First Marriage Then Love Chapter 15

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On saturday morning, Lin Xiao Fen got up early as usual. She was busy in the kitchen for preparing father and daughter breakfast. However, today was different from the past. Today’s kitchen was very lively. Gu Heng Wen and Anran also got up early.

Breakfast was not sumptuous, but very nutritious. Lin Xiao Fen boiled porridge. Gu Heng Wen as early as possible went out and bought a bun. Anran also intended to fry  egg, though it did not look good.

On the table, not to mention about last night things that happened, Gu Heng Wen and  Lin Xiao Fen apparently did not forget.

“Ran Ran, yesterday, I forgot to ask. Yi Cheng, what is he doing, ah?” Lin Xiao Fen asked about Su Yi Cheng. She looked quite satisfied.

“Uh.” Anran quieted moment. she was unsure about his work let alone her family.

“You did not ask him?” Looked at her weird face, Lin Xiao Fen asked.

“No, no. He, he did in a foreign assistant. The company was relatively large, as to what the company is called, I don’t remember clearly.” Anran busily explained. She  remembered that when Tong Juzhang met him, he was quite polite. He was also called Su Tezhu so his company should be relatively large scale. His position should be high.

Guheng Wen nodded, “What position does not matter. What is important, mostly is good character.”

Anran smiled and nodded. Her head down to concentrate on porridge.

“Now that you had licensing, are you going to have the wedding?” Lin Xiao Fen asked again.

Su Yi Cheng told her yesterday about ‘marry’ time also wedding. Anran thought about wedding and said,”Mom, we are not prepared to do the wedding.”

“Not to do it!” Lin Xiao Fen frowned and glanced at her husband.

Gu Heng Wen put down the chopsticks, took a paper towel, and wiped his mouth. He looked at Anran, asked “Anran, you honestly tell Mom and Dad. You promised to marry Yi Cheng, is it because your heart still not fit? We asked Lin and she said Mo Fei was back. ”

Anran quieted a moment. There was still a trace of heartache across the heart, her eyes was flashing, “No, I told Mo Fei early as six years ago. It does not matter.” She avoided their eyes by scooped a mouthful of porridge.

Her response was clear. She did not put down one person.

Gu Heng Wen sighed softly, said “this is your own way, how to choose, how to go, only you can decide. Your mother and I just don’t want you to regret it later.”

Anran looked up, looked at his father and nodded.

Anran back to the room after she ate breakfast. She thought for a long time, finally decided to phone Lin. Anran thought about an apology.

The phone rang for ages and it was only pick up. It was not like in the past, this time Lin cold tone sounded cynical.

“Hey, little girl, how about we ate a meal at noon?” Anran was not fear, but flattered her laughing.

“No can’t do.” Lin coldly refused. She might not cool down yet.

“Well, we come out together. I know there is a new restaurant opened at the park road. I heard that the steak theres is especially good.” Anran tempted.

Lin notoriously like to eat. Her appetite was good. She always ate but never gained a fat. At first, they were a college dormitory. One day, they were late to the cafeteria. Those dishes was almost gone. Their quarter was on the fifth floor and the cafeteria was not far away. Two person, held one bag of meal went upstairs. Lin glanced at that one level of the ladder, only sighed hungry. Anran looked at her eyes, said held meal anyway, she chant while walking and bite the snack. Along the way, she arrived on the fifth floor, only to hear someone called out. Li said, had to go Dafan. Anran puzzled looking at her empty hands and asked, do you had dinner? Lin looked at her with strange eyes, I ate it. Anran stunned then she turned and ran down, her mouth muttered did not know that there were no food in the canteen anymore.

Lin on the other side of telephone was silent for a moment, and finally cooled down. She said, “You came to pick me up at noon, or not.”

Anran laughed. If she had just heard it, she seemed to hear Lin swallowed her voice. She certainly would not say it’s good grace. She replied “Yes, madam!”

Anran went to Lin’s home at noon. The door was opened by Cheng Xiang. He was a gentle pale guy with glasses. He was specially bookish. Lin admired him, then she chased him for a long time, and finally, after dark and stormy night in a month, it was success.

“Come in.” Cheng Xiang smiled gently toward Anran.

“Yes ah. Where is your madam?” asked Anran. Lin, Cheng Xiang, and Anran were all colleagues.

“She is changing clothes now.” Cheng Xiang gestured Anran to sit in the living room first, then he went to the kitchen to make her beverage. While he downed the water, he said “Actually, you don’t need to go out to eat. You can eat what I cooked.”

“Well,” She tasted Cheng Xiang’s cooking. It was definitely better than those restaurant chefs.

“Xiang, don’t  ah. Well, I will not give you opportunities to enslave my Xiao Xiang.” Lin came out from the room. She saw Cheng Xiang carried water and handed it to Anran. She took the cup, drank it a big mouth, then she handed it back to Cheng Xiang. She glanced at Anran and said “After this man come home, he don’t serve drinks.”

Lin was also a beauty. She absolutely had China traditional beautiful sense, big eyes, fair-skinned, tall, with a leisurely innate temperament. When she did not speak, she was definitely a ladylike. However, after she opened her mouth, every moves she made, that ladylike temperament was all gone, like a female bandit pouring down the hills.

Cheng Xiang smiled helplessly toward Anran. Anran was understood what curve his mouth meant.

“Come on. what are you doing. really, when will we off ah!” Lin said snappily towards Anran.

Anran stood up, “yes yes yes, Great Madam. I open the door for you to go.” Then she opened the door.

Lin nodded with satisfaction. “It’s a must.” She turned to gentle smiling Cheng Xiang and said, “My husband, I am going out, ah.” She kissed Cheng Xiang’s cheek. Lin also would show a small intimacy with Cheng Xiang, but this intimacy, almost did not put Anran to feel disgusting. However, slowly, Anran once again learned the abusive habits under the threat of Lin. She rolled her eyes. So now after nearly 10 years, these good-bye scenes, Anran already familiar.

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 15

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