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The others slowly came to a realization that Jiang Xiu had taken care of the Evil Spirit, albeit through a somewhat terrifying method. Legends of humans capable of swallowing monsters were often spread among the common folk. People like these possessed unusual talents and had an extraordinary fate. In the ancient times, they were awarded positions of n.o.bility, and some even climbed to the place of the Emperor.

They realized that Mr. Jiang wasn't an average person.

"He won!"

"Mr. Jiang killed the Evil Spirit!"

"Very good."

Since the crisis had ended, Secretary Gu and the rest went over to welcome him. Secretary Gu was especially excited, "Thank you, Mr. Jiang, for upholding justice and eliminating this scourge."


Jiang Xiu's face was as calm as still water as if dealing with the Evil Spirit was an ordinary matter.

"How's Lady Xiao?"

"Inside the woods!"

They walked into the woods. Since the Evil G.o.d controlling her was already dead, she should have recovered. The group followed behind Jiang Xiu and reached the place where Xiao Xuetong laid beside a pile of burnt matches. Smoke still rose out of the matchsticks, indicating that they finished burning not long ago.

Ming Lun was controlling Xiao Xuetong through the use of fire. Since he was dead, the flame also extinguished.



w.a.n.g Zhenbang and Sister Li called out to her many times, but"O she didn't wake up. If it weren't for signs of breathing, they would've doubted she had already died.

"Her soul must have wandered." Zhang Xiaoling commented.

"That's quite troublesome."

Jiang Xiu came beside Xiao Xuetong and crouched down, placing his finger at her Yin Hall while softly chanting a spell. A white light entered between her eyebrows.


Xiao Xuetong groaned from her lovely nose, and immediately after that, her eyelashes trembled slightly before she opened her eyes.

She finally woke up!


She asked in a daze, "W-Where am I?"

"It's not important, everything's fine now…"

Jiang Xiu and Secretary Gu didn't stay as the matter was settled. They didn't want to wait for these people to say they wish to repay or something like that. In fact, these people couldn't compensate someone like Jiang Xiu and Secretary Gu.

They had hardly come out of the woods when a person came chasing after them, "Mister, please wait!"

It was Zhang Xiaoling.

"What is it?"

Zhang Xiaoling knelt down on the ground with force, "I request Mister to take me as an apprentice, I wish to follow Mister for my entire life and do anything Mister wishes."

"You aren't qualified!" Jiang Xiu replied indifferently.

Jiang Xiu left after saying this, leaving Zhang Xiaoling kneeling there with a dead look on his face, unable to stand up even after a long time had pa.s.sed.

"Mr. Jiang, let me see you off…"

Secretary Gu didn't possess the least bit of hesitation. He had decided that he must definitely bring such an eccentric to his Gu family. Even if his elder brother wasn't appreciative of this, he had to have good relations with Jiang Xiu as this man possessed extraordinary abilities.

Jiang Xiu didn't refuse him as he didn't have a vehicle.

Along the route, Secretary Gu inquired about the circ.u.mstances regarding Jiang Xiu's father. He had already prepared himself to reverse the verdict of Jiang Xiu's father no matter how big the pressure from others, and reinstate Jiang Xiu's father to his original position.

This matter was very complicated. The current society wasn't a dictatorial one. Secretary Gu didn't have the final say in Jiangnan. In fact, he too felt much pressure in Jiangnan as the powers of all parties were very sophisticated.

Another significant bit was that Jiang Xiu had indeed committed the crime then. So it would bring high risk to Secretary Gu if he acted, but he believed it was worth it.

After returning home, Jiang Xiu found that the all the lights and the AC were on. He saw Cheng Lingsu had fallen asleep on the sofa while snuggling. She opened her eyes slightly after hearing some noise. After looking at Jiang Xiu, she sat up and replied carelessly, "You came back!"

Jiang Xiu scowled, "Why didn't you sleep inside the room?"

"I was waiting for you to return."

"Hah!" Jiang Xiu snorted, pitilessly exposing her lie, "The lights are on in the entire house, the tea room, the kitchen and even the corridor's lights are on, and you say you were waiting for this Deity? You were scared, right?"

Being alone in such a big villa would naturally scare a 17 year-old-girl. Cheng Lingsu kept silent, indicating that Jiang Xiu's words were right.

"You're not allowed to turn on so many lights after this."


Jiang Xiu didn't bother with her and returned to his room. After turning off the lights, Cheng Lingsu went into the room next door to Jiang Xiu's. Jiang Xiu didn't go to sleep but instead sat in meditation to cultivate to purify the energy he had absorbed today.

Another G.o.dhood Halo had appeared in his body. This one was black, and according to what Ming Lun had said, it was called North Emperor's G.o.dhood Halo. Since it was so, Jiang Xiu surmised that the other two G.o.dhood Halos also had names and their respective uses.

He recalled that Cheng Lingsu had bought some books for him. He picked up the Divine Race Evolution Theory book to read it. He wished to find something related to the G.o.dhood Halo from these books.

There was an a.n.a.logy made inside the book. There was a dog called a pit bull in the US. They were bred between terriers and bulldogs. By improving the genes, an aggressive dog breed with a high destructive power was trained.

The Author had used this as a metaphor to say that the Divine Race had also done a similar thing, creating divine races with high fighting strength by exploiting the genetics. But for some unknown reason, the Divine Race perished in the end.

"That's quite the novel inference!"

Such a line of thought had never occurred on the Immortal Martial Continent. The Divine Race rejected interracial marriage. Due to this, many lovers were broken up, and also left behind many romantic legends on the Immortal Martial Continent. For a long time, the notion of the Divine Race was that the more ancient and purer the bloodline, the better it was.

If a Divine Race had gathered all the perks of the others, there was no doubt that they would become quite powerful.

"It's inevitable that they perished."

The genetic study of humans naturally couldn't predict the evolution of the Divine Race's genes as it involved the rules of the world as well as endless marvels. Humanity hasn't even touched 1 billionth of the world's secrets till now.

"It'd incur Heaven's Wrath."

The Heavenly Dao kept everything in balance and those who have been able to escape its grasp number very few.

"Maybe it's possible for an Immortal Emperor, otherwise, who else can resist such a degree of Heaven's Wrath?"

Cheng Lingus hadn't actually fallen asleep. She was listening to the sounds of the adjacent room. She heard him get up and also listened to the sounds of pages being turned over. A lot of thoughts flashed through her mind, but it all turned into sadness in the end.

Cheng Lingsu changed her way of work on the next morning. She went out and bought breakfast before Jiang Xiu got up.

It was Jiang City's unique breakfast, soy milk, and deep-fried breadsticks.

Jiang Xiu felt disdain towards him. He had a cell phone in hand as he told her, "My mother called me. She wants us to go over there. It's possible she might have heard about your family's matter."

A big matter like the Cheng family going bankrupt would reach their ears sooner or later.

Cheng Lingsu bowed her head and drank the soy milk.

"You haven't said anything to my parents, right?"

"I haven't called Uncle and Aunt." Cheng Lingsu replied.

"What about your parents?"

Cheng Lingsu muttered to herself. She hadn't called them yesterday, and they too didn't call her yesterday. She shook her head, "I don't know. I think they won't call."

When the Cheng family was at its peak, her father acted decently, but her mother had mocked and ridiculed many people. Now that the Cheng family had gone bankrupt after meeting with misfortune, they naturally didn't have any face left.

"My parents don't know about my matter." Jiang Xiu commented.

"I won't say anything."

After finis.h.i.+ng breakfast, Jiang Xiu went to Cloudlake along with Cheng Lingsu. Lin Yueling was at the fruit stall in the morning. Though she was the owner of the entire street now, she was used to getting up early and couldn't stay idle.

Lin Yueling's eyes shone after seeing the youthful Cheng Lingsu beside Jiang Xiu. She welcomed her by gripping her hands cordially, "You are Susu, right? A girl really changes when she gets older. You've become prettier."

The Cheng family's pair of sisters had stunning appearances. Cheng Lingsu was adorned in white today and seemed to transform this messy street view into a dream-like illusion just by standing there.

She smiled sweetly, "Aunt Lin."

"Good girl, have you eaten breakfast?" Lin Yueling felt quite happy being addressed in such a way, but Jiang Xiu frowned inwardly. The matter of his family getting destroyed hadn't happened in this timeline, so Lin Yueling still had a good impression of Cheng Lingsu. He felt that this wasn't a good sign.

"I did."

Lin Yueling took out a red envelope of gift money from her pocket, "I haven't seen you for such a long time. Here's a red envelope from Aunt."

The envelope was quite thick. It was clear that there were at least 1000 bucks in there.

"Thank you!"

Cheng Lingsu received it while clenching her hands. She knew Lin Yueling must have become anxious that she didn't have money after Lin Yueling went bankrupt.

Jiang Xiu shook her head. Mother, you're too kind-hearted. You don't know how malicious this woman is. She's the reason for the ruin of our family in the previous timeline.

Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 116

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