Tong Juzhang also fancies it” Then, turning again Zhang stood aside and said: “You should talk to your boss next time. So she could change to the next pattern. multi-lane environment among several good package like this, perhaps will be better for business.”

“uh,” Manager Zhang stunned then nodded, “yes yes yes, this, I must mention it with our boss. ”

“No. I will still speak it with her. “Su Yi Cheng said directly.

“Well, you know who Su Zong* is?” Zhang a bit surprised.  *)Zong:Owner

“Ah, very well.” Su Yi Cheng smiled and nodded. Actually, his younger sister, Su Yi Jiao was the owner of Youranju. That girl would like to eat and drink. This area was particularly exquisite. Originally, she worked for a company for three months then she resigned. She said that she fond of freedom and hate to be constrained. Simply, she asked for a venture capital toward her father then directly opened this Youranju. No one would expect the business was good.

Tong Wen Hai looked at Su Yi Cheng and smiled”uh, really let Su Te Zhu laughed. My daughter since childhood was spoiled. This room was originally scheduled to Gu Anran. We naturally have no reason to occupy here. ” he said and turned to stand beside Manager Zhang. ” Zhang, we just have the room before. Don’t change it, and, in this room, the bill can be considered on my account tonight. ”

“Yes. Good. Good. I’ll arrange it.” Zhang nodded.

“No. Tong Juzhang like this room then don’t disappointed him. We want to change the room.” Su Yi Cheng said, turned around and glanced at Anran. He gave her reassuring smile.

“Those who have first to come, have to be served first. The reason we know it. we just don’t know that this room was booked. Xiao Min was spoiled by us. Su Te Zhu take offense.” Mrs. Tong, who had been sitting, on this time, also stood up and said. She smiled, looked like a sophisticated person.

“Yes ah.” Tong Wen Hai echoed. He stood at his side and looked at Anran. “Su Te Zhu, she is ….?”

Su Yi Cheng turned around, extended a hand to pull over Anran in his hand, said “My wife, Gu Anran. ”

” Su Te Zhu had married. ” Tong Wen Hai bit surprised. He heard much of the Su Household happy event recently ah, but he did not received any married invitations?.

“Ah, just married”Su Yi Cheng smiled. He raised his hand, looked at the time, said “Tong Juzhang sits in this room. We change room.”

“No. No. How can I make Su Te Zhu change the room. “said Tong Wen Hai. He didn’t dare to let him dissatisfied, not to say Su Yi Cheng’s position was higher than him.

“It doesn’t matter,”Su Yi Cheng smiled, turned to Zhang said “Zhang, you put my wife to ‘Huayu Xuan’.”

“uh, ‘Huayu Xuan’. Su Zong.. we always ……” it specially for the family owner to stay in youranju not outsider.

Su Yi Cheng did not wait for him to finish, straightly cut him. “I’ll talk to you later.” Then glanced at Anran, smiled, “You should talk to Zhang about it, and then make a phone call to see whether our parents had come yet. ”

“But ……” Anran wanted to say anything, but Su Yi Cheng wisphered in her ear, said “be obedient. ‘Huayu Xuan’ has good environment. Mom will like it.”

Anran looked at his eyes, finally could only nod. She went to ‘Huayu Xuan’ with the waiter.

‘Huayu Xuan’ located in ‘Youranju’, next to the first floor of the garden. The room was not very large, but the decoration was very warm. Opposite the door was a big glass windows. You could directly see scenery from the room without having to go out. The floor, ceiling windows, and a small side door was made from transparent glass. The opened door and the floor was cobbled lanes, drive above rattan wood, surrounded by planted with colorful flowers. It was very beautiful. The air was filled with smell of flowers. At the moment the garden small lights on, looked at this turn views also very amazing.

Anran came in this room. This was simply a big difference than just a room. She did not know how much times better.

Anran called his mother, Lin Xiao Fen, when they had come to the door. They safely went out directly to them. They came in the room. Lin Xiao Fen liked the view. She closed her eyes to smell the fragrance of flowers.

Su Yi Cheng came in when Anran was accompanied Lin Xiao Fen and Gu Heng Wen in the garden. The three was talking and laughing. That special warmth made good picture. Su Yi Cheng looked for a moment at the door then called “Anran”

The three noticed Su Yi Cheng stood at the door. Anran stunned for a moment. Her little face suddenly paled. She felt chagrin for herself. How could she forget. She had to explain about his identity to her parents.

Compared to Anran feeling, Gu parents now felt curious about the identity of this man and the relationship between him and Anran.

“Anran, who is he?” Gu Heng Wen spoke first. He looked at her, then at the man.

“He …… He is ……” Anran still tangled how to introduce him as not to scare her parents.

“Anran, let the parents come in to eat the dishes.”Su Yi Cheng said with a smile. He invited her parents. It sounded a very natural. He called over and came back. It seemed like  that was not awkward nor abrupt.

He did not obtrusive nor awkward, but he really put Gu Heng Wen and Lin Xiao Fen to scare. They stunned looked at him speechless.

Anran looked at the atmosphere which seemed wrong. Su Yi Cheng looked straight at Gu parents’s eyes then said “Mom and Dad, we got married.”

Gu Heng Wen, in the end, was the most calm. He glanced at her daughter, did not speak, went directly into the room.

Upon saw this, Lin Xiao Fen followed up.

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 12

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