Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 20

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「Aa……Aaa……Wai……It really is dirty……Aaaa!!」

I ran my tongue all over the pussy that just pee’d and tasted it thoroughly.
It was a little bit salty, but it was only to that degree so I didn’t even sense the taste of urine.
Seems like all of Remi-chan’s body fluids have been exhausted.

While sticking my tongue out to taste the pussy, I looked up.

「Anri-chan……it’s gonna be your turn shortly so don’t wipe yourself yet……」

「Y、Yes……haa haa……」

Anri-chan started rubbing her own breasts.

「Well then、let’s make you cum……」

After saying so, I buried my face back into Reimi-chan’s crotch

「Wai、Aa aa! W、What is this……sooo good……Aahn!」

I released my breath into Reimi-chan’s huge clitoris, then put my finger into a shallow spot of her vagina and stirred her up while stimulating her G-spot.
I continued doing so, and soon Remi-chan reached her limits.

「Aa! Aaa! No good……cumming again……! It’s coming out again! C、Cumming!!!!」

Reimi-chan convulsed violently, piss came out from her peeing hole wetting from my chin down to my chest, is this the remaining from earlier?

「Haa……haa……sorry、it just kinda came out……haa……haa……」

「Don’t worry about it」

I took a deep breath and separated my face from Reimi-chan’s crotch, this time I knelt down before Anri-chan’s feet.

「Let’s also make Anri-chan cum……」
(TN: Not too sure…)


I brought my face close to Anri-chan’s crotch, instantly the thick odor of urine and female cum hit my nasal.
(TN: The actual sentence was so messy I had to put it in a completely different way)
But even if that’s the case, I deemed that as ‘not an unpleasant smell’, rather, it was a sexy smell that appealed directly to my penis.
I licked Anri-chan’s pussy like an insect got lured in by the dew of a flower.

「Aaa! Nnn……! Good……!」

The odor of urine was strong, and furthermore, the dense taste of love nectar made my head dizzy.

「Nn……! Nnn……!」

After licking Anri-chan thoroughly, I proceeded to make her cum.

「Haaaa!! A、Amaz、ing……! A、A、Aaaaa!」

Since Anri-chan only feels it if it’s deep inside her vagina, I put my middle-finger and ring-finger into her pussy and moved them in a reciprocal-shifting way while pistoning and hitting her uterus.
With my tongue licking her clit and my hand inside her pussy, I also sometimes slurped in the thick love nectar with my mouth.
Then with her deepest part being tormented, Anri-chan soon reached her limits.

「Aaa!! Cumming!! I’m cumming! Aa Aa Aa! Cumming……!!!!」

Anri-chan didn’t piss again, but real love juices dripped out and soaked my fingers.

I lifted my face from her crotch and saw Reimi-chan squirming her thighs rubbing them together.

「Just hang in there……I’ll poke you with this hard stick right away……」

「Not……Not that I’m waiting for you or any~thing!」
(TN: Fucking hell… tsundere prostitute… is this some new trending?)

I pierced the pretending-to-be-tough Reimi-chan from behind while she was on all fours.

「Aahh!! This cock……amazing……it’s hard and hot like a burnt iron bar……! Nnnn!!」

I piston into her G-spot as much as I could, while stimulating a shallow spot I randomly thrust in deeply at times.
Though Reimi-chan’s pussy was shallow in depth, it tightened up a lot so it felt really good.
I unintentionally looked over, and saw Anri-chan crawling in from under, she seemed to wanna join us.

「Aa Aa Aa Aa!! I、I can’t……endure this……Cumming!! Cumming again!!!!」

Reimi-chan bent her back as she climaxed, she clamped down tightly on my penis, it felt good so I ejaculated inside her.
Semen flowed out from the shallow vagina, it dripped out and fell onto Anri-chan’s face.

I took my meat stick out of Reimi-chan’s vagina, Anri-chan, from below, took my dick, which was covered in cum and love juices, and put it into her mouth.

「Nmu……*suuck*……A、Amazing……it’s still this hard……」

「Now it’s Anri-chan’s turn」

It was a shame, but I removed my dick from Anri-chan’s mouth, this time I’ll penetrate Anri-chan in missionary position.

「Nn aaa!!」

Anri-chan seemed to like being done violently, so I went full intense top-speed mode and pounded her deep inside.
Anri-chan’s pussy was also extra tight, but more than just that, her love juices were muddy and her insides were really hot.
I poked her uterus intensely while groping her breasts violently with my hands, I also used my tongue to stimulate her left nipple.

True or not I have no idea but, I remember reading on the internet that human’s heart is closer towards the left, so the left nipple is more sensitive.
I fully mobilized my knowledge studied from AV and tease her nipple while moving my hip.

「Hii! Hyaaaaa!! Ama、Amazing! Nn! Hnnnnnn!!」

Beforelong, from Anri-chan’s large areola, a cute nipple quickly appeared.

「Uwaー……this is rarely seen、Anri’s nipple……」

Reimi-chan seemed to have settled down as she slowly playing with Anri-chan’s nipple.

Anyway, with the intense top-speed mode going on, I soon drew near to my limits.
I was ready to come, but at that moment Anri-chan reached climax before me.

「Aahhhh!! Cumming! I’m cumming! I can’t take it anymore! Cummiiiiiiiiiing!!!!」

Anri-chan convulsed, her love juices overflowed while she clamped down on my cock, that became the trigger making me mass-ejaculated inside her pussy.


I removed my penis from the still-twitching Anri-chan, my son was still stood there piercing the heavens.
(TN: LOOOOOL Pun approves this!!!)

「Well、what are you、really……」

I lined up with Remi-chan’s butt, massaged it a little and took my aim.

「Next is anal……loosen up」

When I was about to go into her butt, Reimi-chan called for a hold.

「Wai、Wait a minute! We need lotion、it’s no good if you tear my ass apart……」

Saying so Reimi-chan reached to her bag and started looking for something inside, I also took a short break, and used a finger to flick the cute nipple of Anri-chan, who’s lying flatly exhausted next to me.


Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 20

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