First Marriage Then Love Chapter 38

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At the dawn, morning light shone through the curtains. Like in the TV drama, the wind blew the beige curtains, gently fluttering.

Anran slowly woke up. She looked beside her, the man who was asleep and held her body looked slightly hazy, then she felt shy. Her face reddened. All last night memory were as if a dream, but looked real and vivid. Facts had proved that an experienced man could really reduce the pain on woman first night. Last night, the moment he entered her, although it teared, but did not regard as Lin said, passed out because of the pain.

Anran for a moment did not blink, looked at the man sleeping beside her. This was her first time looked at him boldly. He was very good-looking, shaggy eyebrows, and aquiline nose. Even Anran only found out now that his eyelashes was long and slender.

Anran watched him, suddenly her mischievous hand gently touched that slender eyelashes. She saw Su Yi Cheng eyelids moved slightly lower, but did not immediately woke up. Anran felt very fun, moved her hand so forth like she was bored. She did not find that someone half-mouth made a nice arc.

For fear he would wake up, Anran did not move again. After last night, Anran was afraid that when they woke up, they would feel embarrassed standing face to face. Gently, she wanted to quit from his arms.

The hand whom gently rested on her waist, as gentle as possible, Anran tried to prop the hand half up, but in the next second, behind her, the man said something softly. He stroked back his arms to embrace her, his chin against her forehead, “Where?”

Su Yi Cheng hugged her. He was not as warm as his gentle appearance. His possessive embrace with one hand hugged her tightly. One hand on her back, the other large palm was very close to her ass. He was pressing her limb like he wanted to embed her into his body.

Felt the touching skin between them, Anran face flushed up, “It’s dawn.” Anran whispered.

“Ah.” Su Yi Cheng softly answered. His large palm had stroking her smooth back, “It’s still early. Sleep for a while.”

Anran who was embarrassed also wanted to asleep. They did not say anything because they did not know how their mood at that moment. She looked up and saw his eyes still closed. She suspected that he did not want to wake up, “I, I’ll prepare the breakfast.”

Heard her, Su Yi Cheng suddenly opened his eyes and hit her eye. Because of shame, Anran flushed down. All last night moment was still fresh. Remembered those scenes, she just felt embarrassed.

Su Yi Cheng mouth displayed a wicked smile. Her blushing look was cute exceptionally gratifying. He bowed in front of her, his mouth kissed her forehead, smiled and asked “Hungry?”

Actually, she had appetite  but was not too hungry. Anran just wanted to hurry up and leave the room, left this man. She nodded and said “ah, let me up. I am very hungry.”

“ah”  Su Yi Cheng casually leaned his large palm on her back, stroked her more advance without leaving a trace. Void, then his dull voice sounded in her ears, said “ah, I am hungry.”

Anran reached out her phone to the bedside table, 9:50. Watched it, put down the phone, eyes closed again, laid her body. The next second, Anran opened her eyes, and sat up. Her body was aching. She took the phone on the side, “9:50!” Today she had a meeting in the morning.

She hastily got out of bed, wrapped in blankets she took the clothes from the closet then went into the bathroom. She hastily washed and put sieve of a makeup. She was ready to go to work when suddenly she catched a glimpse on her neck, stunned for a moment, then blushed red. She grabbed a concealer and put it on her neck. Her mouth muttered curses to Su Yi Cheng.

Even the best powder also could not cover that joyous legacy hickey. Eventually, Anran had originally bought scarf yesterday for Su Yi Jiao use. Fortunately, the weather was not cold nor hot, using scarf did not mean too obtrusive.

Anran packed her things then hastily grabbed her handbag. She went out the door and  did not see that on the kitchen table, there were a sandwich and a note. The written message said ‘to be heated’.

First Marriage Then Love Chapter 38

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