Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 16

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Just as I imagined, I succeeded in bringing my study materials into the game world.
I immediately spread my notebooks on the desk inside my house, the room-service Nekoru girl cast gazes at me with a skeptical look in her eyes as I started studying for exams.

According to my experience, no matter how much time had passed inside the game, in real life it would only be just an instance.
In other words, I can take as many days as I like to study without even the slightest care.

But it’s choking to just study, I’m facing a long study session and I’m the easy-to-get-horny type, so if I ever got tired of studying I’ll head straight to the Red-light district.

Thus it is possible to go through 10 days of studying and frequenting the brothels.

And if I ever run short on money, I’ll return to the real world and participate in Event Quest to farm those Eggs again so there’s no need to worry about money, a hunt like that in real world only takes around 2 or 3 hours.

By frequently visiting the brothels, I’ll become their honored guest.
This is something I learned from the net but, sex services like this appreciates guests who repeatedly returns to use their services.

If Kashima-chan is available at Dragon Brothel I’ll nominate her to kiss her and ejaculate inside her to my heart’s content, in case of her not being available, I’ll secretly put the Great Contraceptive Drug into my Item box, then go to Bubble Mix for Freya-chan, and have special mat play service while having sex and cumming inside Freya-chan, then if I’m already satisfied and go into dessert mood I’ll go to Pink Salon and nominate Rachel-chan, but if time ran out at Bubble Mix and I wasn’t satisfied, I’d go with the Petal Rotation at Pink Salon to have 2 or 3 girls service me one by one.

Continue doing that and, Kashima-chan, Freya-chan, and Rachel-chan would recognize me as a patron, the originally good service would go up even further.

While staying at the Red-light district, even if I go back to my house in the game and sleep it would only take one day, I’ll enjoy studying and doing women at the same time to my heart’s content.

I immersed in the game like that everyday for 10 days and as expected, got tired of it.

So I put my study aside and tried to go hunting, which was the original purpose of the game.

First I’ll pick quests with small-sized monsters, I’ll receive only a small scratch even if a small monster bit me.

I decided to go challenge the Nekogakurunya Flame Dragon.
(TN: LOLOLOLOLOL the dragon’s name… I might be wrong but fuck it)

The first time I looked at the Flame Dragon I flinched as expected, I fought it and was carelessly hit, just by that single blow it felt like a fatal wound and I couldn’t get up, this thing can’t be real.

In Dorahun Cross, players can freely choose between 4 styles, I chose the Bushido-style that highly emphasis Evasion, once I got used to it there was many room for avoiding an attack.

And then, though I understood how to hunt inside the game, but perspective operation was more troublesome than when I was playing Dorahun from the real world, for example when inside the game I had to move my neck to confirm “Where has the monster gone to?”, that said, hunting from the real world is way easier.

In conclusion, I got used to the Bushidou-Snake style, went to hunt the Nekogakurunya several times and was able to create higher-ranking Nekoga Equipment.

With Bushido-style and Nekoga equipment, evasions skills became useless, but that’s only the last resort, then when there’s the UP evasion distance any way is fine.

Then, there’s an idea of making as many cheat-like equipment as you can if you seriously think about it.

Well, since the purpose of Dorahun is mainly to have fun, I’ll cast that aside, for now I’ll show off my ninja-like Nekoga Equipment to Kashima-chan…

「You look really cool~♥」

…or so she flattered me.

After finishing up today’s review for my study, I went to the Snowy Mountain Village to try out something called Deriheru there.

Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 16

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