Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 318

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Bei Feng suddenly felt some fear in his heart. If the flow of time was as strange as that, he would really die too innocently!

'Seems like I must not enter the Myriad Worlds so easily before figuring out this issue first,' Bei Feng mused silently.

The two soldiers who had been sent out returned at this point, and were whispering something into Qiu Ye's ears.

Qiu Ye's eyes trembled and he instantly turned even more respectful. In just one minute, a group of thirty-six fully equipped soldiers had been destroyed!

Qiu Ye naturally knew about the existence of martial pract.i.tioners. The drillmaster of their entire battalion was precisely an Evolved Jing master. Although that drillmaster had not imparted to them the ways of cultivation, his plain martial arts were enough to learn a great deal from!

Thus, the soldiers present had some ideas with regards to how strong an Evolved Jing master was. But Qiu Ye was very certain that even the drillmaster would not be able to display such abilities!

Qiu Ye and the rest were not unfamiliar with martial pract.i.tioners due to the existence of the Martial Pract.i.tioners Control Department. There were many situations which required the army to work together with the latter. But this was the first time he'd ever seen a martial pract.i.tioner as powerful as Bei Feng!

Within half an hour, numerous helicopters arrived at the scene. Bei Feng also boarded one and proceeded towards the nearest military base.

He did not say a single word on the way, and Qiu Ye did not attempt to court boredom for himself. The moment he reached the military base, Bei Feng left quickly by himself.

After searching around his spatial ring, he finally dug out a long forgotten debit card.

With it, he boarded a plane to Chengdu and six hours later, landed in the airport.

'Only three years had gone by, but the changes to the city are still truly drastic!'

Bei Feng looked about the busy city silently.

His long head of white hair trailed behind him, drawing the curious gazes of numerous pedestrians.

As he walked, a huge advertis.e.m.e.nt poster along the road caught his eye, causing Bei Feng eyes to pop out as he wondered if he should be laughing or crying.

'It's only been a few years, but Mystic Moon has turned into one of the country's top superstars!"

Bei Feng stared dumbly at the poster with disbelief. No matter how hard he rubbed his eyes, the person on the poster was still Mystic Moon.

With a shake of his head, he looked at the time on his newly bought mobile phone and rented a room for the night.


"Mystic Three, Bei Feng had not appeared for so long; do you think he met with some dangers and died?" Mystic Moon leaned her head lightly against her dainty hands and asked absentmindedly.

"The boss is definitely alright," Mystic Three said resolutely. However, he could not help but to have a trace of hope in his heart.

'It's been so long since he'd appeared. Three years had pa.s.sed; if the boss had died, would that also mean that we'll be free?'

Mystic Three wondered silently. At the same time, he thought back to how Bei Feng had told them previously about how their lives were bound to him. If Bei Feng died, all of them would die as well. Could that be a lie?

To have the boss suddenly disappear for three years, if not for the tyrannic suppression by Mystic One and the Cerberus, the others might have lost control and escaped a long time ago.

In this three years, Mystic One and the rest had already broken through to the Evolved Jing realm by relying on the White River Rice!

Mystic Two and Mystic Three's improvements were exceptionally apparent. As they had begun practicing the Minor Illumination Breathing Technique the earliest and the resources they had been given were the most copious as well, they had both achieved strength equivalent to the advanced Evolved Jing realm!

As for Mystic One, she was already a half-step Xiantian Lord!

"You sound extremely confident; but if he hasn't died, why isn't he back yet?"

Mystic Three furrowed her brows lightly; it'd been so long since she'd last tasted her delicious Demonic Beast meat!

Beside them, a huge three-headed dog the size of a fully grown cow could be seen lying on the gra.s.s, bathing lazily in the sun.


The next day, at eight in the evening, the stadium was fully filled with people who rushed over from all directions.

This stadium was extremely big, and could sit 50,000 people. Tonight was the concert of the latest superstar of the music industry, Mystic Moon!

Mystic Moon's beauty and her enchanting fairy-like voice had gripped the entire nation by storm the moment she debuted. Although this stadium could sit 50,000 people, it was still exceptionally difficult to obtain a ticket to enjoy her concert!

At this moment, a luxurious entourage of cars approached the stadium's back gate. A large number of fans had been waiting there for a long time, and were shouting with excitement and waving their posters vigorously as soon as the cars came into view.

A group of bulky security guards hurried forward and cleared a path as Mystic Moon stepped out of the central car. She was donned in a long black dress, and her height was further enhanced by the elegant high heels on her jade-like feet. She did not wear any makeup, but Mystic Moon still looked incredibly dazzling!

Mystic Three and a female manager followed closely behind Mystic Moon. The entertainment circle was not a clean place, especially for a person with top-tier looks like Mystic Moon's.

But not mentioning that Mystic Moon had an innate Xiantian body, even Mystic Three and the rest were more than enough to take care of any trouble.

There were numerous cases of people with bad intentions coming after Mystic Moon and meeting with a terrible ending. Once the news that Mystic Moon had a powerful backing spread out throughout the entertainment circle, n.o.body else dared to have designs on her anymore.

Bei Feng had also arrived and spotted Mystic Moon. With a gentle push, he formed a little path through the crowd and walked over.

The security guards at the front felt a huge force pus.h.i.+ng them to the side as Bei Feng approached, causing them to take several steps backwards.

The guards who had been pushed to the side quickly shouted, "Quickly, stop him!"

Just as two other security guards reached out to grab Bei Feng, Mystic Three suddenly shouted from afar, "Back down!"

The two guards looked at each other uncertainly for a brief moment before returning to their positions.

"Boss! You're back!"

Mystic Three hurried forward and greeted him respectfully.

In that instant, he was secretly relieved that he'd managed to endure until now and hadn't done anything stupid like trying to flee to another country.

"Who's that?" Li Qing Qing asked with confusion. Apart from Mystic Moon, she had never seen the sully Mystic Three treat anyone so respectfully before.

Mystic Moon also turned around as she heard the commotion. In the instant she saw Bei Feng, a resplendent smile capable of toppling entire nations appeared on her face!

The entire crowd was stunned into silence as they stared transfixed at that celestial beauty. This was the first time they had ever seen such a beautiful smile on their G.o.ddess's face!

"You're finally back!"

Mystic Moon's eyes sparkled happily as if she had just seen the juiciest slab of Demonic Beast meat. The heavens had finally decided to take pity on her! It was a wonder how this glutton had managed to get by for the past few years. The Dark Jade Snowy Dragon King meat had been finished by her long ago, and she had been relying on the White River Rice from then. She'd long grown tired of eating the White River Rice everyday!

"En, I'm home. Come, let's go back; I'll make some yummy stuff for you to eat."

Bei Feng took one look at that sparkling gaze and instantly knew what this girl was thinking of. Slightly entranced, he could not help but to reach out a hand to rub the top of her head.

"Detestable fellow! Don't rub my head!"

Mystic Moon gritted her teeth in anger as she felt her hair turn messy. Without any hesitation, she kicked outwards at Bei Feng's s.h.i.+n.

"Heavens! Is that the still the same Ice G.o.ddess? Why does she look like so coy and shy?"

The fans immediately went crazy with shock. Ever since her debut, Mystic Moon had never been involved in any scandals. She'd always maintained the image of an ice G.o.ddess, seemingly unmoved by anything. But what was going on now with this white-haired weirdo?!

"I'm Mystic Moon's manager, Li Qing Qing. May I ask who Sir is?"

Li Qing Qing glanced impatiently at her watch and stepped forward to introduce herself.

"Bei Feng. I'm Mystic Moon's friend."

Bei Feng nodded causally, but did not extend his hand to shake hers.

Li Qing Qing frowned with displeasure and said, "Then, Mr Bei Feng, could you catch up with Mystic Moon another day? She has to go on stage for the concert right now."

"Do you want to come back with me for dinner or go on stage?"

Bei Feng had a queer smile on his face as he asked her that. He was extremely interested to see if this little glutton's character was the same or not.

Li Qing Qing rolled her eyes and looked at Bei Feng as though she was looking at an idiot. Did he know how much fame and money this concert could bring in for Mystic Moon? The profit from this one concert was enough for her to feast on all the best food every single day for several years!

Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 318

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