God Of Illusions Chapter 60

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A month was nothing to puppet masters who possessed an average lifespan of over 100 years, but this period of a month the members of the Savage Cla.s.s spent in the Infinite Mountain Range was a period of time that was unforgettable to them for their entire lifetimes!

"Big Brother Fei, we've found its lair!" Mo Ka ran hastily to Bai Xiaofei's side while excitement was written all over his face. Compared to the Mo Ka that extremely lacked confidence from a month ago, Mo Ka's face carried a trace of maturity now, and every single move he made carried a bearing that had lost that trace of immaturity from before.

"Where is it?" Bai Xiaofei revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. He didn't seem to have changed much. After all, he was already very experienced.

"It's around 5km east from here, Wu Chi and Fang Ye are keeping an eye on it!" Mo Ka didn't speak a single useless word, and his sloppy habit had vanished without a trace.

"Give the signal and gather everyone over, we'll move right now! No matter what, we can't allow them to escape today!" As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Mo Ka immediately withdrew a sleek bamboo tube, and with a pull, a dazzling white light shot into the sky while simultaneously emitting an ear piercing sound from the air being torn apart.

In less than three minutes, besides Wu Chi and Fang Ye who Mo Ka said were keeping an eye on their targets, the remaining 12 people had rushed over successively. Merely based on their outward appearances, the tremendous changes that they'd undergone when compared to a month before was obvious.

Every single one of their faces had a wisp of firmness and confidence. Living in the Infinite Mountain Range for a month had ground off the edges they shouldn't have and allowed them to become rocks that were extremely adaptable!

"Wu Chi and Fang Ye have found those two Earth Dire Bears. Today is our last day, and we must complete this final a.s.signment no matter what!" Bai Xiaofei's voice carried a trace of an intent for revenge, and the others had similar expressions on their faces.

Earth Dire Bear, Spiritual Rank Magic Beast. They mostly appeared in pairs, and even though they were bears, they possessed cunning that bears shouldn't possess. Moreover, their defensive strength was high and possessed formidable strength, causing them to absolutely be overlord level existences amongst low level Magical Beasts.

Besides that, these two Earth Dire Bears had already fought an entire three times with Bai Xiaofei and the others!

The first time was during the battle when they encountered each other around half a month ago. The 16 of them were utterly beaten, and if it wasn't for Xue Ying lending a hand, they might have already suffered casualties.

The second time was three days after that. Fang Ye noticed the two of them and Bai Xiaofei organized an encirclement, and that battle was the longest battle between them. One of the two Earth Dire Bears suffered a heavy injury while Xu Chen and Wu Chi were injured as well, and both parties withdrew from the battlefield.

Wu Chi and Xu Chen's injuries were healed a week later, and Bai Xiaofei led the Savage Cla.s.s to encircle them once more. This time, the Earth Dire Bears didn't put up much of a resistance and directly chose to flee, and Bai Xiaofei and the others didn't pursue due to environmental reasons.

Today, it was already the last day of their training plan, and these two Earth Dire Bears had been on the Starnet Rankings for an entire month!

With old and new scored to settle, this final battle would determine if they would be able to resolve them!

All of them didn't make the slightest sound as they moved through the dense forest, and the rhythm of their advance was comparable to an army that had undergone standard training. In less than 20 minutes of time, all of them had already arrived at their destination, and not a single person fell behind!

"They are still within the cave. They just returned from hunting, and that injured bear has healed." Wu Chi reported the situation at the first possible moment, and Bai Xiaofei observed the nearby terrain as he listened.

"Xu Chen, you take Zhu Nuo and Duan Yi'yi to guard that river on the left and prevent them from fleeing through there. Xing Nan, Fang Ye, both of you go find an extremely high spot now and provide support when necessary. The remaining people charge directly with me!"

There was utterly no need to make too many preparations because as old opponents, Bai Xiaofei already knew these two Earth Dire Bears like the back of his hand.

Xu Chen and the others swiftly took their positions, whereas, the remaining people ran directly towards the cave before them under Bai Xiaofei's lead.

At this moment, the Earth Dire Bears within the cave seemed to have sensed that something was off, and they raised their heads at the same moment, yet didn't have any intention to charge out.

A single man…. No, bear could hold down an army while within the cave. So, if Bai Xiaofei and the others really dared to charge in, then they would absolutely die.

However, Bai Xiaofei wasn't stupid to such an extent.

He held two extremely familiar b.a.l.l.s in his hand before throwing them into the cave with all his strength, and it wasn't long before a pungent smell came out from within.

The sense of smell of Magic Beasts was much more acute than humans, so the two Earth Dire Bears forcefully endured it for a moment before having no choice but to abandon their lair, and they roared madly as they charged out.

"Ming One, Ming Two!!!" The entrance to the cave wasn't really big, so they only had to face a single Earth Dire Bear at a time, whereas, along with Bai Xiaofei's roar, the Ming brothers instantly moved over to block the entrance. Their combination s.h.i.+elds combined into one, and behind the s.h.i.+eld was the two brothers that had become much more robust.

A month ago, both of them were merely at the Apprentice Rank, and they were at most capable of enduring three charges from Roar Boars. But, a month later, both of them had already attained the Proficient Rank, and they even dared to jointly take the strike of an Earth Dire Bear head on!


A m.u.f.fled bang resounded out as the Earth Dire Bear smashed its paw onto the s.h.i.+eld, but the two brothers didn't move in the slightest, causing the Earth Dire Bears to have no choice but to continue enduring that smell that was fatal to them.

"Retreat!" After failing its first strike, the Earth Dire Bear resolutely utilized its specialty. But, at the instant earth attribute energy started surging, Bai Xiaofei directly called the Ming brothers back.

A large row of spikes shot out from the place they were standing a second ago, and so long as they were slower by half a second, both of them would absolutely have become meat skewers.

Subsequently, the two Earth Dire Bears that were like small mountains run out successively, and both of them were in a dazed state because their noses had been severely irritated.

But, while they were in a bad state, Bai Xiaofei and the others just happened to be the opposite of that!

Fang Ye and Xing Nan who were hidden in the distance launched an attack at the same time, and the terrifying aspect of the Ranged Stream was vividly displayed at this moment.

On the other side, those Earth Dire Bears weren't stupid. Even though they were unable to see the attacks that came from Fang Ye and Xing Nan, but their instinct still drove them to hide their vital points.

Along with a m.u.f.fled bang, the Earth Dire Bear that was the first to charge out directly lost its balance from being hit by Fang Ye's heavy rifle, and then the Origin Energy arrow that came right after accurately struck at the spot where Fang Ye had broken open the Earth Dire Bear's defenses.

"Roar!!" A shrill cry of pain sounded out from the Earth Dire Bear, but before it could completely stabilize itself, a subsequent attack had already arrived!

It was Zhu Si'si and Qi Wei that charged forward this time!

Zhu Si'si first puppet was a pair of red colored thigh high boots, and they only had a single effect, acceleration!

But, speed was power. The might of Zhu Si'si strike while at full speed was only inferior to the full forced strike of Wu Chi who'd advanced to the Martial Warrior level!

On the other side, Qi Wei had carried out her transformation as well. Transformation Stream puppets were special existences that existed between animate and inanimate puppets, and their effect was to bestow the strength they possessed in the past to the puppet master.

Qi Wei's first puppet was the soul of a Spiritual Rank Icetooth Tiger! And it improved Qi Wei's control ability and strength!

At this moment, the spot both of them chose to attack was the short legs of the first Earth Dire Bear!

God Of Illusions Chapter 60

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