Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 35

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Akane timidly used her hands to bring her big boobs closer, standing in front of her I inserted my penis into the valley of those huge tits, then started pistoning.

「Nn……♥ Nn……♥」

Akane’s huge tits were amazing, my whole dick was entirely concealed in side.

「Nnn! If、if you do me that hard……I’m、I’m、cumming agaaain♥」

I continued to rub her breasts while pistoning, while feeling it her breast milk shot out again.

Using her breast milk as a lotion for my meat stick, I thrust and slide my dick intensely inside her cleavage.

「Ahhh♥ Nnn!」

Feeling the pleasures on her huge tits her back shook, sometimes my shaft slipped out of her cleavage.

「Nn! Nnnn♥ lick……slurp……a、amazing……」

I didn’t say anything yet Akane put my glans into her mouth and crawl her tongue over it, then she started to lick it timidly.

「Alright……first load incoming」

I sped up my piston as I enjoyed the big tits, then ejaculated deep inside her cleavage.

「Fu、Fuwaa! A、Amazing……♥」

「Don’t move yet」

I took my dick out from her cleavage and showed her my still standing meat stick, Akane fidgeted her legs.

「……I’ll put it in now」

I laid Akane down on the bed and spread her legs, I insert my dick into the hairless pussy while fondling her huge tits.

「Nhiiii♥ So hard♥ S、So hot……♥ S、So big……♥」

Akane writhes while projecting breast milk.

「Oh……you’re pretty tight……also it’s hot」

Her flooded insides clamped down so tight, probably because of hunters training, it’s as hot as Anri-chan’s pussy.

「Ahh! Haaa♥ Nnnn♥」

I pistoned as if scratching her G-spot, Akane blew a tide, while shooting breast milk from her tits.

「You’ve got a lot of love juice……」

I had a bitter smile while pistoning vigorously, then I entered my ejaculating stance.

「Ahhh♥ I、I don’t know anymore♥ I don’t knoooow♥」


I ejaculated inside the hot pussy.


Akane climaxed while receiving a creampie, her tits also shot out breast milk while she squirted.

「Hii、ah、ah、ah……♥ Hafuu……♥」

Akane’s strength left her body as she seemed to want to take a break, with my still hard penis I poked her deep inside with a *zun*.

「Hiaa♥ It、it can’t be……you can keep going……」

「I’m not satisfied yet、you’re accompanying me all night tonight」

「Ah、Ah、Ah、Ah♥ N、Nooo……♥」

After that, since we were spreading juices all over the room while I cum to my heart’s content, the bed became soppy with breast milk, love juice and semen.


Next morning, I woke up early, so I rubbed Akane’s boobs to wake her up.

「……you alright? Can you go hunting today?」


She released so much body fluids, yet Akane’s skin is still smooth and glossy.

「Well then、take some rest for a while、then we’ll go on Teacher Rooster hunting quest」


Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 35

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Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 35 summary

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