First Marriage Then Love Chapter 32

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The next day, when  Su Yi Cheng woke up, Anran had left. The other side of the bed was empty.

When Anran was in the bed, she watched the other side of the pillow. Her face slightly flushed. She thought she would not be accustomed to being hugged by a strange man while she was sleeping, but now it seemed completely wrong. She did not hate his arms. When he hugged her, she even felt a kind of stable.

After Anran changed clothes and washed, she opened the door. She smelt the smell of food.

She looked at Su Yi Cheng’s back wearing an apron in kitchen. He was frying. Anran unconsciously walked toward the kitchen. She saw it, on the bar had been placed on both sides of the fried egg with egg yolk protein.

Anran saw some trance when Su Yi Cheng took the pot and turned and hit  Anran’s eye, mouth with a smile,said “You are awake, have delicious breakfast.” Then, the pan fried poured ham into the tray.

“You ….”  Anran looked at him, opened her mouth to say something but did not know what to say.

” Milk or juice?” Su Yi Cheng asked, and turned toward the refrigerator to get drinks.  He looked his side and said “Or milk bar? Drinking milk in the morning is good. ” and turned to look at  Anran. He saw her looking at him, puzzled and asked “How?”

Anran shook his head, looked around the kitchen wall, then sat down at the bar.

Su Yi Cheng gave her hot milk, then he poured himself a glass of juice. He sat down across from her, handed her breakfast, said “Taste it, is it fit with your appetite?”

Heard it,  Anran nodded, bit it, then smiled at him, “Delicious.”

Su Yi Cheng smiled, took the bread and bit it. He drank his juice, then swallowed it. “After I send you go to work today, I will be going to Guizhou county. I suppose to come back in the evening. You drive home by yourself tonight. Is that okay?”

Anran saw his eyes, snappily muttered “I am not a kid. ”

Su Yi Cheng glanced at her, smiled, took the keys from his pocket and put it on the table, “This is the home key. I assigned it yesterday, but I forgot to give you.”

Anran nodded, took the key in her pocket.

After breakfast, Su Yi Cheng adhered to send Anran to work. He could not afford to shirk her. Anran had let him send her, but she asked him to stop at the corner of the company. She did not want to be caught by people from the company, and if it were Xiao Xiao, she really could not live.

Anran just did not expect that at the company front door, there was someone waiting for her. He was standing in the doorway, a handsome face, a perfect body proportions, leaned on his car. His coming hooked a lot of the young girl’s eyes from Anran’s company and other companies in the same building.

Anran always knew Mo Fei could be a beautiful superior man. From her freshman days, it became clear. He occupied T big of school grass for four consecutive years, and Lin’s Cheng Xiang only got second place.  Anran admitted that she also felt nice for a long time about his handsome face. She was not tired to look at him. But now his face gave her the most painful injuries.

Anran inhaled deep breath, again and again encountered her heart from the initial excitement. Yesterday, she was pretending to be calm, to treat him nothing at the moment, let him believed that she had loved four years, and did not love him for six years, tangled memories for 10 years of a man slowly forgotten.

After the break up, they were still friends. These words appeared in Anran’s mind. Intuitively, she did not want to flee, but she could not make them again against Mo Fei as against Lin like that. Finally, the only option seemed to be only strangers.

Took a deep breath, she went forward. Her eyes looked straight at his eyes but did not stay on him, even 0.01 seconds. Since they could not become another favorite person, but also want to be hated, perhaps, the identity of the stranger was more suitable for men and women whom parted.

He could watched her from his presence. She did not even glanced at him. His heart was like that of falling glass, pure broken in one place.

” Anran.” Eventually, he could not help to reach out her hand, clutched her tightly as she passed him.

Anran did not turn around, did not look at him, only said “Can you let go?” Her tone was like a strangers, did not get a little emotional.

” Anran, we need to talk. I have something to tell you.” Mo Fei held her hand more tightly. He did not dare to let go. Although he knew that he had not qualified again to hold her hand, but if he let go at the moment, he really could not catch her again. The man by her side yesterday,  made ​​him felt great fear.

Anran closed her eyes. She really had no intention to spin embarrassing scene. She took a deep breath, turned around, tried to make herself calm, looked at him, said “If you really have anything to say, we can talk here to make it clear. However, will you put your hands off, please?”

Mo Fei could not let go, looked at her deeply and said “We talk about it in another place,” He had something to tell her, but apparently this was not a good place because people were coming and going.

“Sorry, I have to go to work.”  Anran said blankly. She wanted to pump his hands, but he firmly shook it. Anran was angry, glared at him, sternly asked “What do you really want! ”

” I just want to talk to you, ” Mo Fei did not let go her hands.

“Gu sister?” Behind her, Ling Lin dressed in Chanel’s new suit carrying a pink bag with the series. She looked at Anran and showed an ambiguous smile, “Gu sister, is it your boyfriend, ah? He looks handsome. ” Then before Anran could say yes or no, she directly introduced herself, ” Hello, my name is Ling Lin, Gu sister’s intern. ”

Mo Fei only smiled at her, no more interpretation. He did not want to explain. He still tightly held Anran hands, and today, he must’ve make it clear to her, otherwise, he was afraid he would really had no chance.

“Ling Lin, please help me asking one-hour leave notice to director.”  Anran said after Ling Lin finished, then she turned to Mo Fei, said ” The opposite cafe. I only have one hour of time.”

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 32

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