First Marriage Then Love Chapter 18

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Anran did not treat Lin to meal, although there were a sea of dishes on table. Because they knew that this Youranju was Su Yi Cheng sister’s store, so the meal was free. Su Yi Jiao directly said to Youranju employees that  next time they came back again, all meal was free single. Anran pushed to say sorry. Su Yi Jiao laughed and said it was only eating which not use the money. Anran dryly laughed, thought that the next set she could not come back.

Anran was originally intended to treat Lin a meal at the next street. You could say Youranju cuisine was too delicious, which was why Lin insisted to eat it. Finally, Lin phoned Cheng Xiang, so he could pick her up.

They sat until Cheng Xiang’s car arrived. They come out. Lin took Anran’s hand in all earnestness and said, ” Ann, you are wealthy madam!”

Anran looked at her eyes, leaned her head back, frown and sighed, “I have this feeling ……” she looked at all aspects of Su Yi Cheng. He was in good condition, but no one thought that he would be in so much good condition. It just said, Youranju owner was Su Yi Jiao in which the original venture capital, there were still a part of him there. Anran did not ask once. She did not know why he’d promised her to marry her. Perhaps as he said, he needs a wife, and she was just fit.

Cheng Xiang first sent Lin’s home, then go around to retrace Anran’s home. When Anran came home, she saw Lin xiao Fen who was sitting on the couch. Gu Heng Wen still taught in high school with a graduating class for the college entrance examination, even on Saturday, they had to attend the class.

Anran put the bag on the counter, called her mother, but she did not respond. Anran called Lin Xiao Fen again, but still no response. She gently frowned, and walked toward her quietly. She saw Lin Xiao Fen was daydreaming there, held a photos. Her eyes looked glazed.

“Mom?” Anran called her. This time Lin Xiao Fen heard her. She returned to reality, her hand hastily put the photo back, like afraid Anran would see it.

“Ran Ran, you, you’re back!” Linxiao Fen looked at her. She tried to disguise her voice, so that it sounded calm.

“Ah.” Anran nodded, looked at the mother, felt worry. She asked ” Mom, are you okay?”

. “No, it’s nothing, huh.” Lin Xiao Fen smiled. With a smile, she hid her emotions, such as fear of Anran question. She stood up and said “Ran Ran, did you eat yet? your mother will cook as soon as possible.”

Anran looked at her watch. It was nearly 2 points. She pulled her mother’s hand and said “Mom, I’ve eaten. I went out in the morning. I told you, I found Lin to eat meal at noon. Did you forget it?”

Lin Xiao Fen stunned, then laughed it off. She shook her head and said, “Yes, ah, you went out with Lin. Mom is old, really is a dud. ”

Anran was clinging to his mother and said “it’s not it. My mother when she was 20 years ago, is  young and beautiful. Even if she was getting older, there is no difference. ”

Lin Xiao Fen took her daughter’s hand, smiled and said “You ah, you know how to coax me happy, ah.”

Anran smiled, hugged his mother for a moment, and then let go of  her. She said “Mom, I’m going to cook for you. ”

Lin Xiao Fen nodded, looked at her daughter who went to the kitchen. She looked down at the hands of the picture. It was a yellowing of old photographs of the man who wore a white shirt, wore glasses, gracely dancing.

Anran accompanied Lin Xiao Fen ate the meal when the site phoned her. It said that the situation there was out of control. There was accident at the site. The falling concrete blocks injured the workers, and now they had been sent to the hospital.

Anran hastily took the bag and went out. She flustered the chaos. She went to the garage but did not see her car then remembered that the car was parked in the company. She rushed into the street, stopped a taxi, then went directly to the site. At the scene place, I saw the company’s director, Huang Dexing, was already over. He was a middle-aged man, his hair was already going to bald, and kept the beer belly. In fact, if she could say it, Huang Dexing could be regarded as her teacher. Anran had to practice with him after graduation, and now it had been for 6 years. Of course, in the six years, he also taught Anran many.

Anran had put on a helmet and walked toward the director, “Commissioner.”

Huang Dexing turned his head and looked at her eyes, then turned around, “listening to them, the cement blocks were suddenly fell from above, when the man just below after it. ”

Anran looked up. She saw a 10-meter-high balcony at the window sill before missing a big chunk of that, looked at the foot of gravel, scattered on the ground, she could see bright red blood.

“The man how?” Anran asked. Shed so much blood on the ground, it looked very frightening.

Huang Dexing shook his head, sighed “He died. The hospital just phoned us. There is no rescue came, and left before entering the operating room.”

Anran hesitated, chest felt kind of sense of grief.

“Is it the design problem?” Anran asked. The Garden District of design was her single-handedly design. Each present in every aspect, her had been precise calculation. It stood the reason that it should not be a problem.

“We will investigate the cause of the accident.” Huang Dexing said, turned around, “Come on, before the cause of the accident investigation clear, it’s not all of a moratorium on all construction.” Then, he did not look at Anran, turned around and walked away.

Anran stood at the site for a long time, and finally, when the sun went down, the sky gradually dark, Anran turned out of the site.

A person walked in the street, no purpose no direction, her mind constantly emerged. She was just seeing the sights, dilapidated high-rise, a land of rubble, and blood stained on the ground.

Anran stood on the road. She never thought that she would hit people with her design drawings.

Her phone in the bag cried crazily. Anran did not care while the other side seemed very patient, over and over again called her. After the phone rang a third time, Anran was finally picked up and answered it.

“Where?” There was still that strange and familiar voice, but this time sounded slightly anxious.

“Outside.” Anran stammered answer.

“What happened?” Su Yi Cheng asked keenly.

Anran did not speak, stunned looked at the front, bright lamps was flashing at night, even more beautiful than the day.

Heard that she did not answer, Su Yi Cheng said “Tell me the address where you are now.”

Anran looked at the street, eventually told him the address.

Su Yi Cheng already drove up. A matter of half an hour, he seemed embarrassed. His alienated neat hair was a little bit chaotic at the moment. His face somehow looked tired, only a pair of black eyes that still looked deep.

“Anran?” Su Yi Cheng softly called out.

Anran looked at him, stood up and replied, “ah, you come.”

Su Yi Cheng nodded, took her into the car, personally tied her seat belt.

Anran looked out the window, eyes was slack, no focus.

“What happened?” Su Yi Cheng asked, felt little worried. She looked a little wrong.

Silent for a moment, Su Yi Cheng thought that she did not want to open her mouth. Suddenly, Anran said “This afternoon, the third floor balcony of cement board suddenly fall down from the top at the site, and killed a man,”

“Did the design was the problem? “Su Yi Cheng asked.

Anran shook his head and said “I don’t know.”

Su Yi Cheng did not ask and directly started the car to leave. He did not say where to go and  Anran did not ask.

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 18

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