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Cheng Lingran naturally didn't believe that Jiang Xiu could arrange for a private plane. In the year 2008, private jets were something only heard of on the television. It was too high-end, yet Jiang Xiu had really taken them to the VIP waiting area.

She asked with shock, "Little Xiu, what's going on?"

She knew about his background really well. He wasn't some son of a wealthy family acting like a loser but rather a genuine one.

"My friend needs an airplane at the Imperial Capital. It was just about to take off from here, so I requested him to let you ride it."

Cheng Lingsu scoffed at the side. Swindler, keep deceiving her.

"I'm going to the washroom."

Cheng Lingsu felt like she would reveal this devil's true ident.i.ty if she stayed here, so she left the scene. However, she was feeling quite nervous. After her elder sister leaves, she would have to live with him alone. She didn't know how that devil would handle or torment her.

"Little Xiu, I didn't know you had such connections."

"Did you not hear? I saved Tang Zhenshan's life coincidently."


Cheng Lingran had also heard Tang Zhenshan's name, "So it was like that."

"Sis, did you think about me during these years?"

Cheng Lingran clenched the fist on her thigh tightly, her gaze wandering on her little sister's back who had gone a bit far. She then glared at Jiang Xiu, feeling that these words were too ambiguous. Cheng Lingran was worried about what Susu would think if she heard those words, yet she was stunned by Jiang Xiu pa.s.sionate gaze. "Why are you acting so mischievous now? Is this the way you're supposed to look at your sister?"

"I'll poke your eyes."

Jiang Xiu was stunned. He felt that the younger Cheng Lingran's charm was indeed a bit peculiar as she changed a bit too much later. He never knew she had such a peevish side.

"Why can't I look at my sister?"

These words were a bit shameless.

Cheng Lingran felt her cheeks burn up. Jiang Xiu motioned with his hand for her to come near. As a girl, she naturally felt quite curious, so she matched him.

"Sis, I'm actually a big bad wolf."

Cheng Lingran giggled, "Looks like you indeed know it!"

Jiang Xiu got excited after seeing her dimples. He never knew that Cheng Lingran had such amorous expressions without the chains of hate binding her.

"Sis, can I ask you something?"


"Why didn't you come to see me later on?"

After the Jiang family had declined, no one was there to take care of Jiang Xiu. Cheng Lingran was still only 9 years old when he was sent to Dongzhou to study. She came to deliver gifts to him for 5 continuous years and also came there to see him occasionally. However, she stopped visiting all of a sudden. Jiang Xiu remembered it pretty well. He was in 7th grade then while Cheng Lingran was in 9th grade.

Cheng Lingran got fl.u.s.tered, "W-Wasn't that the time for the high school entrance exam?"

"And after the exam?"

"I've forgotten about things from such a long time ago."

They hadn't seen each other ever since then, right until Cheng Lingsu's birthday.

"Was it puppy love?"

Cheng Lingran was 15 years old then, an age when girls yearned for love and also experienced first love. The 13-year-old Jiang Xiu was entirely ignorant then and though he missed Cheng Lingran, he missed her gifts more. He felt dejected after she stopped coming.

"Puppy love your head!"

This brat really dares to say anything.

Cheng Lingran blushed from the shame and flicked his head with her finger, seething with anger, "Not everyone has puppy love like you and Susu, getting engaged when you weren't even a one year old."

Jiang Xiu exclaimed after the flick to the head then felt his forehead as if it hurt a lot, "That's different. It was an arranged betrothal of kids, not puppy love."

"What's between you both is puppy love…"

Cheng Lingran felt that she was being accused wrongly. She wasn't expecting retaliation from him. She reached out to hit him again for acting so bad, but he grabbed her tender hand.

"You're quite brave. You actually dare to hit back?"

"I'm fighting against injustice, against exploitation, against domestic violence."

"Let go…"

"I'll scream you're hara.s.sing me." Cheng Lingran warned him.

"Sis, if you do that then my life would be over. I'll be branded as a pervert then beaten up. I wouldn't have any face left to meet people anymore. I'll lose my confidence and live with a feeling of inferiority, numbing my vexed feelings with booze, living in an intoxicated world every day."

"I'll become a broken man."

Cheng Lingran forced a smile, "If you continue to act like a victim, who among us will have to suffer the losses then?"

"Me!" Jiang Xiu replied with a confident tone, "You'll hit me if I let go. Let it be. Hit me if you want to. If I don't enter h.e.l.l, who will? I certainly can't make such a beautiful person like you enter h.e.l.l, so I have to take this task. Can't you act better towards a person like me who's destined to end up in h.e.l.l?"

Cheng Lingran giggled and wanted to retort, but she shut her mouth immediately then withdrew her hand suddenly. She saw that Cheng Lingsu had returned.

Jiang Xiu also saw this and had some aggressive thoughts. This Deity made a huge mistake by not killing you.

"We can take things for free since it's the VIP area."

Cheng Lingsu came back with several kinds of things and entered her role as the youngest daughter of the Cheng family.

"Sis, do you want some?"

Cheng Lingran shook her head. She discovered that the back of her hand was sweaty. It naturally wasn't from her, so there was no doubt it was from Jiang Xiu. She wondered why he was sweating so much. There were two reasons people sweat, when it was too hot or when they were too nervous. The AC was running here, so it wasn't due to the heat, which meant that he was quite nervous.

Why was he so nervous? Could it be… that he was trying to take advantage of me? Cheng Lingran's face turned red as she peeked towards him. He too dodged her gaze as if he had done something immoral. Cheng Lingran was sure about her guess now, and this made her blush even more.

Cheng Lingran bit her lips, feeling her hand hurt as if she was wronged.

"Mister, your flight is ready."

The female attendant came over with a smile.


The party stood up and walked over towards the boarding area. The sisters were reluctant to part after reaching there. Cheng Lingran felt quite worried about her parents, "You'll have to keep a watch on mom and dad since I'm leaving. Take care of yourself too."

Cheng Lingsu wailed in her mind. Take care of myself? I'm going to enter h.e.l.l today onwards. I don't know how this devil will torment me now.

"I know! Sis, you also take care of yourself in the Imperial Capital."

As Cheng Lingran was about to board, Jiang Xiu gave her a bank card, "It's better to have money while traveling. I know you'll refuse, but you don't need to use the money so just keep it with you. The pin is your birthday."

Cheng Lingran hesitated a bit but still took it in the end, "Mhm!"

Cheng Lingsu felt enraged to the side. This money is originally our Cheng family's money.

The airplane took off with a boom.

Cheng Lingran sat at the window seat. The aircraft's interior was pretty luxurious and was remodeled especially. She was really startled after entering inside. An airplane like this usually cost around 100 million, and a single trip had an expenditure of a few million. After she asked the attendant, she had told Cheng Lingran that she was the only client and this flight was scheduled for her alone.

She looked towards the airport with astonishment through the window. The favor Jiang Xiu had earned for saving Tang Zhenshan was just like the card he had given her. After using it, the money in it would keep decreasing, and finally, all the funds in it would run out. The card would be over drafted sooner or later. She felt quite stunned that he had spent such a huge amount to deliver her back to the Imperial Capital.

The traces of him grabbing her hand were still present there. She took out a lollipop out from her purse then suckled on it.

"Where are we going?"

Cheng Lingsu asked timidly. This devil acts quite amiable with Sis but is always so cold towards me.

"Don't worry about me. I can squeeze in with uncle and aunt."

She was quite afraid of staying alone with Jiang Xiu. If she were together with the Jiang couple, she would feel better.

"Do you think you're qualified to live together with this Deity's parents?"

Cheng Lingsu didn't dare to utter a word as she knew that would invite trouble to herself if she confronted him head-on.

"Didn't you want to live in a villa?"

"This Deity has a big villa, it's enough for you to live in." Cheng Lingsu screamed in alarm, "NO, I WON'T GO…"

Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 102

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