Gender Bent Loli Is Not Cute! 001

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I opened my eyes as I woke up.

What a strange dream I had last night, to think I dreamt of turning into a girl or something….

I looked around the room.

It wasn't a dream!

It didn’t feel real yesterday, but now that I realised my situation, I truly felt the shock that I turned into a girl

It’s now the second day of my rebirth

I have to admit, I’m so bored.

Make lunch, take a nap. Watch TV, Make dinner. After dinner continue watching TV, sleep.

It’s actually so boring, there’s not even a computer or something.

The only way to waste time therefore, is to watch TV.

Let’s take a walk after lunch,

I picked the longest dress in the wardrobe — aside from the school uniform, all the other personal clothes are dresses. Even the formal wear is a dress.

This girl, do you really not wear pants at all!

Although I did pick the longest of the bunch, it still doesn't go past the knees.

Does this Kanade really have no friends? There is no one contacting her at all! Even if it had to be talking with a middle schooler would be better than watching TV all day!

It seems like the population of this town is quite small, you can only see people here and there

Without a destination in mind, I walked for about half an hour.

(So tired!)

How come I am already this tired after walking for half an hour! Should the conditions of a body be bad to this extent!

Just complaining about it wouldn’t help much, so I walked towards a small rundown park and found a bench there.

Let’s go there and take a break.

Let’s take back what I just said.

I didn’t notice because I was so far away but now that I walked closer I noticed there was a boy sleeping on the bench.

I stared at him while half crouching over him.

Black choppy hair, not quite the tall size. His face isn’t sharp around the edges and he gives off a faint sense of familiarity.the material of his clothing is quite good which means his family is quite wealthy.

「To be, able to sleep, on this, kind of hard bench, really deserves a, praise」

Eh, why is my speech broken up in such a manner?

Clearly my brain had already decided on what to say, but it feels like a mysterious force is preventing me from doing so when I speak.

I tried speaking again, the same thing happened again.

Communication barrier?

A weak body and on top of that problems with communication.

Where did this sick and fragile girl plot come from.


It seems like I woke him up.

「Ng? You’re—wah! 」

He opened his eyes and instantly sat up from his previous position.

It’s bad to just ignore him like this right...

「Hey, h.e.l.lo? Sleeping… here…. you’ll get… sick.」

Agh! The communication barrier is so annoying!

「’re right. Ah! My name is Nakamura Yuki 」

「Hel— Ka..Kanade Sai, nice to meet you」

Recalling the greetings they used in anime, I bowed as I greeted him.


「wha..what’s so funny」

「Nothing, pfff」


But, since I haven’t had the chance to talk to anyone for two days, to be fortunate enough to find someone to talk to makes me quite happy.

「say, on the way here I saw a video game store. Wanna go together?」

「Eh?! I wanna go!」

As long as I don’t need to watch TV!


「 surprisingly good. Did you buy any chance play this game before?」

It was already dusk as we walked out of the game store together.

I have been playing games like King of Fighters since I was very young. But as for the ident.i.ty of Kanade Sai it should be the first time right?


「 be completely destroyed by a newbie who is also a first timer… and on top of that a primary school girl…」

Nakamura Yuki made a OTZ pose while mumbling things in his mouth.

I got excited playing after such a long time, maybe I should have let the boy win a bit...


「Wha..What did, you say, just now?」

「Hm? I got completely destroyed by a newbie who is also a first timer」

「No, the next, sentence」

「Is a  a primary school girl...」

「Yep, that one! Who is, the primary schooler! I am already, secondary, grade 9!」

Struggling with the resistance of the barrier preventing me to speak properly, the sentence was long enough to consume most of my mental health. This was also partly due to me yelling it out.

Seriously, does this body have a terminal illness of some sort?

「Ehhh? No matter how you look, you still look like you’re going to primary school! This body height! These oppai size!」


d.a.m.n r.e.t.a.r.d

At that instant I didn’t not know what expression to make.

「ah, I was wrong, don’t cry!」

It seems like he mistaken my complicated expression as a sad one.

「Uhhh, Kanade, this might be unexpected but I ran away from home.」


What nonsense is he saying, this kid.

But then again this would explain why a person who seems to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth would be sleeping in a park.

Nakamura looks like he goes to high school...rebellious phase? Let's give him some advice.

「Since minors cannot live in a hotel…..about that, can I sleep in your living room overnight? Ah, I’ll pay the fees. And don't advice me to go home! I have my reasons also...」


「Alright then, fine」

「Really? Tha——」

Since it has already reached this point, to let a high schooler stay over for the night should be alright——

Wait!  I’m currently a girl and there is noone at home!


「Then is it yes or no!」

Sensing the distrust I have towards him, Nakamura continued.

「I’m not going to do anything strange, and under the watch of Kanade’s parents, I wouldn’t dare to try anything!」


From the interactions we’ve had during the afternoon, I have a feeling that this boy is a good kid.

Let’s put some trust in him.

「Alright, come with me」

On the way back home with Nakamura

「Would Kanade’s parents agree…. What if you said I am your cla.s.smate, because of something at home I have to sleep over at your place? What do you think~」

「Don’t, bother thinking, no one home.」


Guilt appeared on Nakamura’s face.

「It’s ok, at least, father is still here, just that he’s, out on business」

But the mother of this body on the other hand...

「Is..Is that so, to let me sleep over when there is no one else at home... Kanade is too kind」

Since I am not used to such praise, I decided to maintain my silence.

As we arrived at the door to my home, I took out my key and opened the door.

I only arrived at this world yesterday, to be able to find my way back home with ease, should I say it’s the body’s natural instincts?

「Pardon the intrusion ~」

Nakamura spoke with a lively voice as he took off his shoes in the hallway.

「Kanade’s home is really cozy~」


It’s actually because the apartment is just too small….

「Ah! It seems like we still haven’t had dinner! Is there any good restaurants nearby?」

「Don’t worry, I, can make some」

「That’s not right...since I am borrowing your place to sleep overnight」

「It’s ok」

After dinner , It was already 8 o’clock


I made a small yawn, feeling the fatigue beginning to sink in.

Getting tired at 8, I haven’t had this feeling in a long time

「I’m, sleeping first. Nakamurkun, can sleep here, in my father’s room」

「Ah, no worries, I’ll sleep in the living room. Also, thank you very much for all this.」

He did a bow as he said this.

「....then I’ll, go shower.」

He really is a good and honest boy.

「Don’t worry, I will peek」

「Please, you don’t, need to do that」

I take back what I said about him.

Gender Bent Loli Is Not Cute! 001

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