Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 310

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"Second Uncle, it's getting late. I'm taking my leave. Tomorrow I'll go to the Imperial Palace to find Gao Shaochen. Besides... be it the Medical City or the Association of Physicians, I will kill anyone who has offended the Yun Family, no matter how far away they are!"

Even if a thousand miles away, those who had offended the Yun Family would have to pay! Since she had said this, she would fulfill it.

"I believe you." Yun Qingya smiled mildly, his eyes soft as moonlight looking at her, his face filled with trust in her.

"Well, you should take a rest. You must be tired after the recent six months." Looking at his concerned eyes, Yun Luofeng said nothing more, but at this moment, her heart was more determined than ever...

In the study, Yun Qingya gazed at the receding figure of the girl, the soft smile on his face fading away.

"Father, was I wrong to stand up so early?" There were too many enemies of the Yun Family! But he stood up at this time. If his action caused any trouble to the Yun Family, he would be to blame!

Yun Luo sighed helplessly and tried to comfort him, "Qingya, you don't have to think too much. You have been hiding for ten years. Now that your strength has been restored, it's time for you to stand up."

Yun Qingya said with a bitter smile, "I have endured it for ten years. Why couldn't I endure it today? I hope I didn't bring danger to Little Feng'er..."

Yun Luo chuckled, "The girl is well-gifted, and her potential is also unlimited. I believe that with her existence, the Yun Family will become something in the future, and as her family, what we should do is to believe in her ability and support her forever!"

In his long-term view, Yun Luofeng would not stay in the small Longyuan Kingdom forever. She belonged to the boundless continent. At that time, they would stand behind her, guarding her home for her!

"Father," Yun Qingya smiled, "Little Feng'er needs room to grow up. As long as she grows up, no one on the continent will be her opponent! So, if the Yun Family really can't resist the Medical City, just give me to them. As long as Little Feng'er is there, I believe that she would avenge me some day! At that time, my soul could rest in peace!"

The Imperial Palace.

In the study, holding a glass in his hand, Gao Shaochen quaffed down the wine, his handsome face all red and his body staggering. Even so, he didn't stop but keep drinking, one cup after another.

"Your Majesty." A woman in a pink court dress gracefully walked to Gao Shaochen, holding his swinging body with her jade-like arms, and called him softly, "You're drunk. Let me take you to rest."

Smelling the intoxicating fragrance of the woman's body, Gao Shaochen slightly raised his eyes and turned to the woman who was holding him. At this moment, he was so drunk that his vision was blurred, but in the dimness, he vaguely saw the gorgeous face that he had been yearning for.

"Little Feng'er, did you come here for me?"

The body of the woman in a court dress froze. She had loved this man for so many years and took great pains to become one of his women. But who he thought of was another woman...

"Little Feng'er, if I were willing to dismiss my harem for you, would you marry me?" Gao Shaochen tightly grasped the arm of the woman in a court dress, with a tender look. Different from the way he normally appeared, this tenderness was from the depths of his heart.

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 310

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