Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 5

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I lied down on the bed while being nervous about what kind of special service it is.

Kashima-chan sat on my feet and patted my buttock.

「Dear customer、would you mind raising your butt and spread your leg a little? Yes、like that」

I did as told and Kashima-chan traced my anus with a finger.

「Waah! T、That’s……」

「Then、let’s begin Kashima’s special service♥」

Saying so, Kashima-chan crawled her tongue over my anus.


Sensing the slimy crawling on my anus, the muscles along my spine jerked.

「*lick*……*Mchu*……*lick lick*……Excuse me♥」

Kashima-chan reached down her hand and stroked my meat stick while licking my anus.


「*lick*……you’re amazing♥ even though you just ejaculated earlier……*lick*……」

Kashima-chan didn’t just licked the surface, but also stirred up inside the rectum.
At the same time serviced my meat stick and cornered me.
I was attacked with a never-known-before pleasant and reached my limits quickly.

「Aa! N、No good! It、It’s coming out……!」

「*lick*……That’s fine♥ Give Kishima’s hand a lot okay? *Muchuuuu*……」

With Kashima-chan’s tongue skills hand hand movements, I reached climax and sprinkle a huge amount onto her hand.

「Amazing♥ You released so much……♥ Nn、*sluuurp*……」

When I turned back and looked, Kashima-chan was holding out her hand and licked the semen.

……is this girl an angel?

「You let out a lot、do you need to rest? ……Ara?」

Kashima-chan reached towards my crotch and caress my son who was still standing gloriously.

「Dear customer、amazing isn’t it……well then、before having sex, would you mind making me wet first?」

Kashima-chan smiled while lying down to the bed.

「H、How should I do this……?」

I was confused having a defenseless woman body lying right before me.

「Do it as dear customer like to……♥ My breasts and also here, please play with them to your heart’s content okay?」

At those words, I rubbed Kashima-chan’s breast and pinched her nipple.

「Ahn♥ Nn……feels good……Ufu……please take your time as I’m not running away……」
(TN: Again, Ufu is a slight chuckle)

I rubbed Kashima-chan’s breast and rolled her tiny pink nipple around with my tongue.

「Nn♥ Nn♥ Ufu♥ Feels good」

「Ka、Kashima-chan、it’s ok to kiss you right?」

「Nn……It’s no good……I just rolled my tongue in your anus earlier……the  kiss have to wait okay?」

「Is that so……too bad」

I used the other hand to caress the other large beautiful breast.

「Nn、Aa、G、Good……♥ Dear customeeer……please also play with my vagina……♥」

Saying so, Kashima-chan opened her crotch.

I had a strange excitement seeing the naked female body for the first time.

「Ufu♥ Is this your first time seeing a vagina?」


I saw female genitals on the internet before, but seeing it raw before my eyes like this is the first time.

Kashima-chan’s pussy was adorned by thin silver pubic hair, her hot light red labia was leaking sparkling liquid.

「Lick it a lot okay……?」

Those words moved my body as I jumped at Kashima-chan.


I mobilized all of the knowledge from AVs and rolled her clitoris with my tongue, at the same time stirred up her insides with a finger and rubbed her G-spot.
(TN: Adult Videos, just in case you didn’t know lol)

「Aa! Aa! Aaa!! D、Dear customer……you’re skilled……N、Nnnn!!」

Kashima-chan twisted her back in pleasant as I continued to caress her pussy intensely.

「Aa、Aa、Aa!! No good! Cumming! It’s coming out! AAAAa!!」

Kashima-chan’s body twitched as she bent her back, her small vagina convulsed and blew a tide.

「A……Ahaa……♥ It was good……♥」

I was happy to make a woman climax with my hand for the first time.

「Ufufu……Then next is、dear customer’s virginity、I’ll take it okay? I’ll make you feel very good in return for this♥」

「P……Please take care of me」

Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 5

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