Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 6

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Kashima-chan’s straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my glans.


「Then、I’ll put it in okay? Nnn……」

Kashima-chan attached one hand to my meat stick and lowered her hip.


Her slimy vaginal walls swallowed my meat stick and tightened.
My heart throbbed violently as I felt a never-known-before sensation.



I was shocked with Kashima-chan’s sudden drop and connected us at her deepest part.

「Aah♥ It went in so deep……Virginity has been lost, congratulations♥」

「S、Sorry……Your insides……I came a little inside you……」

「Don’t mind it, it’s fine isn’t it? I have a really great contraceptive pill for later」

「Great contraceptive drug?」

「Ehh、mixing laurel and mandrake together would do the trick, so rest assure and come lots inside me okay♥」
(TN: ええ、アオキノコとマンドラゴラを調合して出来る薬です、だから、いっぱい中出ししてもいいんですよ)

Is there such a drug……I’ll trying making some later.

「What’s wrong? You came lots already, how about taking a break……A、Ara?」

Kashima-chan noticed my penis inside her became hard again.

「You’re amazing、dear customer……you just came 3 times and yet……then let’s go another round……I’ll start moving♥」

Kashima-chan embraced me and started to move her hip up and down.
I felt like I would ejaculate again immediately because of excessive pleasant, but it was too shameful so I clutched my buttock tightly and endured it.

「Aa♥ Nn♥ Nn♥ It、It’s fine to not endure it you know? There’s still lots of time before the night ended……so just come、Nn♥ Ufufu♥ lots inside Kashima♥」

「Even if you say so……the pride of a man……Nn、*churu*……」 (TN: ちゅるっ is probably the sfx of him grabbing her boob)

I grabbed Kashima-chan beautiful breasts to avert my attention from wanting to cum.

「Ahaa♥ Mou! You like teasing me don’t you? Nnn♥ Ufufu♥ This naughty kid must be punished, Eii♥」 (TN: heave-ho!)

Kashima-chan tightened her vagina and grind my dick violently.


I quickly succumbed to the pleasant and released a large amount inside Kashiama-chan’s pussy again.

「Nn……you just released and yet it’s still hard……then Kashima would have to squeeze you dry to the very last drop♥」

「P、Please go easy on me……」

After that, we changed to various position and enjoyed each other’s body, I pounded Kashima-chan’s hard and came 9 times inside her pussy, Kashima-chan also reached her limit at the end of the night.

「HaaHaa……C、Cumming again! Kashima-chan!!」

「Aa♥ Aa♥ Aa♥ Ka、Kashima’s cumming too~~~!! Aaaaa!!」

While grabbing her breasts to support her body, I pounded Kashima-chan and released my semen inside her as Kashima-chan’s vagina tightened and convulsed.

「HaaHaa……It、It’s my limit……」

I pulled the dick that has lost all of its power out from Kashima-chan’s vagina and lied flat down on the bed.

「Haa……Haa……Dear customer……you’re amazing……♥ How was Kashima’s body?」

「It、It was the best……」

「Ufufu♥ We’re going to take a break?」

「Right……I used up all my strength……」

「Then、Kashima will wake you up in the morning okay?」


I went to sleep being wrapped in the odor of sex from me and Kashima-chan.

Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 6

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Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 6 summary

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