God and Devil World Chapter 935

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Seo Wi Guk laughed savagely, "These 6 women are mother and daughter pairs, polluting our pure Korean blood. Today, in front of you, a Chinese peak expert, I will fuck them!! Hahahaha!! Yoo Min Hee, crawl over with your daughter! This senior will fuck you to death!"

One of the mature ladies lost color in her face, getting on her knees as she pleaded, "Sir, Sir, I'm Korean, I've already been registered in the Korean Registry, I'm a Korean!! Please let us off!!"

Seok Wi Guk's eyebrows furrowed, as he lashed out with a vicious kick, sending her sprawling to the ground, "Bitch! I'm not interested anymore! You guys have your fun!!"

The guards erupted in cheers, laughing lewdly as they took off their pants, and held the Yoo Min Hee mother-daughter pair in place as they started to pound them.

As Yoo Min Hee was being raped, pain, despair, and anguish flashed past her face. Before the apocalypse, she was a beautiful woman, and her name was Liu Min Xi back in China. She even had plenty of suitors. However, she had married into Korea because of her dreams of having a Prince Charming from the dramas that she watched. When she came over, she realized that it was not all rainbows and flowers after all.

In Korea, while there were those who had no qualms against the Chinese, there were others who were antagonistic towards them. After the world changed, those who were originally from China began to face ostracization, and she had tasted her fair share of cruelty and unfairness.

"If only I didn't migrate. I'm sorry... if only I didn't give birth to you…"

In her despair, the already weakened Yoo Min Hee began to take her last few breaths. As she passed, her eyes were still looking apologetically at her daughter who was also being raped.

"I'm a bitch. I'm a slut. Mi, come over, we are 2 shameless bitches. Let's crawl over to Master. Ruff, ruff, ruff!"

Another lady with an impressive chest and exquisite features got on the ground, revealing a coy expression, aiming to please. She brought her 17-year-old daughter as they crawled over towards Seok Wi Guk. As they crawled, they barked. She just wanted to live on, as for her dignity and pride, she was willing to throw it all away. She had already given up on all those when the apocalypse happened.

Seok Wi Guk laughed out maniacally, grabbing Gao Mei's hair, like tugging on a leash, "Hahaha!! See this? Yue Zhong? This is a shameless bitch of your China! They had come to our Korea and dirtied our precious blood!! Giving birth to such a slut!! Speak for yourself, are you a slut? Are you?!"

Gao Mei had a look of pain, with tears streaming down her face, "I'm a slut! I'm a bitch! Don't hit me! It hurts!!"

"Hahaha!!" Seok Wi Guk became even more excited. Humiliating the fellow countrymen of this Chinese expert was pleasurable to him. He wanted to savor Yue Zhong's despair and anguish.

Seok Wi Guk turned around and shot a look at the last mother-daughter pair who were huddled together in fear, and leered at them, "Zhao Xi, Jung Ri Soo, you 2 bitches better get over here as well!! This senior wants to fuck the 2 of you!!"

The beautiful Zhao Xi hugged her 16-year-old daughter Jung Ri Soo tightly, her face full of rage as she spat, "Peh! Seok Wi Guk, you damn beast. Ugly, nationalistic pig of Korea! Ri Soo and I are human beings, not some dogs! You will definitely die a wretched death!! Sang Jong will definitely come and save us!! When he does, it will be your death!!"

Seok Wi Guk's face twisted in a strange manner, as he laughed out excitedly, before clapping his hands, "Jung Sang Jong? Hehe, let's hear his opinion then. Bring him in!!"

One fashionably dressed man walked in under the escort of a soldier. He was tall and handsome.

"Sang Jong-gun!"


Seeing the middle-aged man, Zhao Xi and Jung Ri Soo cried out.

Jung Sang Jong came up to Seok Wi Guk with a fawning expression, "Seok Wi Guk-nim, you were looking for me?"

Seok Wi Guk shot him a cold glance, "I want to fuck your wife and daughter, any opinions?"

Jung Sang Jong had a toady smile, his words sharp and cut the hearts of Zhao Xi and Jung Ri Soo, "Wife? That woman is just a greedy slut from China who's after my money. The daughter that she gave birth to also has that lowly Chinese blood, contaminating the noble Korean blood in my veins. I've already long since grown sick of them. Seok Wi Guk-nim, go ahead if you want to, I have no objections.

Seok Wi Guk laughed out maniacally, and sent Gao Mei aside with a kick, "Hahaha! Well said!! You can have fun with these 2 then!"

"Thank you, Sir!! Thank you for your generosity, Sir!!"

Jung Sang Jong was delighted, and his face wore a perverse smile as he took off his pants.

Zhao Xi felt as though something in her heart broke apart. She trembled uncontrollably, cursing Jung Sang Jong, "Jung Sang Jong you beast!! You're not human!!"

In response, his face turned ugly as he cursed back, "Damn Chinese bitch, I'm a noble Korean! Watch your mouth, otherwise, I'll break your face, 2 shameless bitches!!"

Seeing his cruel outburst without regard for their familial ties, Zhao Xi and Jung Ri Soo started crying tears of despair. Their only family had abandoned them, there was no one left for them to rely on.

Seok Wi Guk roared with laughter as he enjoyed the scene, "Hahaha!! Hahaha!! Bitches, crawl over, otherwise, I'll throw you to those refugees and see how they toy with you till your death. Since they're lacking food, who knows, after your deaths, they will eat you up!! You can choose to be my bitches, I can feed you guys!! Still not crawling?! Seeking death?!"

His words were like a thunderbolt that struck the 2 of them, causing further despair and helplessness. They knew full well that he would do what he said. The moment they ended up at the hands of those hungry refugees, they would definitely be raped, killed, and eaten.

"Is it very funny? Seems like you like to raise humans as dogs. I, too, like that. You can be my dog then. Crawl over and lick my shoes, Seok Wi Guk!"

Right at this moment, a cold voice sounded out from behind him.

Seok Wi Guk felt his heart run cold, and he snapped his head back. When he saw who it was, he retreated a few steps uncontrollably, his face full of shock, "How is this possible?! I've administered the Spirit Confusion Grass. It can cause even super Evolvers to lose their strength! How is it that you're ok?!"

In front of his eyes, Yue Zhong, who should have been immobile and weak, had stood up.

"I've already known you guys were off. How the hell would I eat your food?"

Yue Zhong then spat out a piece of fish meat wrapped in Dark Dou Qi.

"Since you're not dead, let me send you on your way!! Everybody!! Attack!!"

Seok Wi Guk's eyes flashed with a savage glint, as he waved his hands, and a freezing energy enveloped Yue Zhong. He was a Spirit-based Evolver, his level 60. This freezing energy was enough to freeze an armored vehicle.

The soldiers who were toying with the women also swiftly got up, reaching for their weapons and activating their powers at Yue Zhong, without even wearing their pants.

"Bunch of trash, die!!"

There was a gleam in his eyes, as he took a step forward, disappearing from his position. He then slapped out at Seok Wi Guk.

There was a look of fear and despair in his eyes. Before he could speak, his head was already separated away from his body, smashing into a wall in a shower of blood and meat.

After killing Seok Wi Guk, Yue Zhong's fists shot out like meteors, blasting the bodies of the soldiers. His terrifying strength exploded out and the hearts of the soldiers burst open.

In barely a breath, all the experts within the hall had been slaughtered cleanly by Yue Zhong.

"Strong!! He's too strong!!"

Park Chae Young and the other women looked at Yue Zhong with fear and respect. In their eyes, Seok Wi Guk was like a demon, but he had barely lasted a moment in front of Yue Zhong. The might of Yue Zhong was thus etched deep in their heart.

"Don't kill me!! Don't kill me!! Please, I'm begging you, I'm a dog, spare me!! Spare me!!"

The arrogant Jung Sang Jong had been frightened to the point that he had pissed his pants. He kneeled on the floor and began kowtowing.

This Jung Sang Jong was practically dogshit, in order to leave, he was willing to do anything.

Yue Zhong shot him a disdainful look and took a step forward. He did not mind killing this sort of trash.

At this moment, Zhao Xi suddenly spoke in Chinese, "Sir, please, show him mercy, and let him off."

Yue Zhong glanced at her with an incredulous look, "You're still begging on behalf of this animal?"

Zhao Xi's eyes flashed with hurt, as she gritted her teeth, "Sir, he might not be good, but I cannot go against my morals. He is the father of my daughter, and I don't want him to die in front of his child."

God and Devil World Chapter 935

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