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Jiang Xiu smiled coolly. Since Mr. Lee didn't bid after that, he too didn't bid. He planned to buy two items, and he was already done with that. The auction proceeded after that, and the rest of the people also broke free from the repressive mood due to the two items which were auctioned just now. They were still discussing it even as the auction neared its end.

Everyone was trying to guess his background while Xiao Xuetong had become the center of focus as she was the woman who was accompanying Jiang Xiu. "Jiang Xiu, what does your family do that you're so wealthy?"

"We sold fruits before, but now, we do everything."

"However, using 600 Million Euros to buy these pieces of jewelry is really too much…" She didn't know what to say. In the year 2008 when the economic boom still hadn't occurred in China, being a millionaire was already enough to be considered as a wealthy person in the country. An amount of 600 Million Euros was just unimaginable.

Jiang Xiu disapproved of this. To him, money was just a mere worldly possession. Anything which money could buy wasn't valuable to him. The precious things were those which money couldn't buy.

After the auction ended, everyone interacted with each other, engaging in conversations while sipping wine.

Bai Xin said, "The wind is blowing in Xiao Xuetong's direction this time. I'm afraid she'll become RV's amba.s.sador this time. Jiang Xiu spent 600 Million Euros at RV's anniversary party, and this was also publicity for RV. The chances of me getting the amba.s.sador position are quite small."

She was really unwilling to admit defeat yet was also powerless. She hadn't expected Xiao Xuetong to bring in a millionaire who could easily take out 600 Million Euros. Even the Europeans were frightened.

As for those European and American female stars, they had almost gone crazy. The expressions on their faces were so extreme that even the makeup powder was falling off from their faces.

Long Tianyi said, "Hmph! There are many wealthy people in this world, but those who have authority are less in number. Mr. Lee is one of such people. As long as Mr. Lee says something regarding the RV amba.s.sador's choice, even the RV brand won't dare to ignore it."

Bai Xin's eyes lit up, "Really?"

Long Tianyi continued, "Of course. That brat is in the limelight right now, but as a result, he has offended Mr. Lee and those who offend Mr. Lee never have a good ending."

Mr. Lee walked over towards Jiang Xiu and sized him up and down. He wore a smile on his face and was full of confidence as if he were a monarch facing all those under the heavens. "The reason you spent so much money must because you wish for Ms. Xiao Xuetong to become RV's amba.s.sador."

Jiang Xiu smiled coolly and refused to comment.

Mr. Lee laughed at him with a taunting smile.

"What are you laughing for?" Jiang Xiu asked him.

"I'm laughing at your ignorance. Even if you a lot of money, just a word from me is enough to decide RV's China amba.s.sador. It'll be whoever I want it to be. Long Tianyi recommended Bai Xin to me. I think she's suitable for it, so I decided on her."

"Why don't I believe it then?"

"That's why I said you're ignorant. You simply don't know what the rules of this game are or how to play it. Brat, even if you have money, if you don't have sufficient power to protect it, you're just a sheep waiting to be slaughtered."

"Everyone, our Madame RV invites you in!"

RV staff held up Jiang Xiu for a moment to let him swipe the card. They asked him about how they should hand over the jewelry, and he replied to them in such a way, "It's fine to give those things to my driver."

He was just that willful and eccentric, but this had scared the h.e.l.l out of the RV staff members.  Mister, these are worth 600 Million Euros. Just holding the jewelry in one's hands was enough to make the person tremble with anxiety.

When Jiang Xiu and Xiao Xuetong went in, they saw Mr. Lee, the members of the Long family as well as Bai Xin already present inside.

It was quite calm here, and the place was a Gaulle-styled manor. Here, Jiang Xiu saw an old European woman who was over 70 years old. Her face was full of wrinkles, but she wore elegant and luxurious clothing.

This woman had single-handedly established RV and brought it to the epitome of luxury goods chain, Madame RV.

Madame RV gave a European n.o.ble greeting towards Jiang Xiu and Xiao Xuetong, "Respectful Mister, we are quite happy that you like our jewelry that much."

"Please take a seat!"

She made the servant pour a cup of expensive wine for Jiang Xiu and Xiao Xuetong.

"Since Mister has used such a high price to purchase our jewelry, you must have a condition, right? There's no harm in saying it." In fact, the madame's heart was in a conflict.

However, Jiang Xiu's reply was out of her expectations. "I don't have any conditions!"

Xiao Xuetong wanted to ask Jiang Xiu to help her get the position of the amba.s.sador, but she didn't request it in the end. Their relations.h.i.+p wasn't that good to ask for something like that. If Jiang Xiu didn't plan to mention it, she too wasn't planning to say anything.

Madame RV said, "Since it's this way, let's not waste too much time on it and go with Mr. Lee's suggestion. RV's China amba.s.sador will be Ms. Bai Xin."

Xiao Xuetong hung her head down grudgingly while the victor, Bai Xin, almost leaped up in joy. She trembled all over and couldn't suppress her excitement. If this news were disseminated along with the proper propaganda, she would immediately rise to the international scene and reach a level higher than Xiao Xuetong.

Mr. Lee's gaze swept past Jiang Xiu. Do you understand now, brat?!

Some things aren't decided by money.

In my eyes, you're just a frog leaping here and there, even if you're able to leap, you're just a frog in the end.

"Wait for a second!"

Madame RV asked in surprise, "Is there a problem?"

"Of course, there is. Why did Madame RV decide who'll be the China amba.s.sador?"

Everyone wondered whether Jiang Xiu had become an idiot. Since the RV brand belonged to Madame RV, she'd naturally have the final say about who'll become the China amba.s.sador. Just her name RV was enough to decide it!

Long Xiaoru couldn't help but ask, "Do you think you're amazing just because you have money?"

Madame RV asked him, "What does Mister mean?"

"I want to know one thing. I heard that RV is trying to look for an amba.s.sador for the Asia zone?"

She nodded, "Indeed!"

RV was a luxury goods brand name. It had a significant influence in Europe and America and was even considered the best luxury brand, but its performance in the Asia Pacific zone was average. It was accurate to say that they weren't even able to enter the Asia Pacific market. The RV family had discussed this several times and concluded that it was due to the conflict brought about by the difference in culture. Therefore, they looked for a company to act as their agent and w.a.n.g Xintong had used a costly amount of 1.5 billion to seize this authority to act as the agent.

"Since you've already chosen an agent, then Madame RV doesn't have the power to interfere in the other party's work. Therefore, Madame RV doesn't have the final say in who becomes the RV's China amba.s.sador."

Mr. Lee interjected, "You're too naïve!"

"Whoever I decide on will become the amba.s.sador!"

His tone was quite firm and overbearing. It was almost as if even Madame RV had to listen to him.

Madame RV said, "Mr. Lee's intentions are mine as well. I'll notify Ms. w.a.n.g who's the agent that this is the decision of the headquarters. She won't oppose it as well."

"That's where you are wrong. She'll definitely reject it!"

Madame RV was puzzled!

"Because I'm her boss!"


Mr. Lee, the members of the Long family, as well as Bai Xin, including Xiao Xuetong were all very shocked. They never expected him to have hidden so deep.

Even Madame RV was shocked.

"I don't think Bai Xin is suitable. As long as the rights to act as RV's agent in the Asia Pacific zone are in my hands, she'll never become the RV Girl. You can mark my words on that!"

He had slapped Mr. Lee's in public for the third time now, causing Mr. Lee's face to turn ashen.

It was really too painful.

"Xiao Xuetong will be the new RV Girl!"

Life was a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, it was pretty exciting. Xiao Xuetong believed she had completely lost the change of becoming RV's amba.s.sador but never expected that such a development would occur.

Madame RV asked, "What if I insist on using Bai Xin?"

"I'll insist on using Xiao Xuetong." Jiang Xiu replied.

"I'll revoke your qualifications to act as RV's agent in the Asia Pacific region then!"

"You have the right to do that, but your RV family better prepare a good compensation. I believe the amount won't be low. Think about whether you are still going to rely on him. Just don't forget how he made a fool of himself in the auction just now."

For an agent fee of over a Billion RMB, which is around 100 Million Euros, the penalty amount absolutely wouldn't be low under normal circ.u.mstances. With how talented w.a.n.g Xintong was in business, this penalty would naturally be quite high and no lower than ten times the fee.

"A poor sob who couldn't take out money to buy jewelry for his girlfriend or to save his face, do you think he'll be willing to pay the penalty?"

"f.u.c.ker!" The man standing behind Mr. Lee dashed over in anger, took out a saber knife and seized the opportunity to slash at Jiang Xiu.

For a moment, the entire place was brightened up by the blade's reflection as earth-shattering energy descended.


"It looks like you're really set on opposing me, brat. Do you even know who I am?"

Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 242

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