Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 39

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 2: You’re Beautiful

Chapter 39

Aside from the original teammates who fought side by side with her in the old days, n.o.body else had ever received Appledog’s blessings.

But now------

Dt moved his fingers around, preparing for the match.

No one was allowed into the room except for players from both teams. The so called die-hard Dt fans had to stay outside waiting for the result.

So when they put on their earphones, their team communication would not be interrupted.

First, there was no outsider to listen in. Second, there was a language barrier between the teams.  Third, the compet.i.tion was so fierce that the opponent wasn’t in the mood to listen to what the other side was saying.

Grunt: “I just remembered. I have some impression about one of their kids. He played CS in the past few years.”

Appledog: “Oh?”

Grunt: “This kid played against a team from Africa last year.  He apparently bad mouthed the other team and got into an argument. Though it was a world compet.i.tion, he made his teammates sit still and played 1 vs 5.  Totally annihilated that team.”

Inin: “Wow.”

Dt: “The team from Africa probably even needs the organizer to sponsor their equipment for the compet.i.tion. It’s nothing to be proud of to be so arrogant when playing against a team from an underdeveloped area.”

Grunt: “Really, Captain, now you’re more talkative.  You surely are different when your G.o.ddess is here.”

Inin: “Wow, G.o.ddess!”

Appledog: “......”

The system automatically a.s.signed a map and picked the game mode.

Ever since Secret Room Storm gained popularity, in order to make games more exciting, there was always a new gallery of maps opened to professional players.  The new map would be more challenging for players who never played, never practiced, and never encountered before.

Otherwise, it would be quite boring to play on the same map every day.

Ai Qing pressed the alt key to take look around her surroundings within a five meter radius.  The wind was blowing the torn posters and beating on the broken windows.  On the road, trash cans and street lights randomly lined the streets.

It looked so real.

A bus engulfed in a raging fire several meters away was also so realistic------

“It’s Tokyo.  We better not be rescuing the hostage.  It’s too hard to find the hostage.”  She said.

Before she finished speaking.

A game prompt appeared, “Rescue the Hostage.”


She was embarra.s.sed, “Ok. We can only pray that we are bandits.  I don’t want to find the hostage.”

Just as she finished.

The next prompt appeared, “Police.”


Grunt: “SP G.o.ddess, are you a professional jinx, like a crow’s beak?”[1]

Inin:  “What is a crow’s beak?”

Appledog:  “-----It’s the beak of a bird.”

Grunt: “How can you tell it’s Tokyo?”

Appledog: “Nowadays, every car racing game has actual maps of all the big cities in the world. I know right way when I see it.”

Inin said.  “Wow.  Manger, you are awesome.”


Dt: “Buy guns.”

Everybody quieted down and began to choose weapons.

The rule of the game was very simple.

Within thirty minutes, the police has to rescue the hostage, while the bandits prevent the police from rescuing the hostage.

After thirty minutes, if police hasn’t rescued the hostage, then the bandits win.  Or, whichever team is completely eliminated, then that team loses.

But playing the actual game wasn’t as simple.

First of all, this game has randomly sp.a.w.ning attacks that can kill any player, regardless of team.  They will definitely die if they encounter a tank or are hit by a bombing run.

Next, the maps in the game were modeled after big cities from all over the world.  So they need different types of climbing tools and supplementary items in addition to their main weapons.  But everybody only has limited cash, so it’s a question on what to buy.

Finally, the whole view of the map isn’t visible.  Everything’s dark past a five meter radius around a player…...the map doesn’t indicate the position of enemies or friends.  It’s a simulation of actual battles.

Appledog: “Let’s divide into two groups.  Tokyo’s buildings are too high.  It’s difficult to search.  Let’s all turn on the life detector.”

Grunt: “Crybaby, follow me.  The northeastern area belongs to us.”

Inin: “Oh .”

Dt: “You follow me.”

Appledog: “Roger.”

[1]: 乌鸦嘴, “wu ya zui,” a Chinese way of calling someone a jinx basically.

Translated by Team DHH at

Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 39

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