Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 34

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In Dorahun Series, hunters after returned from quests will be completely recovered in strength, bad effects would also be cured.
‘Save Game’ will also be done by getting on one’s bed, that’s why inns were never really needed.

But well, this is inside the game, so there is normal daily life of people here, there are also travelers, so if you look, you’ll find inns.

Following the hooker named Akane, I arrived at a small neatly-looking inn.

The people of the inn seem to know what’s up, they didn’t say anything even after seeing me and Akane together.

Since I’m going to play till morning, I paid an extra sum of money to the inn staff, because I think that I’ll leave a mess behind for them to clean.

We was led to the room, there was a simple bed and a dresser, a small table for drinking, it’s really a room for the sake of just staying overnight, was what I thought.

「The Great contraception drug is on me alright?」

「U、Umm……I already have the drug。
Because some customers don’t prepare it……」

「I see、then let’s begin」

I took off my Elena equipment and inner clothing, showing off my fully erect meat stick.

「Hii……! It、it’s huge……!」

「You too, hurry up and strip」


Akane panicked but she leaned the greatsword against the wall and began stripping

Akane took off the upper part of her equipment, those big boobs that could even be seen from below the armor rushed out like *boing* when she stripped her inner clothing.

Akana has a small build, so those huge boobs were emphasized even more.

「……you、are you famous among the hookers?」

「N、No、how could that be……because、I’m too shy、I always reject people that don’t seem to be kind。
That’s why I don’t have many customers……」

「……then I’m kind? I don’t think so myself」

「Customer-san、you do look overbearing、but you didn’t use violence……‘this person should be fine’ was what I thought ……」


Soon Akane finished taking off her clothes, revealing her stark naked body.

To say the least, her featured characteristic would be those huge boobs, in contrast to the bust, her pink nipples and areola were small, the tips were pointing up on top of her breast.
I looked at her crotch, there was no hair.

「You、did you shave?」

「Uu……please don’t ask me that……」

「I don’t really care、come over here」

Saying so I sat on the bed and slapped my thighs.
Akane timidly settled her petite body on my thighs.

First, I grabbed her boobs and stole her lips.

「N……! Mchuu……Nnn♥ P、Please be……mchuu……gentle to me……」


After violating her mouth with my tongue, I separated from her lips but kept sticking to her boobs, I massaged her breasts while gently caressing her.

First I’ll enjoy these huge tits……。

「Nn♥ Nnn! Aah♥ Hiuu! C、Customer-san、you’re skilled……!」

I rolled her small nipple around with my tongue, then traced around her areola, I also rhythmically massaged her breasts, Akane’s expressions changed.

「Nnn♥ No! I’m、I’m cumming♥ Cumming、cummiiing!!」

Akane cried out, breast milk jetted out from her small nipple.
I tried to taste it, the richness was opposite from Yuki-chan’s smooth breast milk, this is more sticky and sweet.

「……Fumu、you also have breast milk constitution」

「Hiuu♥ Cumming again♥ Aaa♥ Ahhh!!」

Stream after stream of breast milk shot out from her, it was like she was ejaculating with her boob.

I took the streaming breast milk in my mouth, slowly savoring it.


「OK、next is the pussy」

Declaring so I reached down to Akane’s secret place and felt around it, her hairless pussy was already soaking wet.

「What is this、already flooding isn’t it」


I didn’t listen to her excuse and stroked her naked clitoris, I pushed my way through the pink folds, once my finger’s inside I violently stimulated her G-spot.

「Ahhh! This is bad! I’m cumming♥ Cumming agaaain~♥」

After having her G-spot stimulated for a while, Akane trembled all over as she climaxed, a clear current of liquid shot out from her crotch.

「……first breast milk、now even squirting……you’re an interesting one」

(TN: Original text says ‘hahi’ but if you read ‘hai’ in a tiring voice you might get it)

I let her catch her breath and brought her down from my legs, and sat her down on the bed, then I stood in front of her with a daunting pose.


「Before I put it in、entertain me with those tits」

「Y、Yes……I、I’ll try my best……」

Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 34

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