Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Vol 4 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Players Trapped in Secret Room

Book 4: The Return of the King

Chapter 9


The year Solo retired, the headline in the CS circle was that the most outstanding
commander had retired.

Though he was only a captain for two years and played solo games the rest of the
time, people were most impressed by his leadership.  He never became violent or
cursed. He was also very respectful to the media. The subject he liked most to talk
about during interviews was his teammates.  During competitions, he was the one
who always dressed most appropriately.The foreign media had an interview with him.  
The first sentence in his introduction was the following: When most people were still
playing in the internet cafe, he was already playing with the

standards of a professional
esports athlete.

Time passed, usually what was left were those good memories.

But that night, the night that all beautiful things totally fell apart, only four people
knew clearly how unbearable it was afterwards.

“Hey.”  Ai Qing’s hands were inside her pockets.  She bent down and spoke to Solo’s
ear, “I’ll be graduating from middle school soon.  What gift are you going to give me?”

“What do you want?”  Solo said while pulling out his wallet.  He placed all his cards
out on the table and even put his id card in front of her,  “I’ll give all these to you.”

“To me?”  Ai Qing was shocked,  “Why do I need an id card?”

“Put you in charge of me.”

He laughed with hands crossed behind his head.

head.  He swung the chair back and forth, his
eyes focused fully on her.

She pushed all of them back to him.  “If a person only knows love, then this person isn’t
worth to love whether it’s a man or a woman.”  She wrinkled her nose and laughed lightly,
“I don’t want you to be some sacred lover and give me your id card.  I just want you to take
back a pool of champions.”

The door opened while they were picking out the new episode of anime on the computer.

Only Solo and Gun had her room key.  So it must be Gun without a doubt. Ai Qing didn’t
even raise her head,  “You’ve been going too far recently. Han Shangyan, you didn’t even
knock on the door.  Didn’t

door.  Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t intrude when there’s a sticky note on
the door?”
There was no response at all.

Solo stood up abruptly.

She felt strange and raised her head to see Gun and the woman behind him.

She didn’t know her.

She looked at Solo again.  Why was everyone acting so strangely?

“What happened?”  Ai Qing asked Solo in a low voice,  “What are you doing. You’re scaring

“Who is this woman?”  Gun pointed to the woman behind him using his thumb.  “She said
she wants to see you.” So Han Shangyan didn’t know her either?  Then why was he still
bringing her in……

Ai Qing was even more confused.


That was the first time she saw Su Cheng.

This woman was like the most destructive weapon which destroyed everything mercilessly.

Even destroyed everything mercilessly.

Even till now, to this very second, she still remembered very clearly how Solo knelt down
slowly in front of her and hugged her legs…...She also remembered Han Shangyan loudly
admonishing them with red eyes and brutally broke everything inside the house. Then he
lowered his head with a hoarse voice for the first time in his life begging her not to quit the
team just because of a little girl.  It had all their dreams there.

But when she faced the sudden blow, she had been defeated by the problem of love.  If she
wasn’t only fifteen years old, the age of a 9th grader in the third year of middle school, and
had never experienced a single setback, then maybe everything would have been totally

Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Vol 4 Chapter 9

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