Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 7

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I slowly woke up from my slumber and felt my lower part being wrapped up in something warm and pleasant.

―――*kiss*、Ufufu♥ *lick*―――


I rubbed my heavy eyes、and lifted my eyelid、Kashima-chan sandwiched my penis in her breasts and was doing tits fellatio. (TN: Paizurifera)

「Hmm♥ *boing*、*tits rubbing sfx*……」

「Ka、Kashima-chan、What is this……」

「Ufufu♥ *lick*……Good morning♥ You seemed to wake up being energetic again、I already had breafast♥ Nn、*tits rubbing sfx again*……」


Being attack my Kashima-chan’s vacuum first thing in the morning quickly made me reach my limits.

「Nn! Ufu♥ I’ll clean it up okay? *lick*、*sluuurp*……」

Having my meat stick rubbed first thing in the morning after ejaculating made the urge to urinate welled up inside me.

「Ka、Kashima-chan! I need to go to the toilet! If this continues I’ll urinate!」

「Hnn? Ish fine isn’t it? like dish (this)……Nn、*suck*……♥」
(TN: Omfg… I swear half of my brain cells died at this, she was talking with a dick in her mouth again, but with heroic effort I deciphered it nicely)

「Aa! No good! It’s coming! It’s going out!!」

Kashima-chan held my cock inside her mouth carefully while I released all the urine.


Surprisingly, Kashima-chan gulped down all my urine.
After taking all of my piss and gulped it down, Kashima-chan’s mouth left my dick and she had a sweet smile on her face.

「Nn、you’re good now right♥」

Seeing the devoted Kashima-chan having an obscene smile on her face, my groins reacted.

「……because of Kashima-chan it stood up again……」

「Ufu♥ That’s good isn’t it? There’s still lots of time, please enjoy yourself♥」

In the end, I ejaculated two more times inside Kashima-chan’s pussy before a store’s staff announced the end of time.

「Come pick me again okay♥ strong people like dear customer、you are always welcome♥」

Kashima-chan accompanied me to outside the shop.
She kissed me on the cheek as we parted ways.

I walked away in the Red-light district with the reverberation of losing my virginity.
Though this is inside a game, the world seems somewhat different. (TN: Different from a game world)

(If there wasn’t the anal play we could have kissed a lot during sex……)

That reminds me, a night has passed in this world, then how’s the time of the outside world?

I returned to my home in Elna village with the lingering happy memories, sat down on the bed, operated the 3PS console in my head and returned to the real world.

When I returned to my room and looked at the clock, not even one minute has passed since I dove into the game.

(You can experience everything in the game in just an instant?)

No、a whole day could have passed、you never know.

I went down to the living room and picked up a news paper on the desk next to where mom was watching the TV.
The date of when I went into the game has not changed.

「……Hey、mom、is this today’s newspaper?」

「Yeah……that’s right……it’ll be Monday soon anyway……Hmm? you、what’s with the sudden change in your aura?」

「N、No、Nothing’s wrong with my aura right……?」

「No、you seem to have become more like an adult……did something happen?」

「……It’s nothing、I’ve only been studying」

「Hmm……then that’s fine……」

I was astounded by the sharp perception of the existence called ‘mom’.

I’m sorry、mom、but、I bought a prostitute、lost my virginity、and kept having sex all night.

I came back to my room, hopped on my bed and quickly fell asleep.

It was so good to sleep while feeling so refreshed.

From tomorrow on, I’ll experiment on this game more in various ways……。

Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons Chapter 7

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