Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 236

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The dark night will soon arrive, but for the people of military, is was doomed to be a sleepless night.

The flying woman found on the East China Sea disappeared in a short moment, but what was even more strange was the situation encountered by the team led by the National Security Bureau Niu Meng, a woman frozen in ice was rescued by a person named Ye Feng, and they disappeared away under the sea, like they used Teleportation!

The captain of the destroyer sent the collected photos to Niu Meng who confirmed that the woman who could fly was the same woman who was frozen in the ice. The two women were the same person.

In this case, all dozens of informed individuals were ordered to seal their mouths, including Niu Meng and the captain of the destroyer, who would go to military courts if they were revealed.

The woman was directly recorded in the top secret file of the National Security Bureau.

Fortunately, it was not the National Security Bureau who had the information but the military. Their Disciplinary was rigorous and there is little possibility of leakage. And even if it leaks, no one will believe that the upper level officials did not have a way to contain it.

As the darkness gradually descended, the destroyers and s.h.i.+ps arrived one by one in and searched, scanned, and probed with satellites, but without exception did not find anything suspicious.

Although from the small clues they got, the flying woman was definitely hiding here, but they couldn’t find her!

The situation on the East China Sea have resulted in the defeat of the National Security Bureau. Niu Meng has been totally  defeated.

Not only did he fail to kill Ye Feng, he couldn’t get the beautiful woman in the ice, he also couldn’t get the treasure that erupted out of the iceberg. The mission goal was not reached.

Instead, he caught Xu Xiaoyu but unfortunately this old man did not admit to the fact that he killed a National Security Bureau member. According to the special regulations, Niu Meng could only take this unlucky person back and prepare for an interrogation.


In fact, Su Feiying and Ye Feng and Long Wan’er these three people, indeed were still here.

It was only that at this place  Su Feiying  pulled out five colored stones from her storage ring and threw it around the islands, laying down a large Five Elements Illusionary Formation.

This was why the military's people could not find them.

In the Five Elements Illusionary Formation , Su Feiying  herself was the main controller of the formation. What kind of scenes anyone who entered into it saw depends entirely on Su Feiying’s thoughts. She can make them see anything she wanted, so even if she is face to face with another person, the other person will not even be able to see her.

The person who can see her if he comes had to have a cultivation which is higher than her, but on Earth this naturally is impossible.

The islands were originally six desert islands and were uninhabited. One of the larger islands is full of rocks. There are many stone caves near the seash.o.r.e and it is just enough for people to live in and cultivate.

For Su Feiying, even though it is not a good place to stay,but because of the need to recover from her injuries, it was more appropriate to find a place to have shelter from the rain.

When she found a more ventilated cave, Su Feiying  decided to heal in this cave.

There were two exit pa.s.sages in the cave, one was facing the sea surface at the very bottom, and the sea breeze blew on her face was fresh and pleasant. There wete some green soft rattan plants in the caves, which were used as mattresses by Su Feiying.

Wan’er, you will heal first, I and Feng ‘er will go out for a walk."

After settling, Su Feiying  said  with an unquestionable expression, then brought Ye Feng to leave the cave.

At the seaside, the sea breeze was blowing on their face, and there was a destroyer parked not far from the setting sun. Unfortunately, the other party did not see Su Feiying and Ye Feng at all.

Long Wan’er was left in the cave to absorb the Heavenly Treasures , Su Feiying wanted to take Ye Feng out for  walking to specifically exchange the current situation.

At this time, Ye Feng told her everything that had happened since he was reborn in the modern city.

“I’m different from you.”

Su Yingying stood gracefully at the beach. Her snow white skirt swayed in the sea breeze, and blew her eyebrows.”I and Huo Yun Monster Lord come through transmission, but at that time your cultivating was, was not enough to surmount transmission, therefore you died……"

She said faintly, with a hint of joy in her cold voice.

At a crucial moment, it was certainly the Dragon Sword Ancient Ring guarding the soul of Ye Feng. After coming to the earth, he found a guy who had just died and took over his body.

Seizure of a body is not common even in the Immortal Cultivator’s World, because the conditions to seize a body are too harsh. Once the host resists and  the person losses, it is the end of the game.

While Ye Feng seized it with the help of Dragon Sword ancient ring, the original Ye Feng had already died. Of course, there would be no resistance.

„Did Huo Yun Monster Lord also come?"

Ye Feng heard what Su Feiying  said and he could not help his face change. This guy is on the same level as Su Feiying . If the great demon that has cultivated  for centuries, if it came to the earth, isn’t it going to set off a great storm?


Su Feiying's cool face had a dignified color: "But his injury is heavier than my and he must be recuperate for a long time. During this time, with the Dragon Sword ancient ring , you must work hard to grow and cultivate. For the chance to kill the demon.”


Ye Feng knew that this would happen, and Su Feiying would not let him be idle.

“In addition, rely on the Star Compa.s.s form master, you can feel the presence of three transit troop nearby.”

Su Feiying  gently lifted her jade hand, the storage ring was on it. The star compa.s.s was stored in the storage ring.

“Yes, it’s the Changbai Mountain and Fangcai’s bottom two. Where is the other one?”

Ye Feng nodded his head and frowned.

„Changbai Mountains? Perhaps called this name, transmission in that Ancient Tomb, took in the ring for the master."

Su Feiying does not know that mountains name, but actually knows that Ancient Tomb name: „Eastern China Sea is this side……"

In the case of the East China Sea, without her saying, Ye Feng can probably guess it.

Su Feiying did not come to Thousand Years Profound Ice, but acts according to the direction of the stars compa.s.s transmission, what a pity was that she touched the Thousand Years Profound Ice, and was sealed in ice, thus the Eastern Sea had a series of matters.

„The Surrounding area in ten thousand li (0.5km), the last transmission was in the deserts of Northwest."

Su Yingying looked into the distance as the shadows drifted away. She took the storage ring from her hand and handed it to Ye Feng: "Hold it. When you absorb the heavens and earth spirits of the  Thousand Years Profound Ice, let's check it out."

When she thought about it, waiting for the Thousand Years Profound Ice to restore its spiritual energy, Ye Feng can then absorb twenty-five years of cultivation , and there should be no problem to check the transmission matrix.


„Master, the Thousand Years Profound Ice spiritual energy I have absorbed it one time."

“Now my ident.i.ty is exposed and I may face the martial arts enemies at any time.”Ye Feng thought

“It’s easy to handle. teacher has practiced Divine Yang.”

In the eyes of Su Feiying, the color of coldness flashed over. They wanted to encircle her apprentice. dream on!

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Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 236

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