Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 252

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Blood seeped out through his fingers, and he couldn't hear anything at all except for the sound of blood flowing. His gaze slowly blurred.

Through the satellites, it wasn't just China watching the place but also the critical political game makers of Korea's Lee family who were watching the place. As they saw Korea's DemiG.o.d cover his throat, blood continuously flowing from it, each and every one of the staffs inside Korea's satellite tensed up.

"He'll be fine, right?"

There were many legends of Korea's DemiG.o.d pa.s.sed down in Korea. He was a G.o.dly person who gave them a boost in confidence and courage.

His great name was Lee Jae-Soo!

"Senior Jae-Soo!"

A Korean astronaut cried out in alarm.

They all believed Lee Jae-Soo had died long ago but never thought he was able to live till now and supported the elite Korean chaebol family, the Lee family, from the shadows.

But right now, it was possible Lee Jae-Soo might get killed by a Chinese youth, this really was a bit difficult for them to accept. They'd have instead preferred that Lee Jae-Soo died on the battlefield and not in such a ridiculous way.

In the next moment, however, their expressions warped as they came close to the big screen nervously. Lee Jae-Soo's fear-filled eyes slowly turned golden, just like a beast's, along with pretty golden fur growing on his face.

The wound on his throat began to quickly heal as well.


Moreover, in the deified form, he had a powerful healing ability.

Simultaneously, Lee Jae-Soo's body became larger at speed visible to the naked eye. His hair came off, replaced by golden fur growing in place of it. His teeth became sharp and body full of vitality, possessing a dense, formidable power.

"This is…"

The people who were watching the feed from the Korean satellite were frightened as they were witnessing this kind of thing for the first time ever.

"Deification! Senior Lee Jae-Soo can deify!"

One of the Korean officers shouted excitedly.



The officer explained proudly, "Do you know who DemiG.o.ds are? True DemiG.o.ds are ordinary people who are evolving towards becoming a G.o.d, so they have a different form from humans. Deification gives them incomparable power."

"Just like Senior Lee Jae-Soo, even if his throat was cut, he was able to recover from the injury."

Korea had many legends relating to G.o.ds, and most of those G.o.ds had all kinds of appearances, some looking like spirits and others like monsters, so they adapted to Lee Jae-Soo's transformation quite rapidly.

The astonishment in their eyes gradually turned into fanaticism, "Senior Lee Jae-Soo will surely kill him."

They wished for Lee Jae-Soo to attack Jiang Xiu.

"Make that Chinese monkey experience our Korean manly might!"

Lee Jae-Soo's expression also twisted. The sounds of broken bones healing came out from his throat as he yelled with a beastly voice. "Jiang Luoxia, you've infuriated me!"

His voice only seemed like a howl when it came out.

Jiang Xiu, however, could understand it. It was a low-level divine language, but he only held contempt in his eyes as this person was yet another one who had walked down the wrong path in divinity cultivation and would just end up as a monster if he continued evolving.

"2nd Deification Form!"

Long Zaizong was stunned. In their impression, Lee Jae-Soo had only achieved the 1st form. It seemed like he had actually hidden his strength. The difference in power between each form was enough to crush the opponent as it was as vast as the difference in levels of martial artists.

"He was able to survive Jiang Luoxia's attack."

After seeing that Lee Jae-Soo was able to survive against Jiang Luoxia's attack, they were filled with confidence as well. He had broken off Jiang Luoxia's one-hit-kill momentum and made them realize that Jiang Luoxia wasn't that powerful at all.

Lee Jae-Soo said, "Jiang Luoxia, you really aren't weak, but you've chosen the wrong opponent. Today is the day of your death!"


A faint gaseous, giant ape-like image formed behind him, which released a furious roar.

"Wild Punch!"

Along with the beastly roar, Lee Jae-Soo rose high into the air and punched out with fierce power. Following his actions, the 10 m tall ape behind him also punched out.

The punch seemed to possess an immeasurable force as heavy as Mt. Tai.

"So powerful!"

The people in Korea watching this scene on the monitor cheered excitedly. That Korean officer also nodded as well. The power behind this punch gave the impression that it could destroy a tiny mountain with ease.

"Really amazing!"

"Ancient G.o.d Race…" Jiang Xiu's apathetic gaze swept past him as he laughed lightly, "Useless trash like you also dares to make a fuss here."

He chirped, "Arcane Saber Light Style, destroy the spirit in an instant; it is all but a delusion!"


"How can you all even come close to figuring out my Saber Dao?"

Jiang Xiu turned a blind eye to Lee Jae-Soo's fury filled punch. His voice suddenly changed from Chinese to a divine language which was full of mysterious profundities. Those who heard it would only feel an endless shock as well as a chill in their hearts.

"Soul Return!"

Lee Jae-Soo's gaze turned blank mid-air.


Lee Jae-Soo's body issued a crackling sound as it turned into ice condensed on top of his body at speed visible to the naked eye.

"Soul Breakdown!"

Saber intent rushed out from Lee Jae-Soo's body and along with a bang, that ice-body exploded on the scene, along with several saber lights rus.h.i.+ng out from inside.

His body was utterly smashed!

Everyone who witnessed this scene was shocked.

China's elderly military officer who saw this jumped up excitedly, "Good, good, good…"

Though he didn't know what was good, being able to kill a powerful enemy was something good after all.

As for those Koreans who saw this scene on the monitor, they wore a grief-stricken as well as a stupefied look on their faces. Each one of them was thunderstruck by the fact that Senior Lee Jae-Soo whom they viewed as a G.o.d was killed. As for the guy who commented that Senior Lee Jae-Soo will make Jiang Xiu experience Korean's many might, his mouth had turned into a complete oval shape, his lips trembling with shock.

"That Chinese man, can no one survive against him?"

It was really too shocking!

It made his heart beat faster.

It wasn't just him, all the DemiG.o.ds present on the scene, and the others were also shocked.

Even the nine-python robed man was stunned.

"Hmph!" Jiang Xiu withdrew his gaze which was filled with disdain, killing an enemy like this was the same as slaughtering a pig to him. His gaze fell on the other DemiG.o.ds, "What will you do now?"

"If all of us act together, we can definitely kill him."

"Everyone, coordinate with each other and surround him!"

As soon as someone said this, the DemiG.o.ds leaped ahead and surrounded Jiang Xiu to besiege him.

"d.a.m.n it!" The elderly officer's expression warped, "They aren't going to act so shamelessly, right?"

"Are DemiG.o.ds like them going to not even live up to their name?"

A small voice came from a distance from where Jiang Xiu was surrounded.

"Looks like they are ahead!"

The first martial artist who rushed ahead saw the scene of Jiang Xiu being surrounded by 20 DemiG.o.ds. The situation was exceptionally intense. Many of the people who had rushed over here were filled with excitation as they wished to witness this shocking battle with their own eyes.

"This is too shameless. 20 DemiG.o.ds are planning to attack Jiang Luoxia?"

"Does Heaven's Gate have any face left?"

The one who said this was a Chinese DemiG.o.d, the leader of the Copper Trigram Sect, Liu Yunhai.

"Hahaha! Your words are mistaken!" A thin-lipped man beside him commented. He had an eastern face and spoke awkward-sounding Chinese. From his voice, he seemed to be a j.a.panese person. "Anything goes during a battle of life and death. Wasn't it China's Sun Tzu who said these words - All's fair in war."

An Long had also rushed over here. His face was full of worry.

1 versus 20, is there a chance of winning?

An Long believed that no person of Heaven's Gate was Jiang Luoxia's opponent if they were fighting one versus one, but this wasn't a battle for ranking, but to kill each other.

"Jiang Luoxia is too arrogant and crazy. He barged into Heaven's Gate alone but in the end, got besieged by them."

"Ever since the ancient times, heroes have always acted alone!"

Currently, Jiang Luoxia's long hair was floating up, and lightning seemed to flash inside his eyes. His aura appeared to cover the entire heavens. In this instant, everyone's gazes were fixed on him, his bold att.i.tude giving them a deep shock.


"Jiang Luoxia is quite amazing but, in the end, he is heavily outnumbered!" A foreigner of unknown origin commented, feeling pity for Jiang Luoxia.

Just having the guts to barge into Heaven's Gate alone was enough to make them respect him.

The elderly officer's mood turned heavier after watching the scene on the monitor. "Tell our people there to get ready to provide support. They must finish their jobs. Even if there's a one-trillionth chance of succeeding, we must grab it!


"Jiang Luoxia, you're indeed quite strong and your methods equally surprising, but you underestimate my Heaven's Gate too much. We have over 20 DemiG.o.ds, and among them, there are several who cultivate arcane and mysterious skills."

"Everyone, attack with all your strength!"

The DemiG.o.ds felt a considerable pressure. If they didn't rush to kill Jiang Luoxia, they might become the next Lee Jae-Soo.

"Crimson Flame!"

"Law of Darkness!"

"Ying-Yang Dragons Amulet!"

Countless formidable spells shot towards Jiang Xiu. Dazzling lights filled the entire sky, taking obscure paths or shooting right at him.

All the lights fused into a multi-colored light and charged at Jiang Xiu.


Jiang Xiu laughed contemptuously, like the last boss of a game. An intense light appeared in front of his forehead as the saber pill rushed out along with his divine intent, followed by his voice resounding in the area.

"Chapter Two of the Soul Scripture - The universe plunders the void eternally; the irrational desolation makes its descent!"

"Freezing Wind Wave!"


A cold light flashed past, and when it did, the dead leaves falling from the sky stopped mid-air, the gra.s.s on the ground stopped waving, the DemiG.o.ds who had all a.s.sumed different attack postures in the air as well as the who were watching from afar all stopped.

Time seemed to have stopped in this instant.

With only that glittering light moving.

Girl, I'll Teach You Cultivation Chapter 252

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