GJ Bu Volume 2 Chapter 29

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Volume 2 - Chapter 29: Date?

One day during summer vacation, the president invited Kyouya out.

"Hey, were you waiting for a long time?"

A voice came from behind Kyouya. It was the president calling out to him, right on time.

"No, not at all. I made sure to come 2 hours after the time we agreed on this time, so— whoa, what the heck is that?"

Kyouya spoke without thinking as he saw the president's outfit.

He wasn't quite sure how to describe the president today. Her outfit looked quite similar to an elementary schooler's. She was wearing a sailor style blouse with puffy sleeves, and ribbons were blooming like flowers everywhere you looked on her outfit. On her collar, near her hips on her shorts, and on her shoes. Her hair was tied into twintails held together by small, round, puffs of fur. To finish it all off, her purse was cat themed.

"What are you talking about?"

The president stood in her usual commanding pose with her hands on her hips. Appearances aside, she was still the same president as ever.

"No... um... never mind..."

Kyouya decided to stay quiet. He thought it would be rude to comment on someone else's fashion sense.

"Come on, I'll treat you to lunch."

The president led the way, walking in her usual confident stride.

Kyouya was left scratching his head in confusion. He thought he had figured out a pattern in the president's fashion tastes during the training camp, but this childish outfit shouldn't be part of that. At least, that's what Kyouya had thought.

Pretty soon, Kyouya was pouring sweat from walking in direct sunlight.

With the asphalt road beneath them reflecting the midsummer sun's heat back at them, Kyouya felt like he was being roasted in an oven.

The president walked on ahead. Where were they heading to? Kyouya didn't even know what today's plans were in the first place.

"Hm? Prez, what did you just say back there?"

Kyouya was preoccupied with thinking about the president's outfit earlier, but he had a feeling he heard the president say something.

"I said I'll treat you to lunch."

"Really? You will?"

Kyouya was touched. This was rare, coming from the president, who was usually a proponent of splitting the bill.

The president headed towards the shopping district while pulling Kyouya along by the hand. Kyouya couldn't help but be conscious of the gazes of the people they passed by. From their perspective, did they look like a couple on a date? He didn't think that was too likely. They probably looked more like an elementary school age kid out with her older brother.

"We're here."

Said the president. It was an unremarkable family restaurant.

They entered the restaurant and sat down. It was not quite noon yet, so the restaurant was nearly empty.

"Pick whatever you like, it's my treat."

Kyouya opened the menu and browsed through it. Before long, they were approached by the waitress.

"Ah... um..."

Kyouya tensed up slightly as he was a bit caught up in the minor luxury of having so much choice only to be interrupted unexpectedly.

"Um... uh..."

"Onii-chan, come on! If you don't decide soon, you're going to make trouble for the nice waitress lady!"

Said the president.

"Excuse me?"

Kyouya lifted his eyes from the menu and gazed at the elementary schooler-like girl sitting across from him.

"Did you just call me Onii-chan?"

The moment the words left his mouth, Kyouya received a violent kick in the shin from under the table.

"Um... I want, I want this one!"

With her tiny finger, the president pointed to the kids' meal. It looked to be ketchup rice with a tiny flag standing in it. That was quite a rare sight.

"Um, then... I'll have the daily special."

After the waitress had left, the president quickly returned to her usual self.

"You could've ordered something more expensive, you know. Like steak or something. I told you I'd pay for it."

"No, um... Prez?"

Kyouya thought about what he should ask about, what he should ask first. The most pressing question had to be...

"Why am I your brother?"

"Because you can't order the kids' meal as an adult. And because I can't get in by myself without a guardian if I'm dressed like this."

"Why me? Just come with Megumi-chan or Shion-san..."

"Because it's embarrassing."

"It's not embarrassing if it's with me?"

"Because you're just Kyoro."

"Why the kids' meal?"

That last question seemed to have flipped a switch in the president. After that, Kyouya had to endure a heated speech on the greatness of the kids' meal, about how it makes the heart pound, and about the importance of the tiny flag standing in the rice.

It lasted until the waitress brought over the kids' meal.

Looking at the president, who was entirely focused on gobbling down her meal, holding her spoon like a little kid, Kyouya thought:

What a strange date.

That is, on the off chance that this could be considered a date.

Character Profile

Amatsuka Mao ② - Liked Foods/Disliked Foods

Likes: Carrots (the sweet ones)
Dislikes: Broccoli (The pieces are all tiny and crumbly, there's no way!)
[note] The kids' meal is not listed in the likes section because it's a holy food that transcends "like".

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GJ Bu Volume 2 Chapter 29

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