Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: One Sword Dominating All!
Su Bai's group was staring wide-eyed at the strange scene. Where did this weirdo come from?

‘Which idiot directed this film? Finding this kind of actor would only pull down the entire movie!’
Su Bai could not help but feel his mouth twitching as he looked at the rough-looking tomboy.
The other three actors' appearance could definitely be given full marks. Then, there was this weirdo. The moment she stepped out, the other three's image was completely ruined!
‘That girl is really beautiful though... In terms of looks and poise, she's definitely a top-rate G.o.ddess!’
Su Bai swallowed a mouthful of saliva as some filthy thoughts appeared in his mind. The way he saw it, he could definitely woo this kind of new actress as long as he spent about a hundred thousand yuan.
"I only know one sword, and will also only unleash one sword strike!"
Cang Lan gripped his sword and stated seriously as he looked at Gao Li. In that moment, his entire person seemed to have transformed into an unsheathed sword!
Gao Li also a.s.sumed a somber expression as he regarded his opponent. The Cang family only had a single successor for each generation, and that single person represented the entire family!
The way Gao Li saw it, the Cang family was a bunch of lunatics! They lived and died only for the sword!
In their hands, a bunch of trashy sword techniques easily found on the streets could also become the Cang family's killing technique! They really believed in using a sword to dominate the world!
This was the first time that Gao Li had become serious in this contest. At this moment, he also took out an ancient sword which was wrapped in a faint blue light.
The sword was 3 chi long, and the hilt was in the shape of an elaborate horned dragon, its mouth biting on the blade!
The sword was hollow until the tip of the blade which was exceedingly sharp!
Cang Lan also unsheathed his sword carefully, as though he were handling a lover. The icy cold blade glimmered silently in his hands. Compared to Gao Li's sword, this was an exceedingly plain-looking sword. Its black body was not adorned with any decorations at all.
Quite obviously, this was a blade designed for only one purpose—to kill! Despite being some distance away, Gao Li could feel the keen killing intent in that blade.
Despite looking extremely ordinary, Cang Lan's sword was quite attention-gripping in it's own way. The blade was covered in lots of faint patterns and lines which made it look rather queer. These patterns could reduce air resistance no matter which direction it was being swung, lessening the resistance to the lowest possible!
Like an ancient glacier, never melting for thousands of years, the sword seemed to give off a sense of deep loneliness. The chilling glint on its blade was as if it yearned to consume the life force of all beasts!
Bei Feng also sat up slightly as he regarded the contest more seriously. Although the two people were not a threat to his current self, he had to admit that if he was at a similar cultivation level with those two, he would not be their match!
"What a pure will and resolute conviction!"
Bei Feng involuntarily murmured with shock as he looked at Cang Lan. He could not help but question if he could be as devoted to his weapon—the way Cang Lan viewed his sword as his own life.
‘I can't do it. A weapon is ultimately just a tool. How can I love a tool more than myself?’
Bei Feng shook his head. As for Cang Lan, he was still very appreciative of his talents. Although there was little common ground for understanding between persons of differing principles, it did not affect Bei Feng's admiration for that person.
A person with such resolute will and such a pure conviction... he would definitely find success with everything he did!
Before a person moves, the sword moves first. The sword as the heart!
Like a s

hooting star, once the sword ray, the person will not wake!
It was impossible to describe the speed of his sword! Cang Lan seemed to have moved, but at the same time, he appeared to still be standing on the same spot.
The sound of a sword rang out. Its ring was very melodious and charming, masking the indescribably sharp and dangerous intent within it!
"I've lost."
Cang Lan looked deeply at Gao Li, as if he wanted to imprint this person into his mind. After that, he turned around decisively and walked away from the hall.
"Plip, plop! Plip, plop!"
The light sound of blood dripping onto the green stone floor could be heard throughout the silent hall as numerous small blood petals appeared on the ground.
"What a quick sword!"
Gao Li retreated for seven, eight steps before managing to stop himself. As he looked at his sword-wielding hand, he realized that the area on his palm between his thumb and forefinger had already been torn open. Blood flowed steadily from it, rolling off the hilt of his sword in droplets.
"What happened? It ended just like that?"
A group of youngsters mumbled in puzzlement. They could not comprehend the contents of that match earlier at all.
"Did he strike out with his sword just now?"
Another youngster asked with a face full of confusion. Even as he looked at the people beside him, everybody was similarly puzzled.
"The rising generation is to be reckoned with!"
An elderly Evolved Jing master sighed. Although the younger audiences might not have managed to catch the action, these Evolved Jing elders had managed to see everything clearly. Because of that, they could not help but sigh with even more admiration.
Cang Lan's sword had already reached a speed faster than the speed of sound! From the moment that he unsheathed his sword, struck out, and returned the sword to its sheath, the entire sequence was so fast that it was completely silent. The sound of the strike only appeared after the sword was kept back into the sheath!
But, even more shocking was the fact that the immensely fast sword had actually been blocked by Gao Li!
All the Evolved Jing masters present envisioned themselves before the sword strike, secretly wondering if they could also block it.
Although it was just a mere thought, a tenth of these Evolved Jing masters felt their faces darken as they realized that they would not have been able to block the strike if it had been them!
Over half of the Evolved Jing masters also had unsightly expressions on their faces. If it had been a frontal strike, they would still have been able to block it. At the most, they could just dodge the strike. But if it had been a sneak attack? They would not even have been able to react to it!
The most scary thing was that this was just a half step Evolved Jing youngster, but he was already capable of being a threat to most of the Evolved Jing elders present here!
"The Cang family really produced a genius as rare as kirin! When those two youngsters grow up, I'm afraid us old relics would no longer have any use."
Everyone was smiling amiably as they congratulated the Cang family.
"That was some artificial effects just now right?"
Su Bai closed his gaping mouth and turned back to ask Wu Xiaoli.
"It... it should be fake."
Wu Xiaoli felt her face stiffening as she mumbled with uncertainty.
Although that sword was not pointed at them earlier, Su Bai and the rest were under the illusion that the sword was directed at them!
Su Bai's back was completely drenched with sweat. The reason he asked Wu Xiaoli was just an unconscious action to dissipate the shock in his heart.
After the two, it was Gu Lan and Zhu Danhong's turn to take the stage.
The atmosphere among the crowd was extremely strange as most of the people struggled to contain their laughter as soon as they saw the weird duo. This was really a battle of the two extremes. Gu Lan was a top beauty, like an orchid in the wind, while Zhu Danhong was awkwardness incarnate.
"How is it? What do you all think of my granddaughter? Whoever manages to marry her will be someone who'd acc.u.mulated eight lifetimes of positive karma! Come, which family's disciple is suitable? You can look for me to talk about the marriage!"
Zhu Yun smiled from ear to ear as he declared proudly.
"Brother Zhu, your granddaughter is really uniquely talented!"
The elder Evolved Jing masters chuckled dryly as they heard the man. To marry this scary-looking female, one had to wonder if it would be because they'd acc.u.mulated eight lifetimes of positive karma, or eight lifetimes of bad luck!
The two girls bowed respectfully to each other and the match began. Zhu Danhong held two large bronze maces in her hands as she charged at Gu Lan. The huge maces carried a fierce whoos.h.i.+ng noise as they swung towards Gu Lan.
Gu Lan kicked lightly with her legs and with a flick of her palms, two sharp blades curved like crescent moons appeared in her hands. One blade was as thin as a cicada's wing, while the other was thick like an elephant's tusk. Only the edge of the curved knife glimmered with a frosty light.
A huge mace crashed into the ground where Gu Lan was standing on a moment earlier, causing the green stone floor to crack and shatter immediately. The young Daoist disciples felt a pain in their hearts as they looked at the damaged floor.
Gu Lan knew that she did not hold the advantage in a close-ranged fight, so she was not willing to engage in a frontal confrontation with Zhu Danhong. She moved about agilely, continuously dodging the mace with ease.
But after just three minutes, Gu Lan's face changed drastically.
Unknowingly, Gu Lan found that she had been forced towards a corner by Zhu Danhong. She had only been thinking that an inch closer was an inch of risk! But, she forgot that an inch longer was also an inch stronger for her opponent!
By the time she reacted, her curved blades were no longer able to dance as exquisitely. It was like she was being restricted continuously.
A pair of maces smashed down on her, instantly appearing above Gu Lan's head, both as heavy as Mt Tai. Gu Lan was finally left with no s.p.a.ce to evade, and could only bring her curved blades upwards to block the attack. But, how could a pair of curved blades hinder the heavy maces? The curved blades clattered to the ground, giving off a loud, crisp noise.
A large mace was suspended in midair, right beside Gu Lan's head. The s.p.a.ce between mace and head was only a few mere centimeters!
To be able to stop the momentum of such a heavy mace instantly, Zhu Danhong had completely shown off her monstrous strength and control!

Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 193

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